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Friday, 17 March 2006. I have never been one for ‘arty farty’ web design. But, I got a freebie prog – MotionArtist - with the PCW mag that does Flash pages. To keep my brain active, I have had a go at using it in re-designing my home page. It has some nice music, so have your sound on. You will have seen my efforts as you logged on. I’m still not too happy with it, and I may have another few goes. So, you may see a variety of home pages over the next few weeks.


Saturday, 18 March 2006. On Saturdays, I access my four dial-up connections, to keep them active. Just tried the Flash home page, as above, and it took two minutes to load! That’s why I am reluctant to use these ‘arty farty’ pages. There are many people, in the UK and the world, who do not have access to broadband. I want to everyone to see my pages, so, I have reverted to my old index page, and put the Flash version here for interest. I have also pointed to it from my Technical section.

Monday, 20 March 2006. Following on from the above entries, I have gone the whole hog and written my home page manually in Notepad ….. not an inch of compiler used!! It is how I learnt to do HTML six years ago. My brain must still be quite good!
You can see the draft page here. If you look at the number of lines of code, you will see the difference in size.
Tuesday, 21 March 2006. Sorry if you got a bit confused with the changes in the home page yesterday. I was trying all three versions. I have now decided not to use the Home page which wot I writ in text, as the actual home page, as you will have seen. I am using the page written with Word2000.
Some statistics. The Flash page is 427K, and took two minutes to load with dial-up. The page compiled with Word2000 (as used at present) is 10K, and the ‘hand crafted’ page is just 3k. The only snag that I have found is that Mozilla does not recognise the ‘bgsound’ statement, but no big loss.

The links will not work, but try to use them to see the effects.
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