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Monday, 19 August 2002. Because it seemed that my old Freeserve email had been picked up by a spider, and I was getting a lot of sex spam, I have converted my email addys on this site to Unicode. Mark, my grand-nephew, put me on to the idea. I have now written two little BASIC progs to make it easy. They convert text to Unicode and Unicode to text. To use them you type in your email addy and "text2uni.exe" writes the code to a file in your c:\ drive. "uni2text.exe" takes Unicode and converts it to text. Use the code in the text file in c:\, generated by text2uni and copy/paste it into the source code of your html page instead of the actual email name. Email me if you want any further help. You can save the progs and use them off-line. As I have said often before, "You can trust the progs - no viruses - you can always find me!!"

Tuesday, 20 August 2002. Decided to start a technical section. Not there yet, But I will try to gradually collate the techie bits there. Instructions for using the Unicode progs are here.
Wednesday, 21 August 2002. I have spoken often about my grand-nephew, Mark, He is about 15yo. He has a web site where you will find more stories of his branch of the Aylward family (See it here). You will have to have your privacy settings to 'medium', (or lower), to view his site. You can search his site by using my search facility.
He also has a site about his group 'Synergy' (See it here).
When I started my site, on my welcome page, I said that I did not want to use 'arty-farty' techniques as I believed that the content was more important than the presentation. The exception, is for business sites, where the prime objective is to impress potential clients. You will see the contrast of my site with its mainly text content, and Mark's use of sophisticated web design. I do not have the knowledge of the techniques that he uses. I'm getting a bit too senile to learn complicated things now! However, it is a good exercise to be able to compare two sites that have similar objectives.
Thursday, 22 August 2002. Following on to the above entry, I have transported Mark's site to mine. What a job! (deleted Thursday, 05 December 2002)
Got a letter today telling me that I go into hospital on
1/10/02 to have my hydrocele sorted. Should be in for just a day, or maybe over-night. At least it will get it all over. The warden, Eileen, has given me these, and said that I might like to play with my balls while in hospital to relax! Or, might be handy as spares! (See here)
Friday, 23 August 2002. Here is the advert that I have put in a series of Essex newspapers. I expect that I will have it in other county local papers as well. It will be nice for all the Aylwards, and others interested, to see my family web site.
Saturday, 24 August 2002. Thanks for the emails & kind wishes, and entry to my guest book, after the advert. Seems to be a good idea to get people to know about the site. I will extend it to other areas.
My self training in Flash and other bits ain't goin' too bad!
Mark's site on here does not seem to work 'sometimes', seems to be the index page, so I am still messing about with it. I have now loaded it onto my ukonline site (Removed as I have probs with it) .I have made quite a few changes and may develop it as an alternative site. (to get some learnin' in!) At the moment, the links are not too good.
Sunday, 25 August 2002. Being a very vain man, (but I AM handsome!), I have put my picture at the bottom of the page - twice!
I have added the script for mouseover and email link
to my java page.
Here's Marj, my next door neighbour, holding my balls! (hehe! hoho! says Marj)
Remember, if you have disabled 'script' on your browser, you will not be able to see some features ... set 'security' to medium. If you have 'high privacy' setting then you will not be able to download my .exe files ...... set 'privacy' to medium. You should always revert to your original settings on leaving this site.
Monday, 26 August 2002. Took this picture from a box of biscuits and made a change to the business name! Select full screen (F11). The text on the van does not show up very well - OK on the print though. Brings out the artist in me. It was interesting using the 'clone' tool to remove the text in the picture. Nice to see a paint brush use tartan paint! ! (see here)
Changed my mind about the pics of me on this page - too obtrusive.
Tuesday, 27 August 2002. I wrote yesterday (now deleted) about how when my pages were 'refreshed' they all refreshed to the home page. This was because I did not have my proxy URL '' set correctly. All is now OK. is a great business when it comes to advice - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Thursday, 29 August 2002. Nik Rawlinson of PCW magazine has found a good way of hitting back at the spammers - (See here)
Friday, 30 August 2002. I have made more progress on the spammer problem. The page I did yesterday did not have the spammers' email addys in a form that is picked up by the 'spiders'. It has been re-written and now and is a pukker web page. There is also a prog, which what I have writ, that will take your spammer's emails and create a boomerang page for the 'spiders' to find. Have fun here!
Saturday, 31 August 2002. I have made the prog that compiles html from a spammer's file more user friendly and 'idiot proof'. It also fails safe if you try to overwrite files. See here.
Also I have now written a prog that generates FAKE emails from spammer's email servers. It can generate eight billion different fake email addresses.
See here.
Sunday, 01 September 2002. What a task I have set myself! Had some feedback about the fake email progs above, and have written a simpler one. See here.

I had a pleasant evening last night watching 'Titanic' on the large screen TV. It was found dumped in a skip and set up in our common room. Only me there - all on me Tod (non Brits that's rhyming slang for alone - Tod Sloane, a famous jockey) I'm going to do often. I have about 250 old movies. It will make a cheap way to spend a pleasant evening with the odd glass or three!

