Sunday, 20 February 2005. I started to put this lot onto the diary page, but it got a bit too involved, so I have made a special page. If you visit any of the links, use your back button to return.


So, what has happened?


Well, I’m F*****G angry!!


I have just had a phone call from by dear ol’ son Carl, (can’t keep his trap shut, as Chloe well knows, and he did tell me not to do this). Chloe had just phoned Carl to tell him that Mischa, the eldest sibling had phoned her, after talking to Janet, and he said that he was going to put out a contract on me, and that I should be scared! She KNEW that Carl would tell me, and was hoping that it would make me ‘shit scared’. Why would he put a contract out on me? It is because I have been putting family stories on here. My versions, but all are to the best of my knowledge.


When I started the site five years ago, I had two objectives. Firstly, to leave a legacy for those who came after me, and secondly to ‘have a go’ at those who have used, abused, and maligned me over the years. See here.


Chloe, (her website is here), came to visit the boys over the weekend, and while here, went out with Janet, the daughter of my sister, Dolly, who died a couple of years or so ago. I put my thoughts about the circumstances that followed her passing, here. My eulogy for her is here. Evidently, Janet has been pouring out her guts to Chloe about the break-up of her marriage. (Due to what I say below?)


Mischa is a first class arsehole. About a year ago, I had an email from Susan. She is the eldest child of Sue who pulled Mischa out of the gutter. She asked me to remove a picture of the family that was on my wedding page, as her family did not want to be associated with Mischa. (And I have a good idea why!) I have placed my thoughts in writing, and they are with my ‘funeral notes’. For some reason Mischa was asked to leave their home.


As I am under ‘sentence of death’ by Mischa’s contract, I can now really ‘stir the shit’. Especially as it was Janet who complained to him about me.

Matrix interiors

On my page dealing with Dolly’s death, here, there is a note, in red, that says that I had removed some personal information. I was so angry at not being told of Dolly’s passing that I breached, what is now, a ten year old confidence. Later I regretted it, and removed the confidential information. Now I say, “Sod it, and sod them all!” I have no obligation of confidence to any of them. What I removed was that Ivor had told me, over ten years ago, that Janet had come home early, and had caught Jeff, her husband dressed in her clothes. For me it was no big deal. Ivor always gets a kick out of ‘taking the piss’ out of people.


Well, Mischa, I’m now waiting for the contract to materialise. As I reckon that I have only a couple of years to go, it won’t be too big a loss. You will have to deal with the police investigation afterwards. BTW make sure that you kill me, because if you don’t …………………

Monday, 21 February 2005. For links, see above.


Well, Mischa has achieved one of his ends and caused me some discomfort. I had a terrible night last night. I hardly got any sleep, but I’m determined to get this onto the site.


Last night, after I had uploaded the above, I told Carl, who I knew would tell Chloe. When he phoned her, she slammed the phone down on him. She then phoned Mischa, who in his turn phoned Carl


Mischa acted despicably. He threatened Carl, and said that he was going to get in his car, and go to Carl’s and sort him out. Carl, naturally, (with his emotional instability, which Mischa is well aware of), panicked and put down the phone. He then picked it up again to phone the police.  But, Mischa, the arsehole that he is, had not hung up, so Carl could not dial out. He tried several times and each time all he heard was threats from Mischa. Carl then used his mobile to phone me. His batteries were low, and this exacerbated his anguish. He was absolutely shattered and distraught. He told me what had happened. It took me quite a while to calm him down. (What a F*****G B*****D Mischa is! He should be strung up with piano wire!)

It then appears that Kevin had picked up the phone and was talking to Mischa, while Carl was talking to me on his mobile. Initially Kevin had a go at Carl, but then he re-considered the situation and came to the conclusion that Mischa was ‘out of order’. Also, he put the blame on Chloe. After all it was her making a breach of Janet’s confidence regarding Janet’s marriage problems that started it all.

If Mischa causes any more distress to Carl, or me, I will call in the police and ask their advice. At least his threats will be placed on record. (I would be surprised if there were no record of his previous outbursts.) At least he knows what it is like to be in prison. I don’t think that he will put his hand up for another dose!


You may ask, “Why didn’t Mischa phone Ted on both occasions. To tell him of the ‘contract’, and complain about the web site?” The answer is simple Mischa is a bully, and a coward. He picked on the weaker one, Carl, and bullied him. Mischa is a coward and would not dare to stand up to me. He has been pissing his pants with fear of me since he stole my car.


He has for a long time been pissing his pants in fear of Chloe. She has spoilt several of his relationships. He has been paying her £30/week for years to keep her off his back. Carl has said that Mischa gets very violent after drink. (and that is often) He has even attacked Chloe. (Is that another reason for the £30/week!?) He is also a compulsive, congenital, psychopathic liar. I am intrigued as to why Sally, his partner, has not sussed him out.


So Mischa, we all know that you are reading this – so put up, or shut up - you yellow livered, drunken, arsehole of a coward. (or, why not go and get some comfort from your mother’s titties! (I expect that you were pissed most of last night anyway)


On my part, I will now send a postcard to Janet telling her of these pages.
Wednesday, 02 March 2005. I got this from a coward via my anonymous mail service.

It was most likely Chloe, as the URL was and she has emailed me from – Planet on Line. If it is not Chloe, then it is Mischa who is the coward. That would be true to type, as he is a compulsive, congenital, psychopathic liar, coward and ‘shit stirrer’.

“Chloe did not breach a confidence. Mischa already knew the situation. (About Geoff being a transvestite?) Mischa told Chloe that Janet wanted to talk to her. (About that?) Janet phoned Chloe at Carl’s and asked if they could go out somewhere to talk. She told Chloe she did not want it to get back to Ted because of all the nasty stuff he was putting about other people, and did not want her name included after last time. Chloe was upset when she found out Carl had already passed the information on. (Then why did Mischa tell him?) Chloe told Mischa, so that Mischa would try to stop Carl continuing to muck stir. At no time did Mischa put out any kind of contract on his father. Stop telling lies, Ted, and get your facts straight.”

If Janet told Chloe that she did not want any more information about her to be put on my site, why did she talk to Chloe? She must have known that Chloe would tell Mischa, and that he would have a go at Carl. As Kevin says below, Chloe uses Carl to make me aware of what is going on. I love Mischa. He thinks that he is so smart, and yet he is so, so, stupid.

Janet, I did not put a single harsh word about you, or your mum on my site, (no reason to), until you did not tell me of her, and Fred’s passing. And, Janet, me ol’ luv, it is not me that is the ‘shit stirrer’ it is Chloe & Mischa. Will you ever trust either of them again? (Work your way round that one, the three of you!)

I also got this email. Kevin also says, “Mum is the most selfish person that I have ever met” Takes a wise man to know his own mother!

 Mum knows absolutely that Carl cannot be told anything and be expected to
 keep it to himself. Mum deliberately says, "and don't tell your father", in a
 way that I know means "tell your father".
 Best Regards
 Kevin Aylward