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Saturday, 12 October 2002. Been looking back at the early diary pages and came across this entry ----- "Thursday, 13 May 1999. I saw the nurse at the medical centre this morning. My cholesterol and sugar are on the high side. I'm to see the doctor tomorrow. I've been living on borrowed time for six years; so I'm not too bothered!" ---- Why did the medics not take action and sort out my sugar and cholesterol probs then? It appears that I had diabetes three years ago - and they did nothing!
Also, it has made me realise how big the site is now. I started to view the site as a new visitor. Conclusion? You have to do a bit of 'pick and mix' in the early stages! I have to wonder how the newbie visitors manage! Must be a daunting challenge to wade though 287 web pages!

Mark, my grand-nephew, is doing quite well with his group. He has now done a couple of numbers on a CD. He is also doing frequent gigs. See his web site here. ------ His music is here (If you have any probs - check your cookie and privacy settings)
Monday, 14 October 2002. Well, that's me just phoned the hospital, and they have a bed for me tomorrow so I have to get up at 5:30am to get there for 7:00am. I'm hoping to be home in the evening, or at least Wednesday afternoon. Let's hope it all goes OK and I don't come home speaking in a high voice!
Wednesday, 16 October 2002. Here I am back again, and speaking in a normal voice! Everything went OK. Though there were a couple of probs. I can't thank the hospital staff enough. The surgeon, Mr Lawes, did a superb job. I have no pain, just a slight stinging. I met some interesting people in the ward and discharge lounge. At the week-end I will write up the stories in detail. For now, I will have a quiet night. A cordial welcome to the visitors from the hospital and many thanks for your company. Hope you enjoy the experience!
Friday, 18 October 2002. Everything is now the colour scheme of an angry stormy sky (and swollen)! No real pain though. Just the stinging and discomfort. Worse sitting in this chair - so won't stay long. Had some thoughts about the past two years leading to the operation, But I will wait until I have settled before writing it up. It is unlikely that I will do much until the middle of next week.
Monday, 21 October 2002. The discomfort increased over the week-end. Though I did over do it a bit on Saturday. I have updated my
'Bad Days Calendar'. For the year to date I haven't done too bad.
Been thinking of how I will write up the detail of the operation, and the lead up to it. I may do a video of me talking to camera, and then transfer the sound to a wma or mp3 file.

Chloe writes - via an 'anonymous' email - re my entry of the 10th :- "If you are really at peace then why dont you let go of the past. To me it appears that you are not and are doing this for reasurance and to gain sympathy and comfort. You are a sad case." What can I reply other than, "If you read what I have written, it will be self evident that I am at peace. It is this peace, which has helped me with the pain after my recent operation. My 'slogan' with my hypnotherapy CDs say - Relaxation is the Key to Good Health. I am proof of that."
Wednesday, 23 October 2002. What a bloody stupid world we live in! I went to the doctor this morning. "Why do you want to see me?" he says. "The nurse told me to." I replied, "She said that she did not need to see me, and that I should see you. The hospital told me that the practice nurse would check the wound and change the dressing, but she did not seem to want to!" "Oh," said the doctor, "Some women do not like dealing with men's genitals." What a bloody stupid world we live in ........ a nurse who will not deal with genitals. (and she does not like taking blood!) Anyway it all seems to be going well. It is starting to throb and give a bit of pain, so I expect it is getting better. I asked the doctor why it was that no-one told me that there could be blood deposited into the scrotum after the first draining, and that I went a year without a check-up. No answer was the quick reply!

I have taken the plunge and ordered a new computer ----- 1378.28! Mesh Computers with an Athlon 2300 cpu - 512meg D-DDR memory (333Mhz) - 19" 24mm monitor - 120 gig HD - DVD burner . The graphics card has composite video in/out so I can put my analogue camcorder to DVD and record VCR and TV to DVD. It should be delivered 06/11/02.
I know that, as at present, my computer does all that I need, that this is a silly expense. But, I can't take it with me - and, I've got plenty!
Monday, 28 October 2002. The ol' scrotum has settled nicely - the wound is almost healed - that's the two weeks round from the op. Just get itching and a bit of ache from the bruising. I am very pleased with the result. (fingers crossed!) I'll do the full write up this week, I hope.
Now that I have started a vendetta against spammers
(see here), Microsoft are having a go! (see here)
For those who are interested I have put the Mesh invoice for my new computer on here. It doesn't show the ports, but I know that there are two USB 2.0 ports.
Tuesday, 29 October 2002. Doing so well, I have got round to doing the main bit about the operation
- see here.
Thursday, 31 October 2002. Another couple of stories of when I was in hospital. See
Monday, 04 November 2002. Thanks for the 'anonymous' message from Planet-on-Line saying "you poor old sod". Thank you, I may be old, but I am not poor. (Never even been bankruptured, or scrounged cash off my children!)
I'm hoping that this is the last upload from my present NEC PII 350, and the next upload will be via my new computer , Mesh Athlon 2400 costing 1,378. (delivery on Wednesday - fingers crossed) And, I will still have plenty in the bank!
There may be an interesting, (laughable), story in the pipeline re my rent office.
I will also be doing a bit on the "Fun & Games" pages defining what a 'stupid' person is! (Not me - hehe!)
Three weeks since my operation and all is 99%. Lucky ol' me!
Tuesday, 05 November 2002. Bloody nuisance!! Just had a phone call from Mesh. The computer is delayed. (Should have been here tommorrow.) Told them that if it not despatched by next Tuesday the contract is cancelled. In the meantime I'll have another look round. My intention had been to wait until next April anyway. And, I've stripped down the present set-up - have to put it up again!
Saturday, 09 November 2002. Not a lot to tell. My health is good. Well recovered after the operation.
The stupid post person could not be bothered to use the entry phone to call me to deliver a parcel. Just took it away and marked it 'time lock' - stupid idiot. So, it took me five days to get a parcel from Maplin, where it is normally delivered the day after the order. I have complained to the Royal Mail. See if it does any good!
I have updated my
'bad days calendar'. Overall, things have been quiet good (excellent!?)
On the cat front............. We are doing very well. We hold very erudite conversations. I must say that she is more intelligent than some humans I know ............. including the postie and the staff at the rent office! (The full story later)
I'm delaying updating my video diary until I get the new computer (or not!). I want to try doing it with the camcorder and converting it to a .ram (RealPlayer) file.
Tuesday, 12 November 2002. How bloody frustrating! Just spoke to Mesh and the computer is not ready so I cancelled. But ............... the sales fella gave a little sweetener to hang on till Friday. He is giving me the upgrade to Works Suite, worth about 40+. Though, I would rather have had the computer on time. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. If it is not ready by Friday, that is it ...... caput!

