Started on my 79 th birthday 28 th July 2012

" MY WORLD" is in my imagination.
It started with the claim by 'creationists' that "this world" must have been created by a designer.

The analogy is of finding a watch on a beach, and assuming that it developed by evolution.
The snag is, that if you look at the "watch" (universe) as designed by God there are a few questions to ask!

Have you ever seen a watch with oval cogs ? No orbit in the universe is circular.
Have you ever seen a watch where all the cogs are at angles to each other? Planetary orbits are.
Have you ever seen a watch that is programmed to self destruct ? The universe is.
You will think of many other anomalies.

I got to thinking of God's acclaimed design. That of man.
Oh, boy ! Did God make a glorious cock-up in that. I knew that I could do better.

In my world there are no men .... no woman .... just a neuter. So ... no need for sexual organs.
Procreation is by 'budding'. Prior to death, the human produces a bud that reaches maturity in one year.
Humans live for ever (well .... almost).

In My World there are no religions or politics. There is a kind of philosophy devoid of those.
There are no rulers, other than the rules of nature. No wars. No fights for possessions, as no-one has any.

There are no enemies of man.  No harmful bacteria or viruses. My humans are not predators, and are not preyed upon.

The humans do not "feed" .... so no need for a digestive system, and therefore no waste. No urine ... no faeces.  Nourishment is acquired as per the trees .... from the atmosphere. This atmosphere also has all the other  trace elements, and nutrients, if required.

No clothes are needed as the temperature is equivalent to 21 Celsius. My Humans do not need sleep in My World.

The shell - epidermis - is sensitive to & interprets vision, sound, olfactory, touch. So no eyes, ears, nose.
My humans have little mass, but a large amount of energy. They can move, at will, instantaneously.

So ........... considering the above ....... no work !

Communication is by thought transfer. No-one can shield their thoughts, but each person can shield their mind from other's thoughts.
My humans have telekinesis, so can move objects by thought, and can create mass from energy...........  M=E/C 2. They can create universes !

The capacity of their brain, compared to ours, is of a factor of 10 to the power of 20 =


My World is the "Exoverse"  that contains all the universes. It is also populated by globules of sentient energy. These globules have become sentient in the same way that matter has evolved to become sentient on earth. The sentient globule that is me, decided to visit this planet in circa 1943, and have the experience of being a human.
Time & space are no barrier ! When my visit here is complete, I will return to whence I came. I may be back !

The globules are of varying sizes & power. Some have sufficient power to "create" a universe from a singularity ( ? What are called "God(s) " ) ? . Others, just like me, have enough power to be aware of life in a universe & choose to visit that universe.

So .... what do I really look like ...... ? Here is a picture of me in My World.