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 Thursday, 28 November 2002. Hey! Google are fast! I put comments about my new computer on my site two days ago and Google have picked it up. Go to Google put in 'mesh computers' and 'amtrak' ... right there.

For a while I have been getting a "DPAL error ....... at line 550" and the blue screen of death! Then if I did a warm start I got a "error in lmouse..... you must restart ...." It was all bloody annoying. Then .... I thought .... look for the error in Google. And hey presto! The solution was found. It was the modem. I had an old driver. I d/l the new driver, but what a hassle in loading it. What it said I should see on the screen, was not what I saw!

But, being a very clever bloke, I found a way round it and got it sorted. Moral of this tale --- if you get an error, put it into Google -- might get help. (OR AM I NOT SO CLEVER!!!)
Saturday, 30 November 2002. Let's have a laugh!

Before the cat adopted me, a month or so ago, I used to sit out on the veranda and she would sit at the side of me. One day, when the sun was shining, I said to her, "Silly cow, go and sit in the sun!" Surprise ........ she got up and sauntered off and sat in the sun! Weird ... several times since, I have said to her, "The sun's shining, go outside." And ... off she went. She seems to understand the word "sun"!

Stranger still. Remember the "Arthur's" cat food advert (scooped the food out of the tin with its paw)? Yesterday I had fish for my dinner. I have never put food on the mat for her to eat (bad habit!), but, when I put a bit of fish down, she did not eat it off the mat, she scooped it up with her paw to eat it! You may think that that is queer ... but, when I get her food I try to 'ring the changes' and get a variety for her. The last time, I got a tin of "Arthur's" (never got it before), and she didn't like it, but she seems to have seen the advert!

Go on, laugh! The neighbours think that I am crackers!
Friday, 06 December 2002.
Chloe is at it again - see here.
Saw the consultant at the hospital yesterday and he was very pleased with my scrotum!
Saturday, 07 December 2002. Hehe! Ol' Clo's got her dander up! I was getting a bit bored! Come on gal, give it some wellie!
See here
Sunday, 08 December 2002.
I don't belieeeeeve it! I don't belieeeeeve it! Amtrak tried to deliver the Mesh computer at 8:45am this morning. It's Sunday ............. Sunday! I refused the delivery. They don't deliver on Sundays! It must have been because I put a letter to the sales, on Friday, with copies to the CE, and to my card services, to get the credit made to my account. It's eight clear working days since they said that they would do it. That must have made them chase up Amtrak. The parcels have been with Amtrak for eighteen days! It is a total of 47 days since I placed the order. What a life!! The full story is on the previous page, if you need it.
It seems that my beeb email box is inactive. I downloaded their new dialer, and it froze my computer, and it changed a lot of settings. Bloody cheek they've got! Took me a while to sort it all out.
Wednesday, 11 December 2002. beeb prob resolved.
Why do people attempt to perpetuate a lie instead licking their wounds and pretending dead?! It's Basildon District Council again. My last letter suggested that we close the matter, but weeks later, they have felt it necessary to put forward the same irrelevant prose. It will not be of interest to most visitors, but I put it all on here for posterity.
(See here) I have written to the Executive Director, and will put it, and the reply, on here, as and when received.

Me, an' me ol' pal Mark, are having a problem with a weird virus/Trojan. It seems to take an email from the sender, add the Trojan, and repeatedly send it by making the server think that it has not been sent ---- got it? To date I have had about 60 copies sent to me! (See here)

You will have seen my Christmas message. I know that 'drop downs' can be annoying for you regulars, but bear with me as they do welcome the new visitor, there will be no 'drop downs' after twelfth night.
Saturday, 14 December 2002. Mesh Computers are playing a delaying game. I have had a letter from the CE's PA, but nothing from the sales people. My card services tell me that Mesh have not made the credit to my account. Plus, they say that they do not take action until sixty days have elapsed! Not very fair, or helpful.
The re-send emails, as above, have ceased. It seems that Freeserve, the email server, has killed the re-send.

Just tried the 'mesh computers+amtrak' search on Google - it does not now show my entries. Been withdrawn - why!!?? But found this - - some good and a lot bad!
I have just had a wander round the
romulus2 site - wish I had seen it before deciding on the computer. A must for potential computer buyers!
Monday, 16 December 2002. The Mesh Computer story has grown so big that I have given it it's own page -
see here. I'll see how things go about getting a computer in March/April. Though, when you see the horror on sites like romulus2, it makes you think twice. There's no way to guarantee a trouble free purchase!
One of Chloe's friends at Suffolk County Council sent me this anonymous email, "
arseolls to you,you silly old git." I passed the message back to the Postmaster for tracing and discipline of the sender!
Friday, 20 December 2002. A warm welcome, to my site, for the visitors from
Mesh Computers. Perhaps they will see that I am a human being, as they are. (though a bit eccentric!) They are also customers, as well as sales people, and will no doubt have experienced similar appalling service from vendors. At some time, the legislators will have to devise laws to prevent the differences between sales, and after sales & technical help. The card services providers will also have to be tougher in getting credits made when a sale is aborted. In fact, the distance selling regulations are good, but are not enforced promptly. The businesses that provide good after sales services must win a bigger part of the market. I have seen a HP computer with the spec that I want at a similar price as the Mesh, but I will hold on until March/April.

