Sunday, 07 July 2002. I have returned to the matter of free will. When growing up in my teens and twenties I had the opinion that there was no free will, but did not have the ability to argue it very well. In my thirties and forties, I developed the idea of 'limited free will'. (an apparent contradiction in terms!)

Having counselling with Laura has made me do some thinking again, and I have come to the conclusion that we do NOT have free will!

The idea came to me to compare the forces making weather and climate, to the forces controlling the actions of humans.

The weather does not 'decide' to rain on
London any more that a person 'decides' to travel to London.
The rain on London is caused by a long stream of interactions of heat, moisture, and sea movements etc. In the same way, a person's 'decision' to go to
London has been preceded by a long stream of interactions of genetics, upbringing and contact with others etc.

Writing this as a good example! It would not be being written; if a long, long stream of events going back, at least, to me losing the sight in my left eye for a while, nine months ago. But, it must go back even further than that. Again, at least, to my birth. AND .......... ! Even my birth was the result of the same 'soup' of interactions.

Think of the domino effect. The first domino moves in an arc but a fraction of an inch. Yet, it initiates a wave of reactions that causes a stream of effects. Even this stream of effects is affected by the precise placement of each domino.

Now! Imagine a four dimensional domino effect - in space and time. But, instead of dominoes, substitute particles. The interaction of events would be impossible to predict.

We, and everything around us, are made of particles that combine to form all the material of the universe.

When thinking of free will, think of the brain as being a micro weather system. Small changes at random times can cause large effects.

It is said that, "A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Japan!"

The 'chaos theory' (I don't know anything about it!) may explain how apparently planned actions are caused by a set of random events conditioned by chaos.

Think of our society as being a 'climate' subject to random and chaotic events, and that our brains are a 'climate', also subjected to random and chaotic events, then you may get a glimpse of the picture in my mind.

Monday, 13 January 2003. Just re-read the above, and will now modify ?develop? the theme.
My thoughts, last night, returned to free will. The idea of the pin-ball machine came into my head. You push a button, and up pops a ball. You then pull back a plunger and the ball goes on its merry way. Once the ball leaves the plunger, its path and actions are predetermined, but not predictable (see later!). On the condition, that no outside forces are exerted on the ball, it will, inexorably carry out its predetermined route.
Take this idea to the snooker table. Once the white ball leaves the tip of the cue, its path is predetermined by the mass of the balls, the friction of the table, the angle of contact, even if there is chalk on the white ball (a kick), and many other variables. The route, actions, and reactions following the ball leaving the cue, are, at that time, predetermined. The skilled player, having extensive practice, can, with a good deal of certainty, predict what is going to happen to the balls. You see? Predict! Therefore, he assumes that the ball has a predetermined path. However, his ability to predict is not perfect. He cannot take into account all the parameters, because he does not know them. But, I repeat again, once the ball leaves the end of the cue, its path is predetermined. "Stop!" I hear you say, "Someone could come along after the ball has been hit, and affect its path." My premise, at this point, does not consider this. But, later!
There are programs based on snooker (and golf) where the computer gives you a set-up and asks you to strike the ball. The computer then takes the strength of the hit and direction, and develops the graphics for the outcome. You could stop the graphics, and ask the computer to give you the co-ordinates of the ball, after it has been struck. Predict the predetermined path of the ball!
If you could put a camera above a real snooker table, and feed the image into a computer, and the camera could give the computer ALL the data necessary, and the computer was powerful enough, the predetermined path could be predicted.
Back to the pin-ball machine. Think of me as the plunger, the snooker player. I come through the door to play snooker. At the same time another person is coming though another door. The series of events take place that brings us together. Me, hitting the ball with the cue, him diverting the route of the ball. The actions of the two of us are predetermined. If nothing changes to the conditions that caused the coming together of us, the outcome is predetermined.

Again, I hear you say, "But, Ted, there are a million things that could happen, You are not both robots."

