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Saturday, 31 May 2003. What has made me so sad about Dolly's passing, (see previous diary page), is that Janet, her daughter, did not see fit to let me know.
Janet told Ivor about Doll's passing - and he was the one who always ridiculed Doll and Fred. But, he ridicules everyone behind their back, and sucks up to them to their face!
One night, in the snooker bar, at Gunton Hall, Ivor got a bit drunk. He started on about Janet and Geoff. He described Janet's business as a 'tin pot' labouring firm, and that she married Geoff just to get cheap labour. He described Geoff as a 'sonk' (idiot). Then said that Geoff would not stand up to Janet, as he had no balls. (and more - click the link below!)
Why am I saying all this? Because I feel hurt. That I, who have never done anything wrong to Dolly, should be treated so, while people who have no good words to say about Dolly, Fred and Doll's family, are made welcome………….. and there's more for later!

The full story of how I feel is here

Friday, 06 June 2003. We have a new neighbour, Margaret, a young lady of 65 years - and very presentable too! We had a long session on Wednesday evening, swapping life stories, and like all of us here, she has had her share of ups 'n' downs. She said that her grandchildren had tried to help her get a pen friend via the internet. She has given the address of this site to them so that they can report on what a 'nutter' I am! Listen very closely, grandchildren …….. making contact with ppl thro' the web is fraught with danger! You must have been told this often!! Don't do it again!! Hope you enjoy the site.

I have continued with some stories about Dolly, See here.
Tuesday, 10 June 2003. I received this message via my anonymous facility. I will not give her surname as she came via the anonymous facility. Tried to put it on my guest book in order to facilitate a discussion, but it was too big. Here it is :-

Writing for you has clearly been a cathartic experience. Notwithstanding this, although I am an English tutor, is drawing attention to Chloe's poor literacy skills and/or IQ test a tad unfair? Ted, you gained an education, received the blessing of informed thought, and Chloe clearly did not ... Given this, is such public derision of her educational deficiencies too crude? After all, in terms of classically defined satire, pure invective is the lowest form. Have you thought about opening up the site as a forum for discussion?
All the best,


I welcome any comments. If I get a few, I will open up a new discussion section. My contact page is here.

My Comment? How dare Sally say that Chloe has poor literacy skills, and/or low IQ, and does not have 'informed thought'? Chloe is an accomplished writer, and poet, as said on her site

What say you Chloe, has she insulted you? Do you have 'educational deficiencies'?