It is the longest and most evil night in the occult calendar, and Chloe's birthday. (66yo with a "White Elephant" to plague her! - Forgive the mixed metaphor!).
Monday, 23 December 2002. Chloe has sent me a nice Christmas card -
See here.
Found another
review site that has a LOT of criticism of Mesh Computers. (and some good!) I have added my review. (See here) The dooyoo user rating for Mesh Computers = (two stars) this is very low with an overall rating of 36% recommendation.
Thinking again of these review sites, they are open to abuse. I noticed that after my posting on Romulus2, that a short complimentary posting was made. All it needs is for the sales people to see a bad review, and then enter a good review. Who would be the wiser? But, even IF that is happening, Mesh come out very bad!
Saturday, 28 December 2002. Checking my
bad days calendar I see that I have had 49 bad days in 2002. That surprised me, as it seemed to be a lot more! We have had another 'passing'. That makes three this year, Dolly, Lou and 'Tall Flo'. It seems that we have about three deaths each year. Most are coming up to their nineties. We joke and call the complex "God's Waiting Room"! I think that if life begins at forty, then death begins at seventy - and that's me in 2003! One advantage of getting old in an old person's complex is that it prepares you for the inevitable. No, I'm not being maudlin - just objective.

Interested about further development in Chloe's Christmas card - see here.

Today is my brother uterine's birthday
Wednesday, 01 January 2003. A Happy New Year to all my friends - Oh! OK then, the same to all you others!
I saw the New Year in with one of my
friends, Lil. Quiet, but it ushered in my seventieth year.
Thought I would find something to occupy my mind, and have had a go at my friend, Ian's site. He is a magician and Laurel and Hardy impersonator. (he just does Oliver Hardy!). I think that I improved the presentation. Simple but professional. It raised an important point though. The trend is to people using higher resolutions than the, at the moment, standard of 800 X 600. If a page is written in 800 X 600, higher resolutions will see the text smaller. Conversely, if it is written with higher resolution, people viewing in lower resolution will see the text much larger. I'm not sure if there is some code to avoid this, I'll have to find out.
My version of his site is here. His site is here. See what you think - feedback welcome.
Friday, 03 January 2003. That silly cow, Chloe, has sent me a three page letter.
(See here)
My computer started making the fan noise again. So, I took the risk and forced open the case of the power pack (not easy to get at!). The blades were covered in muck, which would have put them out of balance. Cleaned them with a toothbrush, sprayed the bearings with switch cleaner and WD40. Just switched on, and it is quieter than ever. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Haven't got me money from Mesh yet. Will check later on.
Mark seems to be getting some publicity
(See here)
I have finished my main efforts of Ian's web site,
(See here)
Saturday, 04 January 2003.
And so, we continue with Chloe! Thank you all for your visits.
Monday, 06 January 2003.
I add to dad's stories. ----I start a section about the loves in my life. So, what's so funny about that?

Been learning a bit more about the scanner and photo processing and did this. Me aged 27!

I have been trying to decide what to do to celebrate my three score years, and ten. I don't like hotels, or boarding houses. Holiday camps give more freedom. Therefore, I have decided to go to Pontins for the two weeks either side of my birthday. A friend has offered to take me there for the petrol cost plus a bit. I have always preferred being near water, especially the sea. While there I will look around, and make enquiries about sheltered housing in the area.
Tuesday, 07 January 2003. What a life! I had a bit of fan noise again. This time I found out how to get the power pack out. But, the fan? The wires are soldered in! That means, that if I have to replace the fan, I will have to cut and solder the wires. What bad design.
Been thinking of the 'loves of my life' and Chloe's assertion that I seduced her. (As a sweet, demure little girl!?). I have never seduced a girl - they have always seduced me! These stories are going to be interesting to me, if to no-one else. My only concern is, "Is this topic suitable for younger viewers?" I was watching the film 'Billy Elliot" last night, and I don't think that I should have any worries.
08/01/03. bbbrrrrwww! It's snowing and bloody cold. See photos outside my flat.

pic01 ---- pic02 ---- pic03

Been making some bread to keep myself occupied. Clever little lad I am!
Thursday, 09 January 2003. Chloe is moaning again
! (See here)
Friday, 10 January 2003. I wasn't feeling too good yesterday, and spent a few hours in bed. Because of this, I did not see Chloe's email until the evening. Notwithstanding that, I did a rough copy of her letter with my OCR prog, TextBridge Classic and U/L it.
This morning, feeling better, I decided to set out her letter in a point for point presentation. It does seem a bit of a tedious missive to read, but I had no alternative. I have re-vamped her letter page.
See here.
I am now getting sick of answering all her letters. There is enough information, including documentary support, to enable the family now, and the coming generations to get a feel of both our characters. I'm going to TRY to ignore her now! Want to bet whether I succeed?
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