Relating all this to the example of the weather above. If we have enough data, we can predict quite complex interactions. Your problem is not that ANYTHING can happen, only that only ONE thing CAN happen, conditional on a set of 'pre-actions'. Your problem is that you cannot collate and analyse all the complex variables affecting those actions.

All this talk of extraneous, actions affecting the route of the cue ball, are now going to become irrelevant!
For, I am now going to direct your attention, to an event in the pass. Only twelve billion years ago! The 'Big Bang'.
There was this ball, kind of thing. It was all on its own. Nothing, NOTHING else! And, it had all the material of the universe(s) in it. Remember - nothing extraneous - just the ball. It imploded, exploded, and all the material shot off on its merry way! Its future was predetermined, for there could not be any extraneous action to affect its action, reactions. (There were nuffin - nuffin - else there!) The only outcome, was for it to obey the physical laws affecting it. The future of all the material was predetermined. The Earth was formed as a result of those laws. The creation of Earth was predetermined at the point of the 'Big Bang'. EVERYTHING that has happened since, has been dependant on that moment, and therefore, predetermined.

We are all part of an extremely complex set of interactions We carry out apparently random patterns of behaviour, that are, in reality, predetermined, and relate right back to the 'Big Bang'. These are, at this time, too complex to predict. However, that does not negate my premise!
"We do not have free will. All our actions are backwards related to the one original action, the 'Big Bang'."

When a fortune teller, successfully predicts the future, is he/she just able to be aware of the myriad data affecting the subject? Is he/she just a souped up version of the weather forecaster. A wonder to consider!
Monday, 01 December 2003. It's coming up to Christmas, and I was thinking of that film with James Stewart, where he was going to jump into a river to commit suicide. An unconventional 'angel' saved him, and then took him back on a journey in time to show him how the town would have suffered if he had not been born.
In a similar vein, I contemplated the probable course of events if particular people had not been born.

The two people I considered were Jesus and Hitler. I would like you to consider in a like manner. If you had to choose between preventing either of the two being born, which one would you choose? The only event changed would be that the person would not have been born. All else, at the time, stays the same. You have only one choice!

I thought a lot about it, and concluded that I would choose Jesus to have not been born.
I may come back to this later, but my outline points are :-

1. Think of the people tortured and killed as a result of the Christian faith. In recent times, just think of Northern Ireland. No Jesus = no Christian religion = no Roman Catholics & no Protestants = no sectarian beatings & killings. Further thoughts - Christian crusades & the Spanish inquisition. I have heard the arguments of religious people, that it is not the religion, but the people. However, this does not apply here. I say again, no Jesus = no problems!

2. Scientific advances. Many discoveries were suppressed and delayed by the Christian church. Many people died because of the delay in accepting scientific ideas. No Jesus, and scientific progress would have been twenty years more advanced?

3. Hitler caused WWII, and this accelerated scientific developments. Rockets - radar - penicillin - computers. No WWII, and all would have been delayed by, say, twenty years?

This indicates a humorous proposition. Did God realise the cock-up he made in allowing Jesus to be born, and created Hitler to restore the time line by twenty years?

Let me have your thoughts.
Monday, 20 September 2004. Last night I was thinking about how for most of my life, people have not respected me in the same way that I have respected them. This has often frustrated me. The most recent case is of me being abused by the warden here, and the subsequent actions I was provoked to take.
(See here)

What sprang to my mind last night, was anthropomorphism, where a person transfers their human thoughts and feelings to their pet. "I swear he understands every word I say!" they affirm when talking about their pet. Yet, we are all certain that the animal does not understand. Try to get the dog to discuss the merits of the 'green' pound against sterling in calculating subsidy payments to farmers, and you will not have a very interesting conversation!

I think that this is the key to my frustration. For all my life, I have been certain that when I spoke to people, that they had the same frame of reference that I had. This could not have been true, as they were unable to respond appropriately. In talking to people I have assumed that, "They understand every word that I say!" I now believe that this is not true. I have talked to these people in the same way that pet owners talk to their pets and have (unreasonably) expected a reasonable response. As most of these people were unable to comprehend what I was saying, then it follows that they have the relative understanding of a pet dog.