(Or am I indulging in invective and satire. Or is it just simply provocative irony? Hehehe!)
Friday, 13 June 2003. My health has not been too good. Backache and a general malaise.
Another neighbour has died, Grace. Nice woman. I think that that puts me third on the list now! Well, we are in "God's waiting room!"
Lil, a neighbour has bought a second hand computer (from a dealer) £100. It has a 14" monitor, Pentium MMX and 16 meg memory - not a brilliant spec. But, It performs not too bad. Goes to show how much over spec our computers are for general use. I have set it up and put some s/w on it. She has been taking an 'Introduction to computers' course with three other old biddys (sorry girls!). They are all enjoying it. I have been teaching her a bit, and started a web site for her - - nothing on there yet, but it may become a family group site.
Now that I have settled down - re the funeral of Dolly - I have taken a bit out of
the page that I kept about the incident. I still hurt though.
Not had any response to Sally's
request above. No-one seems interested in starting a discussion page.
Friday, 20 June 2003. Carl has been begging me to put these phone calls from Chloe on here. He says that CJ will get a big laugh at it. Although I do not like CJ
growing up undisciplined (and unsocial?) I hope that a good laugh will ease the tensions. Carl is going to tape Chloe on the phone, and live, to show how she behaved when we were married. If he gets a lot of clips, I'll make a special page for them.
In call three Chloe says, "……that's what they call abusive behaviour ….." What is that about? Sounds like a reference to when CJ was taken away from her
for suspected abuse! What a topic for a joke!
So here goes :-
call-one - call two - call three -
Saturday, 21 June 2003. We have been 'flowerised', ----
See here!
Monday, 23 June 2003. I have done a few improvements to the 'flowerising' - made the files smaller, and added a better group photo.
See here.
Saturday, 28 June 2003. More sad and puzzling news about
Dolly and Fred.
Saturday, 5 July 2003. It is the 20th anniversary of Lesley passing.
My memorial is here. For the past two years, the 'dead' rose bush in my garden produced a single red rose. This year -- nothing! Wonder why? Here is a photo of the rose bush now --- you can see that it is in a sorry state. And, that is not my fault ……. I have as my gardener …………………. God! Go on …… you criticise him! Lesley's story is here.
I am in correspondence with Basildon District Council about
yet another error in my rent account. The good news is that this time it seems to be being dealt with in an efficient, but informal way. I will keep you posted.
Saturday, 12 July 2003. Had a bit of a worry yesterday. When I got up my blood pressure was 'off the scale'! Thursday was a very hot day, and the heat has always been bad for me. Anyway, I took an Atenolol, lay down, and drank some fluids. In about two hours it went (?down?!) to 160/100! At about mid-day it was down to a reasonable 135/85. I had a sandwich and it went up a bit, but not a lot. Quite a worrying day. But, there lies the problem. High BP causes worry, and that causes an even higher BP … and so on. Good that I can control my emotions a little bit.
When the voluntary people did the
'flowerising' I got talking to a few of the organisers, and to cut a long story short, I offered to help in setting up a web site for the voluntary organisation as they did not have one. The next weekend I was invited to see some graffiti painting in the local park. Again we discussed the web site, and I licensed the URL, and did a holding home page. I then by accident found that there was a site It transpired that the site was on hold as the designer was seriously ill. My thought was to carry on and hand over the site 'as and when'. I then licensed the URL, and set up a few pages on the corner of my 'beeb' ISP. You can see my initial efforts by going to I have now signed up with '1 and 1' for a 500meg site, but I'm having probs with their system - seems very complicated! But, I expect that I will get the hang of it! (Gives me something to occupy my mind!)

Just found probs with that is with '1 and 1'! Another prob to sort out!
Friday, 18 July 2003. Not been doing much with this diary lately, have I?
Not a lot to say - may be interesting in the coming weeks in regard to the web site. Had a visit from an official advisor and a local rep to discuss how we go forward. Maybe the 'official' site will amalgamate with mine, or I'll go forward with a parallel site with no fetters of officialdom. (May have to spend £250-£400 on distribution of a leaflet. But it's a hobby, and model railway hobbyists spend more!)
Had to go into the hospital yesterday to get a blood test. The practice nurse can't find a vein! Cost me £13 to get there and back. Got a taxi because my blood pressure has been going high over the week. I have managed to control it with my relaxation techniques. Also, taking Atenolol - beta blocker. Been off
heart medication for four years now.
Friday, 25 July 2003. Still getting to be a boring ol' life!
OOPPSS!! Just looked at the above about my blood test. Should have seen the doctor today. Never mind, see him next week.
All seems quiet with the web site. Sent two emails setting out my thoughts, but no response. Everyone must be content. I have the next stage of the site prepared, and in accordance with my thoughts last week, I'll upload it on my birthday, on Monday.
Friday, 01 August 2003. That's me, entered my eighth decade - wonder if I'll see the end of it? Doubt it! My 70th was last Monday, but as Sunday was a good day for me, I celebrated it then. Got one card, and a pressie from be ol' mate next door, Marj. (She would have to spoil it!!)

Still, feeling very tired. 'They' say that there is a virus going round the old people, that is making them feel tired and off colour. May be just the heat. Seems that we are going to get more of it next week - ho, hum!

I have put a section up on the Northlands Park Neighbourhood Committee web site setting out some of my thoughts about how they operate. Not very complimentary. See them here - I am going to let the site lay dormant until their next stage. As Confucius say, "Beware the slumbering lion!" After all, I am a Leo! The web master, of the 'official' site has put a 'disclaimer' on the site saying that she will not be responsible for what the peasants put on there. Seems that she has shown someone how to upload a page or two. Bloody good luck to them - ho hum - yet again! I did email the BDC/NPNC duo explaining the 'Sh one tee' she had dumped them in. At least they take notice of what I say, even if they do not acknowledge it. (What say you HW & JM?) We have now gone beyond the 'point of no return', and must pursue parallel courses of antagonism. Never thought that I would be drawn, ONCE AGAIN, into the peasants' activities, as I was in Livingston and RBL - ho hum - yet again!

