Sunday, 12 January 2003


Many times , over the past years , I have wanted to write to you, or phone.

Just now, I was listening to the radio, 'Stewpot', and someone had written in asking for a dedication for a brother from whom they had been estranged.

I know that it is a silly way to decide to write, but I had the strong urge to, and so have sat here thinking of what to say.

What is there to say, other than that I have regretted our not contacting each other. We have always had a special relationship.

I am now in my 70th year, (that means that Fred is in his 80th?), and time just flies by.

If you think that it is possible for us to get together again it would make me very happy. But, if you feel that it would be best to leave things as they are I will understand.