The videos of my life can be seen here.

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Below is the excerpt from my diary setting out how I learnt how to use the slide & video software. The software used was MS Slide Program that I downloaded free from  and MS Windows Movie Maker that I had pre-installed when I bought this computer. I used the slide prog to marshal and name the picture files.


Saturday, 30 April 2005. See my first attempt at a slide show here
Monday, 02 May 2005. Well ……. I really got stuck in to learn this slide/video system, and it’s not too bad. The selection of pictures could have been better, but never mind. The main problem was getting the pictures to load in the correct order. I solved it by renaming them in numerical order – quite a task. The Windows Media File is only 10meg, for about 12 mins of video. All in all, it has taken me about three hours from start to finish, including the learning. Later I may have a go at pre-planning a project, and be a bit more professional. The quality is good enough to run it at 2X size.
(Posted later – tried it at full screen and looks OK) (Now superseded – see below)
Tuesday, 03 May 2005. Still aiming at improving the slide show. It is now about 22meg, and the picture & sound quality is excellent, even at full screen. Also I have improved a photo. BTW have your sound on, because there is a commentary!
See here. Oh, hell! Just found that I put March instead of May when I did the last update of the home page. Hope it did not put you off! Told you …… I’m getting old!

Later …. Done a version for dial-up. Just about acceptable at 2X! At 1.8 meg it is VERY small. See here.
Wednesday, 04 May 2005. Now optimised the dial-up at 5 meg. Most acceptable.
See here. (Later – buffering too slow! Reverted to 1.8 meg. But left this one as an example.