Wednesday, 23 October 2002. I have taken the plunge and ordered a new computer ----- 1378.28! Mesh Computers with an Athlon 2300 cpu - 512meg D-DDR memory (333Mhz) - 19" 24mm monitor - 120 gig HD - DVD burner . The graphics card has composite video in/out so I can put my analogue camcorder to DVD and record VCR and TV to DVD. It should be delivered 06/11/02.
I know that, as at present, my computer does all that I need, that this is a silly expense. But, I can't take it with me - and, I've got plenty!
Monday, 04 November 2002. I'm hoping that this is the last upload from my present NEC PII 350, and the next upload will be via my new computer , Mesh Athlon 2400 costing 1,378. (delivery on Wednesday - fingers crossed) And, I will still have plenty in the bank!
Tuesday, 05 November 2002. Bloody nuisance!! Just had a phone call from Mesh. The computer is delayed. (Should have been here tomorrow.) Told them that if it not despatched by next Tuesday the contract is cancelled. In the meantime I'll have another look round. My intention had been to wait until next April anyway. And, I've stripped down the present set-up - have to put it up again!
Tuesday, 12 November 2002. How bloody frustrating! Just spoke to Mesh and the computer is not ready so I cancelled. But ............... the sales fella gave a little sweetener to hang on till Friday. He is giving me the upgrade to Works Suite, worth about 40+. Though, I would rather have had the computer on time. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. If it is not ready by Friday, that is it ...... caput!

Thursday, 14 November 2002. Seems the computer will be delivered on Monday - if it doesn't get lost!
Monday, 18 November 2002. Mesh have rung to say that they cannot deliver until Friday!! Not happy with them at all. I feel as tho' they have 'played me along' for two weeks. Their excuse is that the motherboard is 'cutting edge technology' and that they have had probs with the driver. My gripe is that they could have been more up front from the beginning. I'm keen to have the computer. Another thing is that they can't supply the .24mm monitor - so is has to be a .25mm - should not make a great deal of difference - and it is 50+vat cheaper. All in all, I wish I had waited until next March/April - things are quieter then. So, be warned, if you are ordering from Mesh, at least double the time you have to wait for delivery (and then some!) When (if?) it is all delivered and OK, I'll write a letter to the CEO and let him/her know of the situation.
Friday, 22 November 2002. I am now told, by Mesh, that the courier, Amtrak, who are delivering the computer, are on strike. BLOODY HELL!!.

Monday, 25 November 2002. 10:30. Mesh are crap! Amtrak not on strike......... computer not delivered on Friday.......... Late Friday, I was told that the computer would be delivered on Saturday. It wasn't! Saturday I was told that it would be Monday & they would ring first thing. They didn't, so I tried to phone them .... left hanging ... "Your call is important to us" ....... Load of crap ........... they get your money and then don't give a monkey's! I phoned the sales line .... wonder of wonders ..... immediate answer but referred me back to the 'customer services number'. I'm f*****g angry! Sent an email ... see what happens. Don't buy from Mesh or let Amtrak be the courier. I have put Mesh & Amtrak in the 'content' on the home page code - hope it is searched on by prospective customers and they see this cock-up.

I'm kicking myself. On Tuesday 12th. I was determined to cancel, but was 'sweet talked' with the 40 refund. Should have stuck with my decision to cancel. I used to be known as Mr. Decision. I'm getting soft in my old age!

3:10pm they phoned - they can't get hold of Amtrak and always have problems with the Basildon depot! Told them I had written the letters to cancel the order if not delivered by 6pm (Junior? customer services) said OK.

The top three causes of stress in life are :-

1. Bereavement
2. Moving house
3. Buying a computer from Mesh!

5pm. Just been to the post (catch the last collection) and posted the cancellation letters. So sad, but my guts have been going over all day. All I hope is that I don't have problems in getting the money back.

Wednesday, 27 November 2002. That's the cancellation confirmed by Mesh. Tho' Mesh said that they would refund when they got the computer back from Amtrak. As I think that it has been nicked, I emailed them to credit my card account as at now. So sad ..... I was looking forward to having an interesting time! Most likely, I'll contact them in six months and see what happens .... without Amtrak!
I'm getting a bit of fan noise when I boot up. Checked it, used switch cleaner and WD40 - seems to have reduced the noise. It is AOK after about a minute.
Thursday, 28 November 2002.
Hey! Google are fast! I put comments about my new computer on my site two days ago and Google have picked it up. Go to Google put in 'mesh computers' and 'amtrak' ... right there.

Sunday, 08 December 2002.
I don't belieeeeeve it! I don't belieeeeeve it! Amtrak tried to deliver the Mesh computer at 8:45am this morning. It's Sunday ............. Sunday! I refused the delivery. They don't deliver on Sundays! It must have been because I put a letter to the sales, on Friday, with copies to the CE, and to my card services, to get the credit made to my account. It's eight clear working days since they said that they would do it. That must have made them chase up Amtrak. The parcels have been with Amtrak for eighteen days! It is a total of 47 days since I placed the order. What a life!! The full story is on the previous page, if you need it.
Saturday, 14 December 2002. Mesh Computers are playing a delaying game. I have had a letter from the CE's PA, but nothing from the sales people. My card services tell me that Mesh have not made the credit to my account. Plus, they say that they do not take action until sixty days have elapsed! Not very fair, or helpful.
The re-send emails, as above, have ceased. It seems that Freeserve, the email server, has killed the re-send.

Just tried the 'mesh computers+amtrak' search on Google - it does not now show my entries. Been withdrawn - why!!?? But found this - - some good and a lot bad!
I have just had a wander round the
romulus2 site - wish I had seen it before deciding on the computer. A must for potential computer buyers!
Saturday, 11 January 2003.
At last, those b*****ds at Mesh have refunded my money! Seeing that the computer was due for delivery on 20th November - what do you think?