It is now my 85 th birthday
& I'm doing a bi-annual posting.

My 85th birthday video is here.


Today is 16th May, and I'm starting !

See my good news - click here !!

It's been quite eventful for a fella who's looking for a quiet time ...

On 2 nd April the "Village Politics" erupted ...... SEE HERE
Things have been excellent for the past week, or so. But last night - 8pm - we had a fire alarm. Flat 8 had burnt the toast ! I was in my pyjamas & dressing gown, so I put on another warm gown over it & went out. As soon as I breathed in the cold air, I got chest pains. Goes to show how marginal my health is. It's now 11 am & I'm feeling a lot better. And would you believe it ...... we are having a fire drill midday !

25 th. May the paramedics were called to me. SEE HERE

So ........ here I go into another year of my life. Let's hope it is better than 2018 .... Seems a long time since a good one !

Merry Christmas & a pleasant  New Year .......... to you all .......... and especially to me ...... !!

It is now  9th December , and the end of the year is nigh !

I have bareley recovered from the "Village Politics" opposite, and have put up a few videos on my YouTube Channel.
(There are now 83 videos !)

 Via YouTube,  I have made a new friend whose channel is   HERE  
My chats with him have helped me considerably.  Thanks John.

I have done a bit of thinking about what all this "life" is about & have added a couple of pages to my Tedism site via my  website.  I feel optimistic, but some may see it as pessimistic !

My befriender, with whom I had a single outing, disappeared ! The CAB, who arranged it, phoned & I told them that I am now OK. The good thing is that I now know that I do not have "clinical agoraphobia" as I did not have any of the symptoms on my day's outing. I just prefer to be reclusive (as I have been in previous lives ! ).

The year has ended with a complex dispute between Carl & Kevin. I have tried to help, but my physical & mental resources are now much depleted !