Look at the date! Don't time fly when you are enjoying yourself! (As I am!)
Monday, 02 September 2002. I think that I have cracked it! After a lot of work (not used to that!) I think that I have done a good job of the spammer's 'hit back' progs. They now write an html page instead of needing you to copy/paste the results into an html page. Also I have improved the introduction to the subject and the instructions for each prog. I will welcome all comments. As Murphy says, "If anything can go wrong, it will!" So, it is certain that there will be bugs, but, be re-assured, all progs are fail safe. See here.
Monday, 09 September 2002. Been a quiet week! The fake spam progs have been improved. Visitors ---- please use and not the other ISP links, as I want to discontinue them.
I have put a little bit more about my
dad here.
Wednesday, 11 September 2002. It would be much better to read the full story and then ask me questions. Have courage. Hiding behind a curtain, and swearing at me, is the coward's way. Face the problem and resolve it. Perhaps your dad could explain a few things. All the best. You have a lot of problems to come to terms with.
Saturday, 14 September 2002. Bear with me regarding the above entry - it is personal.
The 'Spam' section has now been extended to include my fake spam email lists.
See here. Put them on your site!
Tuesday, 17 September 2002. I knew the Aylwards were all boozers! See here.
There is a paranoid condition where a person believes that the TV and radio are talking to them personally. A mild form is common when a person has suffered a traumatic experience and songs seem to have a personal relevance. I have experienced it! I have written about my views on free will. Last Sunday a TV programme seemed to echo my opinions. See here.
Sunday, 22 September 2002. More proof that the Aylwards are boozers! See here.
Done another two fake email lists list02 and list02a. (Another 500!) I hope other people are using my progs here!
I have had a go at using a genealogy prog - GSP. See 10. (Got mine as a freebie from PCW magazine July 2002 issue!) It was a problem of how to get the picture onto the screen as it is quite wide. So, I printed it as two pages, and then joined the pages in a photo prog. It has the minimum info as I have just used it as a learning tool. Later I will develop it into a proper tree. See it here You can zoom in to see it better.
Tuesday, 24 September 2002. At the hospital yesterday for my pre-admission examination. AOK. I go in next Tuesday. Should be for just the day, or maybe overnight. Be glad to get it all over. Only prob is that the hydrocele could return! Oh, bugger! Never mind it must be done. I'm still waiting for 'My Dad' to give me my reward of 10 years of peace!
Made some additions to the
genealogy chart. Seeing Mark at his place on Sunday, so might get some more info of the ancestors. Have not found out how to clearly show the relationships of step and adopted children.
Wednesday, 25 September 2002. I'm getting the hang of this genealogy prog. It's quite comprehensive for a freebie with a magazine. The trick in using it for the web is getting the chart from the screen to the web via a photo prog. It's all a matter of printing, scanning and matching. When it is finished, I'll use it with 'hot spot' hyper-links to link to the relevant pages. Latest version here. If you have IE5 or lower use right click & zoom in/out. With IE6 you can just hit the 'full size' button.
Thursday, 26 September 2002. Getting more into the genealogy system. I know see how to do the matriarch line and have done the sub-tree for Chloe Additional information re names, other info and dates would be welcome.
Saturday, 28 September 2002. Here is another giggle - I have written my obituary - well, no-one else will!
Tuesday, 01 October 2002. What a cock up! What a cock up! At this moment, I am supposed to be in hospital recovering from my operation. Last night I had to phone the hospital to see that a bed was available for me. There wasn't! So, it's a stand down, as I have to be put on the list again. Anyway, I had phew whiskies and a co-codomol this morning!
Had my flue jab. While at the GP I asked the receptionist if there were long standing problems at
Basildon Hospital (they have a four star rating!). She said that there has been a red alert condition for two weeks. Not sure why.
Thursday, 03 October 2002. Birthday times again - time goes so fast. Lesley would have been 47 today, Kevin & Carl were 44 yesterday, and Mischa will be 48 on Saturday. Seems a long road that I have travelled for the past 50 years, though it gives me some interesting times to look back on!
Had a poor couple of days - very tired. Got up, had breakfast, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Maybe the anti-climax of the hospital cock-up.
Wednesday, 09 October 2002. Many thanks for the anonymous message! I love women -it's just the one I hate!
An interesting read, entertained my afternoon away while trapped in this institution they call corporate barage. I hope this has enabled you to glean some peace. It has been said I am a first degree woman hater and this site has spurred me on to make a similar site full of my 'pilgrim' memoirs. Adios"
Best of luck with your site - let me know the addy so that I can visit.
Thursday, 10 October 2002. I now go into hospital for my hydrocele operation on Tuesday 15th October. That is if it is not cancelled again!
I popped in to tell
Flo of the date and we got talking. She said of how people were saying that the cat, that had adopted me, and I, had taken to each other, and that I would miss it if it went away. This led to me to explaining to her how I view all relationships. I do not own any person or animal! All have their own lives to lead and if they decide to wander off, and are happy, then I am happy for them. Most of my family and friends have 'wandered off' and appear to be happy, so why should that make me unhappy? Perhaps their happiness is, in some way, related to their time with me?
Not being bitter, at this time, I compare this to the way
Chloe hangs on to everyone that she has met in her life. She keeps lists of them and sends letters and cards by the score! She believes that her worth is judged by the number of 'friends' that she 'possesses'. In truth these 'friends' allow the contact to continue because it is easier to say, "Yes, Chloe. No, Chloe. Three bags full, Chloe." than to avoid her, and incur her wrath.
Another thing .................
Ivor once said to me, "You don't think that I got all this by accident, (his wealth, house and car), I have been planning for this all my life." And yet, what has he got .......... just his wealth, his house and his car! OK! I have planned nothing, and have nothing, AND no family or friends! But I am at peace. I wonder if he is? I have as much money as I can spend. This is with an income of of the Minimum Income Guarantee of 98/week after rent and council tax. I have a good home, good food and clothed reasonably well. I am enjoying my last few years - other than the medical problems. Also, I repeat, I am at peace.
I have been going on, haven't I? I think I will put this diary entry into other locations for posterity!
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