Had a bit of a prob with One and One, URL and host providers. They took a year's subs out of my account without my permission. Do NOT use their services, they are a load of con artists. My bank is sorting it out.
Friday, 15 August 2003. Phew …. What a scorcha …..! Been very hot for the past two weeks. Surprised that I survived! Temperature was up in the high nineties. Never mind … I got through it.

I have given my 'old' computer to Lil (aged 74) on long term loan, and she has sold her 'old' one to Monica (she's only eighty-two!). Both have done a ten week course on 'Introduction to Computers'. I said thirty years ago that ordinary people would be using computers, and I was told not to be stupid. Also said that BASIC would be a main programming language, and was, once again, told not to be so stupid. When will they all accept that I am always right!!??

The 'official' web site for Northlands Park is getting off to a stumbling start. Can't see it doing much though. One of the peasants is having a go at doing a page or two, but the site does not hold attention. Not too bothered. The parasites have made a few bob out of it, and are now ignoring me. Again … not too bothered. I always win! Put a techie section on the Independent web site. Feed back a bit slow though.
Saturday, 16 August 2003. He - he he! The NONC have put out their Autumn newsletter ---- no mention of their web site --- ashamed (afraid?) I think! See here …… …….. (follow the latest update link) He - he - he.

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they will have no end of fun!
Friday, 22 August 2003. Can't make out those people running the 'official' Northlands Park web site. I just don't seem to be able to force them to advertise the site. They have again, today, put another two lots of adverts through our letter boxes, (by the jolly helpers at £7.50/hour?). I have pushed all their right buttons, but they will not do what I tell them to do! I need them to advertise their site so that I can proceed to the next stage of my campaign.

They had a 'bun fight' (another means for a fiddle?) in our common room to thank the people involved in the 'flowerising'. Me wernt invitid - wunda why!? Marilyn Meaden and Heather Wood both declined to speak to me …. All the big wigs were there. Wonder if they know about the 'independent' web site? Have to let them all know.

