I have spoken often about my grand-nephew, Mark, He is about 15yo. He has a web site where you will find more stories of his branch of the Aylward family (See it here). You will have to have your privacy settings to 'medium', (or lower), to view his site. I think that this requirement to view a site puts people off viewing it. If I find a site that requires lower settings, I just pass it by!

He also has a site about his group 'Synergy' (See it here).

When I started my site, on my welcome page, I said that I did not want to use 'arty-farty' techniques as I believed that the content was more important than the presentation. The exception, is for business sites where the prime objective is to impress potential clients.

You will see the contrast of my site, with its mainly text content, against Mark's use of sophisticated web design. I do not, at present, have the knowledge of the techniques that he uses!

However, this is a good exercise in which to compare two sites that have similar objectives.

Just for fun I have transferred Mark's site to my site. (See it here)