Thursday, 23 September 1999 It's such a long time since I wrote here. I had a long session on the computer; both changing these pages and on chat lines and NetMeeting. I got to bed at 3am after an average drink.

I did not want to come on here at all today, but felt a "push".

Apropos the ramblings above.

When we talk of UFOs, we talk as though other civilisations are approximately, (within a millennium or so), at the same stage of development as us. Those civilisations could be hundreds of thousands or millions of years ahead of us. We assume that they would need space ships to travel. Yet, it could be that just a thought is all that is needed to travel. We do it in our "dreams".

How is it that scientific progress has forged ahead in the short time, of say, two hundred years? Remarking on our hyperbolic rate of increase in knowledge over two hundred years; what progress could be achieved in a million years?

Above I say that some humans have people inside them. Are those people driving this progress?

Are THEY already here? And have THEY been here for a few hundred thousand years? Did they "colonise" the most suitable animal by placing their minds into apes and manipulating the genes? Are THEY really US? Or to put it better - are WE the ETs? There may be humans that do not have people in them. Has the time come for the "junk" DNA to be activated and the next step made? Can we ever be allowed to be aware of the true situation? Are there some that are aware and are on medication to suppress their understanding?

Now! there's a lot of questions!

A comical thing that happens to most of us is of when we go into a room and forget why we are there! There is a strange feeling. It is a feeling difficult to describe. It is a feeling of uneasiness. A similar feeling is, when for no apparent reason we have the urge to do some small task. It may just be to close the curtains or do some domestic chore. Yet, there is that unease again that is not assuaged unless the task is done. Then we can settle again.

Sometimes these experiences do not relate to small tasks but to important changes in our lives. We do something that is apparently unreasonable, yet we do it. Then in retrospect we see its purpose. Do you recognise that?

Can these feelings be the outcropping of the person inside the human? In speaking to some people, I have met disbelief and with others a sigh of relief in that they are comforted that someone else has similar feelings.

Now that's out of the way I can settle down!

 Friday, 24 September 1999

The amoeba is a single celled organism. The ape is a multibillion-celled organism. If the complexity of all creatures from the amoeba to the ape, were plotted, the line would be slightly upwardly inclined; but if man were placed on the graph there would be a vast, VAST upward sweep of the line.

The difference in the complexity of ape and man is hard to understand.

With all species and sub-species, there is a small and consistent gradation between each type. A startling anomaly is revealed when comparing man to all other creatures.

How did this oddity come about? Was it "God" who a few millennia ago decided to make man? Was it a gigantic mutation that caused the sudden emergence of man? Was it a visitation of extra terrestrials that used the ape's genetic template to develop a being that combined a material body with an ET's mind?

Even Darwin had a problem in explaining how man adapted to the environment and yet every stage to that development failed. There are many species of simians. There is only one species of Homo sapiens. Why doesn't a sub species of Homo sapiens exist?

Whether any of the above are correct, or any other view, man is obviously a strange intruder on Earth.

What about the future?

As we discover more about the physical world, we learn more about the metaphysical world. The time will come when we understand the separation of the "mind" and "body". One day we may be able to "exist" without a body.

Our excessive consumption of the Earth's resources is caused by our demand for material things. Transport is required for travelling from home to work and for leisure. When production is fully automated, and control is effected from home, travel will be unnecessary. Leisure will be hard wired into our brains.

As developments in communication progress we will have implants of devices that enable us to have access to information without bulky equipment. All our entertainment will be provided through these implants. Can you imagine, no TV's, no music centres, no cinemas, no phones? We will be physically wired into the WWW!

It is possible that we will genetically change our bodies and be able to use carbon dioxide, as plants do, to obtain our energy.

In time we will not need our bodies! Less food, less possessions, less everything!

Sunday, 09 April 2000

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast" Is this a blessing from God or the curse of the devil?

"Where there's hope there's life" Does this comfort us or make us despair?

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here" Should this make the entrants rejoice or sink into depression?

Last Wednesday, when I was having a few drinks indoors, I had another mad rambling thought come to me.

"The essence of hell is hope. Heaven is when hope is no more"

I dwelt on this thought. Why had it come unbidden into my mind? Then a stream of connected thoughts came to me.

When Jackie left, I did not suffer the way I did on other similar occasions. Why? Had I subconsciously accepted that now there was no hope?

For twenty-one years, I had hoped that we could live a good life together. There were; Oh, so many good times! I have always loved her and accepted her emotional problems as part of our relationship. I, myself, am a difficult person to live with!

