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Wednesday, 26 June 2002. Saw my counsellor, Laura, today. Again, although there is more social discussion than therapy, I feel much better for the meeting. I have to say this! ...................... One comment she made was that I appeared to be modest about my achievements!!!!!!!!! ............. No-one has even suggested that I had ANY modesty! ..................... Ah, well, I will treasure the compliment.
I may have a problem with one of my pills, Lipidor, (atorvastatin, a cholesterol reducing medication). I have had bad pains in the calves. On the web, I found some worrying information that said that there can be the side effect of liver damage that can lead to the muscle breaking down and leaking toxins into the bloodstream, with fatal results. I did not take my dose yesterday, and I see the GP on Friday. I'm hoping that all is OK.
When I was with the specialist at the hospital he asked if I had had leg pains, and I had not at that time. I thought it was strange that in talking about the blood vessels in my neck being blocked, that he should ask about my legs. Then I remembered that I had just shown him a list of the drugs that I was taking. Did he pick up on the atorvastatin?
Wednesday, 03 July 2002. I bought a cholesterol tester, (by BodyWatch), and got a reading of 2.6/0.5. This was very low and I thought that I had used it wrong - it is a bit fiddley! I just got the result of the blood test I had done last Friday, at the hospital, and the result was 4.0/0.88 ......... excellent, other than the ratio is 4.5:1 and ideally should be less than 4.0. That is with no medication, just diet (see previous entry). I see the specialist on Friday and will discuss it with him. I still have the ache in my calves. The numbers used for the cholesterol test are total cholesterol/high density lipids - ('bad'/'good' cholesterol)
I have put some medical info here.
I see that with Windows XP, DOS is 'hidden'. I'm not sure how this will affect the running of my DOS progs. Can anyone let me know?
Friday, 05 July 2002. Lesley died 19 years ago today. Look here to see what happened!

5:45pm. Henman just lost at Wimbledon - not that I am that much interested!

Just back from the hospital. Coincidence again - the driver going out was, Kerry, she drove me out on 14th. February. Had a chat. I was a bit on edge again, thinking about what the verdict at the hospital was going to be. I need not have worried too much. (Story here)
Came back with a nice gent and had a chat that took my mind off the visit. He said his daughter had a computer, and I gave him the addy of this site. "If you visit, mate - all the best!" (You didn't 'alf look young for your age. I'll have to get fit! - and you'll be concerned about Tim - never mind!)
Saturday, 06 July 2002. Chloe is at it again. (see here)

Will no-one rid me of this troublesome pr.....a..t? (With sincere apologies to St. Thomas-a-Becket - "Encouraged by a hasty outburst from the king, four knights murdered Becket before the altar of Canterbury cathedral")
Sunday, 07 July 2002. Chloe is now on the net with Planet OnLine. May Gawd preserve us!

Had another thought about human free will and placed it on my Ramblings pages. I'll have to get round to doing an contents page. I never thought it would get so big!
Monday, 08 July 2002. I thought that I should give Chloe a chance to put her side of the removal of Jnr from her care and how the social work people treated her. See here. She has got Jnr's laptop set up on the web and she is visiting here quite often now.
Just made some lovely fruit loaf to my own recipe! I'll have to control my greed or I will be getting fat!
Tuesday, 09 July 2002. I continue to try to help Chloe put her point of view by showing a leaflet she sent to me saying how children's lives are wrecked by dishonest social workers and incompetent child protection officers. See here. Also I have put her sequence of events here.
Thursday, 11 July 2002. Chloe has thrown down the gauntlet!

To experience the latest photo services, I have used the local chemist to process some photos via Colorama. I had some negatives put to CD, and had some prints done from CD. Waiting for the prints at the moment, but the transfer of the negs to CD was excellent. Several formats and viewing software. Forty negs for 13. The pics will cost 8 for up to 40 files (JPEG).
To be posh, I have bought an Epson Perfection 1650 scanner that scans negatives as well as photos, cost 164 (but I have so much money, I don't know what to do with it!). Very impressive, but S L O W !!

