On another page I detail how I was expelled from The Royal British Legion for showing how money was "leaking" out of the accounts.

In 1985 there was a crisis in my marriage. After my daughter died, we decided to settle on the Isle of Arran Scotland. Jackie , my wife, was born there, and had always wished to return there to live. We were there for nine months.

For some reason, Jackie decided to return to the mainland. She just left without telling me. I went through a series of traumas, and I decided to take my life. With the help of a friendly couple, I maintained my sanity. I sold up, and returned to West Lothian, Scotland to try to get the family back together.

I was given digs by a hypnotherapy ex-patient with whom Jackie and I had become friends. It was to prove to be a bad move. She threw me out when I refused to have an affair with her!

I contacted "friends" for help and no one could help me. All had "good" reasons. Again, depressed, I decided to kill myself. Luckily, a taxi driver radioed his office and found me accommodation. (It's an ill wind that blows no one any good. It was via my landlord that I later set up the accountancy business.)

During this time, I was seeing Jackie and trying to persuade her to return and get the family back together again.

I was in a terrible emotional state. I visited the doctor, and while there, had a breakdown. She looked after me for an hour. She wrote to the housing people and within about three weeks, I was allocated a house. It was in a "hard to let" area but beggars cannot be choosers.

I had also spoken to the local councillor and I believed that she had also helped.

By coincidence, Jackie left her ex-husband, (with whom she had been living), and returned, with Audrey, to live with me.

I had been in the house for a few months when the secretary of the residents' association asked me to look at the accounts. He believed that money was missing.

"NEVER VOLUNTEER" we are always told. But as I had been helped in such a period of crisis I felt compelled to help.

Below is a note that I gave out.

It all ended with me "having the frighteners put on me" by the police and being offered the bribe of a house in a "better" area!



Did you know that your treasurer did not attend a single committee meeting for seven months?

Did you know that 120 was missing from your treasurer's accounts when an audit was carried out?

Did you know that between April.85 and Oct.85 about 400 of your association's funds has been handed to your chairperson? None of that is covered by receipts from suppliers.

Did you know that your "Drop In" cafe was open for 14 days? The LDC granted 100 for cafe equipment but only 26 was used for that purpose. Your cafe sold refreshments for a profit of between 25% and 200% per item but no records of takings were kept and no money was paid into your association's accounts. After 14 days operation the cafe had lost 69 of your funds.

Did you know that within a few hours of the report mentioning the cafe "losses" being handed to the staff of your resource centre for copying that the originals were 'lost' and your cafe had closed. Your chairperson operated the cafe.

Did you know that the LDC granted your association 250 for the purchase of garden tools for your use? Your 250 was handed to your chairperson. Some garden tools were "bought'3 for your 250. There are no receipts from suppliers, only a note signed by your chairperson.

Did you know that the garden tools were hired to tenants, through your chairperson, throughout the summer but no records were kept and no money was paid into your association's accounts?

Did you know that the committee voted themselves free use of the tools and that your constitution forbids members benefiting in cash or kind from their activities?

Did you know that a garden "competition" was held and that only eight people entered? The LDC granted your association 50 for prizes. Your 50 was handed to your chairperson. The "competition" was judged by members of your committee and a member of your committee won first prize of 25.

Did you know that three weeks after your committee received a report on the above matters your committee gave a ten to nil "vote of confidence in your chairperson?

Did you know that a senior member of LDC staff was present during the above period? His duty was to advise the committee.

Did you know that Mr.D.F. has no control if the grants he gives to your association are mismanaged?

Did you know that as a result of issuing the reports to your committee I received a letter from a solicitor, acting f or your chairperson, alleging defamation?

Did you know that your District and Regional Councilors would not help in these matters?

Did you know that I was expelled from the committee for raising these matters with the police and press when NO ONE would take any action to put things right?

Did you know that the secretary resigned after bringing the missing money to the committee's attention? He has now been re-elected by the committee? (After he gave his vote of confidence for the chairperson!)