I must now cease to treat people as though they, "Can understand every word that I say!" The Catch 22 problem then arises. If they are not able to understand me, how can I let them know that I see them as anthropomorphic reflections of myself? Some people are too stupid to understand that they are stupid! If you cannot understand this, then you must be stupid! The problem is that even if you are stupid you will still believe that you understand ……….. and so on ……….. and so on …..

Another thought that I had last night was about the 'hunting with hounds' debate. No one has asked the question, "Why do you need the horses and riders? It is the dogs that hunt, catch and kill the fox!" The Hound Master needs to take the hounds to the area where the fox is, and let them loose. They can then catch the fox, kill it and eat it. Considering the morality of allowing the hounds to chase and kill the fox, consider this. It is no different to an owl catching a mouse and tearing it to bits when it is alive. Are we to exterminate all owls in order to save the wee mouses?
Saturday, 09 October 2004. Looking at the previous entry after a few weeks have passed, it does seem that I had a dose of 'delusions of grandeur"! Still the philosophy (a love for the truth) is a motivating force for a few of us.

Again, it was while in bed last night, (must get something better to think about in bed!) that further thoughts came to me. Consider the fact that we have 98% of our genes common to the monkeys & apes. So, that is just 2% that makes that ENORMOUS difference between the anthropoids & Homo-sapiens. If 2% can make that difference, then just, maybe, 0.001% can make a discernible difference. Somewhere on my Ramblings pages I talk about a different specie, Homo-superior, being here with us. (Use the search facility below) Perhaps it is a bit more complicated, in that it is not a new specie, but a gradation of the specie Homo-sapien.

There are about six billion of us here on Earth. We can see the difference in physiological terms, and the racists rant on about the intellectual differences. Is it that there is a statistical normal distribution of genetic 'quality' among all of the six billion. That would mean that 67% of us are very similar, and considered normal. This leaves 33%, half of whom are at the lower end & half at the upper end. 16%, one in eight, of the population will then have a superior intellect. Within this group, the upper 0.001%, one in a million, will be almost like another specie to the other 99.999%? So there are about 6,000 of them! The bible talks of 144,000 of the chosen people, so let's use that figure.

These 144,000 genetically chosen people will find it difficult to be assimilated into their immediate society. They will rarely meet each other, and feel isolated. They will make few, if any friends. They will have problems in communicating with those around them. They will have difficulty with morality choices. Now ….. that's strange ….. that's just how I feel! Anthropomorphism again? More delusions of grandeur!!??

If we look to the past, I expect that each one of us will recognise a favourite hero who had these characteristics.

We will also need to look at politics. The left wing say that all men are equal. The right say that theirs is the superior race. Whereas, the truth may be that all people are not equal, and that the superior people are part of all races.

Another thought. The song " ….. coffee coloured people by the score" predicts that all races will intermingle. We can expect that all of the 144,000 will intermingle. The result will be that, in maybe another millennia, all Homo-sapiens will be the same colour, and have the same intellect. Now, how does that grab you?
Wednesday, 16 March 2005. A video of this story is here. (A totem story)

 Do you believe that it is possible to ‘curse’ someone, or to put a ‘hex’ on them? For the past fifty years, I have been doing this! Or ….. is it all just co-incidence?
In my project to commit my life story to DVD, I have done a DVD setting out some of the fifteen ‘hexes’ that I have done. Further to this, in developing my skills at putting video on the site, I have taken a section of that video, and put it here. The original video was done in January 2004.
It tells the story of my neighbour, Barbara, who is a drunkard, and was throwing her bottles down into my garden – all 300 over a 10 month period!
The story is told in my diary. In brief, the ‘hex’ or ‘totem’ as I call it seemed to work. A picture of the totem is here. Barbara has now gone, and her ‘helper’ in depositing the bottles, Rose, is in a very poor state of health. Coincidence!? The video is here. It is Windows Media format.

