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Saturday, 22 July 2006. Last page got a bit big so started this one. Use the navigation menu above to move around, or search the site.

Looked at my horoscope on BT OnLine, and this is it. I like the ultimate sentence, what the bloody hell have I been doing all my life!!

“Like all Leos, you take care of others. You not only help your friends, but also people you don't know, and you give without demanding anything in return except appreciation. Your power and your light come from your tremendous generosity, dear Leo. Giving is a part of your nature, and nothing can change that. Have you thought about how you could put this wonderful part of your character into the service of humanity as a whole?”

Coping wiv de wevver! The air-conditioner has been a boon.

Got my glasses. One pair for the computer. Feels a lot better.

Friday, 28 July 2006. “Happy birthday, Ted!” That’s me 73yo. Never thought that I would make it! Had a birthday card from my old neighbour at Felmores, Marj, with a tenner in it. Nice girl, Marj. That’s one more card than last year!

Had a discussion group yesterday. Think that I upset a few people by explaining my web site. Heady stuff for the old folk?! Have to learn to keep my trap shut?
Tuesday, 15 August 2006. As it was my birthday I treated myself to a wee keyboard. It combines a standard computer KB with a music KB. It’s by Creative, and called Prodikeys PC MIDI. As a KB it’s crap! But at a cost of £32, you can’t complain. The wee snag is that they charged £17 instead of £5 for delivery. That’s the prob of living on an island. A picture of it is here. You can see a demo of it here I’m hoping to improve my playing by using their ‘look & play’ system. Knowing me, I’ll just busk as usual!


Although I have been trying to ‘abandon’ updating the web site. I keep getting pushed towards it. I found this site that explains the lack of contemporary history of Jesus by claiming that he was not an important person of his time! This is the site It does get a bit frustrating at times! Yesterday I had a little wine (good for the stomach!) with my neighbours Josie & Evie. I talked to them about my Tedism ideas. It did me good to talk. I’m hoping to have a talk with an experienced theologist and get cut down to size. I would like to get my old friend ‘resurrected’!

Thursday, 24 August 2006. I must have been an angel in heaven, and learnt to play the harp! We had a duo, accordion & harp, to entertain us. After, I asked the nice young lady if I could ‘have a go’. She allowed me to try and play. ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, I thought! After just a few seconds of practice, I played a few bars. How is it, that without any prior knowledge, I can just pick up a harp, and have a good go at playing it? Must have been on a previous visit to me Dad …… hehe! See the harp here.

I like taking digital photos, but don’t like printing copies for people. With the Radio Times, there came a leaflet promoting Jessop’s photo service via the internet. I had a go, and uploaded photo files at 3pm, and got the prints via Royal Mail the next day at noon. Not bad living on an island! You can’t beat that for service, and the prints were of superb quality. I am going to test the service by uploading files of varying quality to see how the machines cope. 7 X 5 prints are 25p each, and 6 X 4 prints are 15p each. Go to and get your 40 free prints and a chance to win an SLR digi-camera.
Monday, 18 September 2006. Long time no write to my diary!

One of my neighbours, Margaret, asked me to take a photo of her pussy! Being a brave man I did her the favour. It made me realise, after having the camera for three years that I could do with a zoom lens. See her pussy here.

We have had a couple of enjoyable times with a visitor giving us a recital on the keyboard that I donated to our lounge. It’s great hearing it being played. I have always been surprised by there not being any piano players in the sheltered housing sites that I have lived in. Within my age group you would expect a few soiree players to emerge. I do a bit of playing, but I’m not much good, though they do clap to give me encouragement!

At the piano recital she played mainly classics, and the ppl got a bit bored. Afterwards, I was pushed onto the keyboard, and we had a bit of a sing-song. The comical thing was that when the pianist heard me use the rhythms etc she had a go, and enjoyed it!


We also had an accordionist, and harpist to entertain. The accordionist, a youngster of about 22 years, asked what we did. I explained, “We are all passing the time until we die!” True ….. but the harsh truth! hehe


My next door neighbour, Josie, has twisted my arm for me to do a sing-song get-together. I’ll have to try to extend my repertoire, (get a lot of emails about that!!).


Some seven years ago, I went with a coach trip to a British Legion club in Chelmsford, Essex. I was impressed with the keyboard used in the group. While dancing, I watched the trio of keyboard, lead guitar, and bass guitar, and noticed that the guitarists were not playing! The keyboard was doing it all, and the guitarists were there to make up the numbers. At the end of the night, I went onto the stage and talked to the KB player. He was using a Yamaha PSR8000, at that time, at the top of the range. It even had a built in voice processor. The voices were excellent. Seven years later I have bought its successor, the PSR3000. The voices are even better and it has a built in karaoke player. It was Josie pushing me to do some entertainment that leaned me towards upgrading. I have since done a rehearsal with some people giving advice. They reckon I’m not too bad, even at singing! It has made me be a bit more active than of late. (My legs have been playing me up.) The KB cost £1007 delivered. A pic of it is here. I am selling my Technics sx-EX70 console organ for £350, and my PSR620 for £200 to get some cash back in. Sorry to see the organ go, I have been in love with it!