Google now have picked up the links to my 'Independent' web site, and I have had a hit via Google. Should give a wider circulation of the scandals! Having a good few hits, but no one is leaving a message - need to have feedback.
Friday, 05 September 2003. Life gits tedious …. don't it?! Been a bit boring ….. but, thought that I would let you all know that I am still alive …. just!
Bought a music centre from Tesco - £99. It said that it played CD-R and CD-RW, but it didn't, so I returned it. Tesco were very good about it. One snag was that the first appointment to uplift was not kept.
NPNC? They have given me the two most important facilities in strategic planning - time and information. Sad, but the info they have given me since the last entry is anonymous, so difficult to use. Still, it gives important entry points for a future audit. The minutes of committee meetings contain pointers. I have let others in the organisation know about the 'independent' site, and will email wider at a strategic opportunity.
Sunday, 14 September 2003. Had a bit of a problem with the 'staggers'. Not felt giddy, just seemed to stagger a bit, and not when I was drunk! Must be the carotids playing up.
The chair of the
NPNC has gonned!
Saturday, 20 September 2003. The 'staggers' prob seems to have resolved itself. Several neighbours have had the prob - doc told them it's a virus going round. So, I may not be dying after all! (Who said, "Oh, shit!")
NPNC? (Follow latest update) They now have probs explaining how, as a result of getting £2.1m from 'Number 10', properties in the 'posh area' have lost £33.75m!
Saturday, 04 October 2003. Been feeling very tired. Very quiet life …… just how I like it! Though I should get out a bit more. Don't want to get agoraphobic.
To help Lil, my neighbour, who I gave my 'old' computer to, I have re-set up Yahoo messenger etc. My ID is kivinca. If I am on line you may catch me. I have activated the web cam, but have not proved that it is going out OK. Looking forward to 'viewing' others, as well.
It's all the 'kids' birthdays …. 2nd - 3rd and 5th of October. I always said that I was a 'once a year man!'
Mischa is 49 now, and it will be 50 years next February since I married the 'evil one'. Life has been very interesting!
We start to get the Pensioner Savings Credit from Monday. That's another £11.40/week for me. Got so much money …. Don't know what to do wiv it! Good old 'New Labour'! (If you know of an oldie who has not claimed it yet, phone 0800-991234).
Don't know what Freeserve is doing. I had a hit via my old home page on Freeserve, but it had my ID as 'tedaylward'. When I was on Freeserve it was 'eaylward', and all my access to them has been cut. Seems like they are activating old sites - but why 'tedaylward' I can't fathom. This is the link -
Friday, 10 October 2003. I know that sometimes it seems that I only use this site to grumble and moan. But, I have analysed the site and only about 5% is devoted to my 'having a go' at people and organisations. Here is a good story.
As I said last week, I am now getting the Pensioner Savings Credit. There were a few probs …… it seems that my file fell down a crack in the floor and got lost! Yesterday I sent a comical email to their office in Norwich. This morning I got a lovely phone call from a lady, who explained it all, apologised, and sorted it all out there and then. With the credit and changes in the rent and CT rebates, I am now £19.39/week better off. (£1008pa).
All my neighbour's PSC applications have been processed, and some of them have even had their first Giro.
I sent a 'thank you' email to Norwich, and mentioned that most likely, in the next few months, the media will find all sorts of problems, and exaggerate them. They all lambasted the gov't when we got £0.75/week increase ………. Will they praise the gov't now that Ted Aylward (and others) have got £19.39/week increase? I don't think so!

(and …. No ….. I do not have any fixed political views!)
Thursday, 23 October 2003. I am helping out my good friend, and magician, Ian.
See here.

Health-wise, it has been a funny old time. I got over the 'staggers', and was on top of the world. Then, last Sunday I had a head full of cotton wool. Strange thing, was that when I talked to anyone, it was like someone was scratching their nails on a blackboard. I did not even answer the phone, and avoided people. I was even a bit short with Ian. Just think - Ted could not talk! Hooray, they all say! Never had anything like it before. Must have been some odd ball virus. Even stranger was that I was OK while at the computer. I did a lot of work on Ian's site, and was OK. We must get vulnerable as we get old.

I have never been one for anniversary presents. Had probs with people in the past over it. I believe in giving when you feel like it, not when you 'have' to. As my bank balance was a bit healthy, I sent Carl Jnr £200. His dad said that Chloe did not like it. Hard luck, Chloe.

Amy, my sister-in-law, lost her husband a few months ago, and seemed to be coping very well, Then, about four weeks ago she went to pieces. She was in hospital for a while, and then on to residential care. She is now back home and seems to be coping, though she is a bit subdued. I was gob-smacked when I heard that she was in hospital. She was always a very strong person, But, as I say above, we get vulnerable as we get old.

I can't understand people. No-one told Amy and me, that Fred and Doll were ill. They did not even tell us that they had died earlier this year. I then hear that Janet, Doll's daughter, has been in to see Amy in hospital. Mad …. Crazy …. She can't tell Amy about Fred and Doll's illness & death, but goes to see Amy in hospital ….. mad … crazy! How the bloody hell do they explain it all - beats me!
I'm very happy that I do not have any 'friends' or family. (Love me Carl tho'!)

Saturday, 25 October 2003. As I predicted the 'official' web site has gone belly up. Try to see the section with your privacy settings high. See the "Under 20" section. Some fool has tried to update the site and done a glorious cock-up! They do not seem to realise that by using Flash they are forcing under 20yo to disable all their safety/privacy settings/progs, in order to view the pages!
Aren’t we all wondering if the person(s) who fiddled the money out of the system for the web site, will pay it back. The ODPM (they know what that means) is greatly concerned about the adverse publicity for Tony's pet project. The web site project was 'engineered' to fiddle money out of the system. Ted was right yet once again!


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