This is the story as written on Monday, 05 January 2004. For about six months, someone has been depositing bottles in my back garden. This happens about two, three or four times a week. The bottles are mainly of Sainsbury's fortified wine (17%) in 1.0 and 1.5 litre bottles. The alcohol content of each deposit is between a bottle and a bottle & half of whiskey. Quite a lot for one person to consume in one evening!!
I have not been too bothered about it. All I did each morning was to go into the back garden and pick up the bottles. Being bored, and thinking that as the year had turned, then I might as well, I have done something.
There are (were?) three contenders as to who was doing the depositing, but I will not name them at present. There is a consensus as to who is the culprit.
I decided to make a 'Totem' that would reflect the mischievousness (or evil) with which the depositor placed the bottles.
A picture of the Totem is here. I hung it from the back garden fence.

Since I was nineteen, I have created fourteen Totems or Hexes. Thirteen of which were activated. Later I may do a few words on the creating of Hexes and Totems. It is not an activity for those of a delicate nature!

Saturday, 17 January 2004. Found out who it is dumping the bottles. It is the neighbour upstairs, Barbara. She is a bit of a 'piss artist', but I did not think that it was her. The day I put the Totem on the back fence, she had a fall, and was taken into hospital. She was then home for a day, had another fall and was back in hospital. She was out again yesterday, and last night I heard her bouncing off the walls. At 2.40am I heard her have a heavy fall. I don’t know whether I feel pity or disgust. It is said that her family 'dumped' her here and shot off to Scotland! She had no furniture, and everyone mucked in and set her up with a home.
She also has a problem with her throat. A neighbour met her, but she could not talk. Must be the amount of that fortified wine that she is drinking. It is little more that grape juice mixed with industrial alcohol.
If she does not sort herself out, she will not see 2005. (She was moved out about March 2004, so my totem seemed to work)

Monday, 20 February 2006. The United Kingdom is a legal Christian country in that it has an established church, the Anglican Church. This is ‘High Church’ and akin to Roman Catholicism.

Henry VIII made himself the head of the church, so that he could divorce and remarry.

Queen Elizabeth II may be the last ‘old style’ monarch. Most likely Wills will cycle around Hyde Park!

Charles has said that he wants to change the monarch’s title to “Defender of the Faith (s)”. This would include Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam. He will be the head of the Anglican Church, yet he had a secular marriage. (Recognised by the church, but not by God?)


In the fifty years that she has been on the throne, the queen has signed statutes to allow the following:-


  1. Divorce on demand
  2. Racing on Sunday
  3. Sport on Sunday
  4. Betting on Sunday
  5. 24 hour shopping
  6. 24 hour licensing
  7. Male homosexuality made legal
  8. On demand abortion
  9. Under 16yo can have abortion without parents being advised
  10. Prostitution made legal
  11. Brothels with two prostitutes, and ‘maid’ legal
  12. Homosexual ‘marriage’ (There was a homosexual marriage in the registrar’s office where Charles married Camilla!)
  13. Adoption by homosexual partners


I expect that you can think of others.


A fifty-year-old man can sodomise a sixteen-year-old boy, but as we are going for purchase of cigarettes @ 18, the 16yo can be sodomised, but can’t have a fag after!


You can buy your home, and have several prostitutes in brothels as neighbours.


We now have women priests and bishops. In the Anglican church practicing homosexual priests are accepted, and in the Roman Catholic church homosexuals are accepted as priests if they are not practicing and became homosexual by accident!


Where have the archbishops of Westminster and Lambeth been?

They have not sent out a clarion call to their priests to marshal their flock, march on London, and set fire to the Palace of Westminster.

The devil does not have to do anything to destroy Christianity. The Christians are doing it for him.

There are over 250 different Christian sects. All believing that they are the true church!

What happened the ‘Lord’s Day Observance Society’?

Divide and rule. The devil must be laughing all the way to the gates of Heaven!