This page is to try to show the difference between my very basic web design and using sophisticated graphics i.e. Marks use of Flash Macromedia.

As at writing I am just beginning to look at these techniques and put them here so that I can show you how my thoughts develop as I try to learn them.

All the email references have been changed, as have some of the ISP locations

I have made one big change to the code. The original had all file references as :-

<A HREF="http://isp/folder/filename.htm>

this makes it a tortuous job to transfer the files to another ISP.

In the system I use, Word97, the code is written to make it ubiquitous i.e. :-

<A HREF="../folder/filename.htm>

Mark has not completed the site as you will see. He said that he was going to 'let it wither on the vine'. So I thought I would do this now, before it disappeared!

Some of the pages do not have a link back to the previous page. Please use your browser's back button. I expect that there are other errors as well! Ho, hum!

Just found a big prob - got Daves - instead of daves!!!!!!!!!! Bloody Hell!!!!! All OK now, I think!!

Saturday, 24 August 2002. My self training in Flash and other bits ain't goin' too bad! Mark's site on here does not seem to work 'sometimes', seems to be the index page, so I am still messing about with it and using the 'home' page for entry.


My translation of the site is here.