Now, I have no hope. I have peace.

Saturday, 07 October 2000. A religious conundrum! Can God change His mind?

If he can, why is it necessary if he is omniscient ? He knows everything and so should not need to change his mind. Therefore He does not need to, and is not able to change His mind.

It follows that if he does not have to change his mind, as he knows everything that is going to happen, then it is futile to pray. If God KNOWS the future, then it is fixed.

On the same theme. I watch The religious programme, "Songs of Praise", and hear people say how God has chosen , and cured their illness and they bless Him. This means that people who are not cured by Him should curse him.

My explanation is here.

Tuesday, 19 June 2001.

This is a question I have posed to the members of Seniority.

If ET really came here, what would he think of us as Homo Sapiens (wise man). We are the most intelligent of all the species on earth. We also contemplate whether "out there" there are beings as intelligent as we are.

Suppose he/she/it landed in the UK. What would he/she/it find.

1. The papers with the highest circulation are the "Mirror" and the "Sun". ("They buy it for page three, you know!"

2. The TV programs with the highest number of viewers are the soaps. (Nosy, "holier than thou", sadistic people enjoying other people's anguish)

3. The sport with the largest number of spectators is football. (Watching grown men juggling a ball with their feet)

4. The most popular participating sport is angling. (Human beings pit their wits against the intelligence of a fish - and the fish usually succeeds)

5. The populace self-destruct on tobacco and alcohol. (The root cause of most deaths)

I invite you all to add your personal items of incredulity to this list of puzzling activities that ET would find.

I wonder who will give the most blindingly obvious one?

In anticipation of the question that will be put to me, by the angry people who do all the above :-

I read no daily or weekly newspapers. I watch no soaps, (sometimes a little of "Neighbours" before the BBC 6pm news). In my life, I have watched one professional football match. I have never angled, (other than for compliments!). I do not smoke, and drink about 30 units of alcohol a week.


Thursday, 19 July 2001. I have again been amusing myself with the bigots on Seniority.co.uk by trying to discuss religious beliefs after "God" put his words there. "He" finished with the following :-

I leave you with these words.

I have no church, no writings, and no prophets.

Worship causes harm in that it separates one from the other

You were created with absolute free will within the bounds of your physical and mental limitations. For me to set laws would take that free will from you.

There is no heaven, and no hell. There will be no day of judgement.

You all have a part of me within you that will return. When you are alone or with one or two others, you will know of the truth within you.

You each have your own unique truth. The only knowledge you can have of me is through your own truth. Your truth cannot be spoken of, or conveyed to another. Confusion will follow if you try. There lies the cause of much misery.

You are all equal, and no thought should give one station above the other.

You have asked here, why I allow events to happen. The word was said at the beginning and must remain to the end.

My time here has ended. I go to plant my seeds elsewhere.

When I put some of my provocative analyses on the topic there was an outcry - I was a blasphemer! So I put this to them :-

Considering the age, sensitivities, disposition, and bigotry of the members of Seniority, should all topics containing words of political or religious inference be banned?


aged adj - grown old - of an advanced age - typical of old age - synonyms see antonym youthful

agedness n



The quality of being easily affected by or quickly indicating changes of condition.


disposition n - prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination - temperamental make-up

the tendency for someone to act in a certain manner under given circumstances.

dispositional adj


bigot n - one who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his/her own religion, opinion, etc

[MF, hypocrite, bigot] - bigoted adj, bigotedly adv


Wednesday, 05 September 2001. Today, I had a quiet day, and an answer came to me to a question that has been in my mind many times in the past ten years or so. "Why is it that at 68 years old, and having three brothers & a sister, and three sons & a daughter, and a step-daughter and two wives - and all the relationships stemming from these - that I am now alone?"

I have had a few jobs, and moved about the country, and had many friends.

Don't get me wrong! I am at peace and content, and I am not lonely.

I have been asked, "Ted, why is it, that if you have had such good jobs and had so many family ties, that you are now in a council sheltered housing scheme and on state benefits?" I have never before been able to give an answer.

Maybe that my present position is a reward! That is what seems to lead me to the answer, "I am alone because the people that I have helped throughout my life have moved on and no longer need me. And, in a reciprocal way, I no longer need them"

Some people cannot let go of the acquaintances and relationships that they have made in their lives and try to possess them for ever. They feel that they are less of a person because a friendship has "passed into the past."

Just in case I am misunderstood - I am not referring to any one particular relationship, but to my life as a whole.

So, is it that answer, or is it me justifying an unpleasant truth?