Thursday, 12 October 2006. I’m doing quite well with the PSR3000, and have programmed in about fifty tunes. For the past couple of Wednesday afternoons I have been playing in our lounge. All went well, and it was suggested that I do an evening show, invite people, and have drinks and nibbles. We did this last night, and only ten people turned up! It was blamed on the Scottish football match! I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was more like a ‘family’ do rather that a show. I even sung a song! It’s nice to be appreciated, but on the quiet, I don’t think that I am not as good as their compliments imply! (But, shush …… don’t tell them!) I am doing a DVD of me playing, and later I’ll put a version up on the site.


My advert to sell the organ and keyboard was unsuccessful. I’ll try again nearer to Christmas.


I had some good news from Pitsea, Essex. A man has died of cancer at the age of 64. Now …… you think that I am being nasty and vindictive. If you look at my story, you will read how he, and his daughter, set me up & framed me, (long story, but well worth the read) It caused me to be barred from the Royal British Legion Club for life. This was because I was asked by three members to have a look at the accounts. I found that £15,000 to £25,000 had been embezzled. After my analysis of the accounts, their accountants phoned me to tell me that they were to stop acting for the club. His daughter became bar manager, but has now been ‘removed’. I am told that now the club is making decent profits!


People who hurt me or mine seem to get their come-uppance. Eileen Holland, the vicious cow, was ‘sacked’ after I left Felmore Court.


Talking about vicious cows, Chloe tried to annoy me by sending me an ‘anonymous’ email, stirring it up for Carl. He and Kevin are moving to Leyton, London soon. They believe that they will get more gigs by being there.
Tuesday, 17 October 2006. I have deleted the crap that Chloe sent me and put it here.

Sunday, 22 October 2006. To please Carl, I have done a DVD of me playing my Yamaha PSR3000, and I’m doing some singing as well!

After I did the DVD, I thought that I’d have a go at putting it on here. As it is 1 ¾ hours long, it was a bit of a squeeze to get it into 100 meg (on the DVD it is about 2 gig!). It had to be that kind of size because of the downloading. I now have two sites that give me a gig of web space.

Have a look at it. It is split into four sessions. Three of me playing and one of me singing. I had a prob getting the sound OK. With the compression has come a bit of distortion, but it can be overcome by judicious use of the volume control. You will need a decent speaker system, or use headphones. View it here. It looked OK at full screen on my 19” monitor. Use you back-button to get back here, or go on a tour!


I had a telephone consultation with the diabetes clinic nurse. My cholesterol is 5.5 (should be below 4.0). Long term glucose, HBA1C, is 7.2% (should be below 7.0%). The liver function is excellent. That’s even with my increased alcohol intake (I drink more when I’m happy!). My BP averaged over six months is 139/73 (not too bad), and the post prandial (that’s 2 hrs after din-dins to you!!) glucose over the same period was 7.4 (excellent!) The nurse said that the doctor wants me to take Ezetimibe for the cholesterol. I looked it up, and there is a 1:100 risk of side effects of muscle pain. As I already have calf muscle pain, on walking, I think that I will not take it. My readings above are not that bad, and I am a happy little soul! Give me another couple of years, and I’ll be content to go upstairs and see me ol’ mate!

Thursday, 07 December 2006. I know that it seems a while since I put anything here.
After the fracas with Carl’s move – see here – I have given some thought about the site. It has been going for seven years.
My original objectives were to use it as my psychiatrist’s couch, get back at people who had crossed me, and leave an idea of who I am to those coming after me.
It has been very useful as the psychiatrist’s couch, and I have had a good go at those who have crossed me. (See ChloeIvorEileen HollandBritish Legion – am I paranoid!!
I am not sure yet whether I am leaving a full picture of who I am. But, then again, is that possible?
With the season of resolutions upon us, I am wondering whether to draw a line under the last seven years. I am getting old, and feeling my years. Nothing much happens, other that the panics & chaos in other people’s lives – see about Carl’s move. That caused me a rough fortnight. I have to stop myself being affected by other people’s problems!
In some of my Christmas cards I have jokingly said, “I am now ‘Resting at Peace’!” I should make this true. No! Not ‘Exit quietly stage left’, just be ‘at peace’ here! (Though I have suggested that we have a name plate over the front door that says – DEPARTURE LOUNGE -)
We have just lost my No.1 fan, Kathleen; she had just celebrated her 90th birthday. As I say, this is God’s waiting room!


Anyway – I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Healthy and Happy 2007.




Wednesday, 24 January 2007. Whether I’m going crackers, or not, I don’t know. But, I have had this persistent mental image, and I had to get it down on paper. I hope that it is not prophetic. See here.


Anyway, my Christmas & New Year went OK. I am at peace and contented. Though I did have a dodgy two weeks. I think I had a flue bug, but the vaccination was keeping it at bay.


Still trying to resolve the “Did Jesus exist?” dilemma, and found some info in Mithraism. All very puzzling!


I see that despite no postings, you are all still visiting. Some of you have my ‘contents’ page bookmarked. Lazy …..!


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