Don't time fly? That's the four weeks round since the operation and everything is OK. I'm a little worried about where the cannula was inserted. I might have another episode of thrombo-phlebitus as I had the last time I had a general anaesthetic. I hope not - might see the GP and check it out.
Wednesday, 13 November 2002. Once again I 'have a tilt at a windmill'! When will people realise that I am always right!? .................. shut up at the back there! Here I have a go at
Basildon District Council.
Thursday, 14 November 2002. I continue with the
Basildon District Council pages. The water meter, water rates, and the fence. Might amuse you!
Seems the computer will be delivered on Monday - if it doesn't get lost!
Monday, 18 November 2002. Mesh have rung to say that they cannot deliver until Friday!! Not happy with them at all. I feel as tho' they have 'played me along' for two weeks. Their excuse is that the motherboard is 'cutting edge technology' and that they have had probs with the driver. My gripe is that they could have been more up front from the beginning. I'm keen to have the computer. Another thing is that they can't supply the .24mm monitor - so is has to be a .25mm - should not make a great deal of difference - and it is 50+vat cheaper. All in all, I wish I had waited until next March/April - things are quieter then. So, be warned, if you are ordering from Mesh, at least double the time you have to wait for delivery (and then some!) When (if?) it is all delivered and OK, I'll write a letter to the CEO and let him/her know of the situation.
Tuesday, 19 November 2002. An interesting little trick ..... courtesy of my grand-nephew Mark ....
See here.
Wednesday, 20 November 2002. Continuing the technical ideas, I have changed the
floating pic. And, have a look at this annoying ruse some sites use. See here.
You will have seen my welcome message when you left my home page - hope you liked it.
Friday, 22 November 2002. I am now told, by Mesh, that the courier, Amtrak, who are delivering the computer, are on strike. BLOODY HELL!!.

Carl has phoned a couple of times and given me some concern about CJ. See here.
Monday, 25 November 2002. 10:30. Mesh are crap! Amtrak not on strike......... computer not delivered on Friday.......... Late Friday, I was told that the computer would be delivered on Saturday. It wasn't! Saturday I was told that it would be Monday & they would ring first thing. They didn't, so I tried to phone them .... left hanging ... "Your call is important to us" ....... Load of crap ........... they get your money and then don't give a monkey's! I phoned the sales line .... wonder of wonders ..... immediate answer but referred me back to the 'customer services number'. I'm f*****g angry! Sent an email ... see what happens. Don't buy from Mesh or let Amtrak be the courier. I have put Mesh & Amtrak in the 'content' on the home page code - hope it is searched on by prospective customers and they see this cock-up.

I'm kicking myself. On Tuesday 12th. I was determined to cancel, but was 'sweet talked' with the 40 refund. Should have stuck with my decision to cancel. I used to be known as Mr. Decision. I'm getting soft in my old age!

3:10pm they phoned - they can't get hold of Amtrak and always have problems with the Basildon depot! Told them I had written the letters to cancel the order if not delivered by 6pm (Junior? customer services) said OK.

The top three causes of stress in life are :-

1. Bereavement
2. Moving house
3. Buying a computer from Mesh!

5pm. Just been to the post (catch the last collection) and posted the cancellation letters. So sad, but my guts have been going over all day. All I hope is that I don't have problems in getting the money back.

Wednesday, 27 November 2002. That's the cancellation confirmed by Mesh. Tho' Mesh said that they would refund when they got the computer back from Amtrak. As I think that it has been nicked, I emailed them to credit my card account as at now. So sad ..... I was looking forward to having an interesting time! Most likely, I'll contact them in six months and see what happens .... without Amtrak!
I'm getting a bit of fan noise when I boot up. Checked it, used switch cleaner and WD40 - seems to have reduced the noise. It is AOK after about a minute.
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