Still waiting for the bloody summer!
Friday, 12 July 2002. Had some interesting times yesterday and today with the negative scanner. Have a look at my efforts here.
Saturday, 13 July 2002. In restoring photos I had one that was too big for the scanner, so I scanned it in two halves. See it here. As my new scanner only scans 35mm negatives I used the same technique to scan in a 60mm X 40mm old B&W negative. See it here.
There is a little snag! The scanner can scan at 2400dpi, so thought I had better use it for scanning the negatives as they are so small. No good! Not enough memory! So, I have to use 600dpi. I'll have to experiment more.
Tuesday, 16 July 2002. Continuing my photography interests, I do an interesting photo montage - see here.

And ................. who is it sending me brochures for condoms and marital aids and getting sales people to call me? They must have my full address and phone number. All good fun ................ don't bovver me nuffin enyway!! (Don't tell anybody ............ I've done the same myself!!)
Friday, 19 July 2002. At the hospital yesterday. See here. I have marked up another two 'Bad Days'
Saturday, 20 July 2002. I have added the facility for you to see the most searched items using my site search. You may find it interesting! See here.
Sunday, 21 July 2002. Here is the cat that has adopted me. I made it a home, I feed it, and I give her TLC. BUT, it does not come into the house. Also, if it gets sick, someone else will have to get it to a vet. Shut up!!........... At least it is better off now compared to how it was as a semi-ferrule! The home is a cardboard box surrounded by polystyrene. She is 'snug as a bug in a rug!' Its name is meow - well what else can you call a cat!?


Monday, 22 July 2002. Bloody hell! Not only have I got to put up with the medical problems above, but I now have another tooth abscess!! Seeing the dentist later.

I have decided to try to have the cat indoors - but it is a bit crowded! Look here Hope she's house trained - or I have a lot of cleaning up to do!
Thought I would spent a bit of cash on a b&w TV+radio - 20! It has AV input, so could be useful.
See here - Also I will be able to sit outside and watch it in the summer - (what bloody summer!!). And a 5 outlet + phone surge protector that sits under the monitor 30 - see here. Both from Maplin.
Nottingham is a nice town.
Tuesday, 23 July 2002. Well some good news - for what it's worth. Abscess OK - now on anti-biotic and can't have a drink until Sunday! That's me buffday! Still, thanks for small mercies.
Had a little problem. The specialist, last Thursday said he was going to give me a prescription for an anti-biotic and then forgot. Phoned his office Friday - did not have my notes. Phoned Monday - "Go to the hospital to get the prescription." Asked why the name of the medication could not be phoned or faxed to my doctor - still waiting. Does not matter too much now as I have started the anti-biotic for the abscess. Can't take two at a time!
Marked up another two bad days.
See here.
The surge protector will not fit under the computer, so it is under the printer. Good value.
Wednesday, 24 July 2002. Got the 20 B&W TV/radio. Verdict? Radio OK but speaker poor, use headphones - TV needs aerial in this area and awkward to tune - as monitor, good value as part of a security system. See here - set up with my camcorder.
Friday, 26 July 2002. A couple of days ago, I was talking to Dolly's grandson, and he was saying how he was getting a professional web site made up. I told him about the basic ones I had done. On trying to find them, I realised that I did not have a link to them, other that via the diary! This has been put right, and I have done a link from my 'Business Page'.
Sunday, 28 July 2002. Happy birthday to me - 69 today! And, doesn't time fly? I thought that it was last year that my birthday was perfect, because I did not get a single card, but it was two years ago. Two people spoilt my birthday this year by sending me a card - only kidding! In last year's diary entry, I did not even mention my birthday. Next year is the three score years and ten. Looking at the hospital league list, I saw that the current life expectancy for a man is 77, for a woman 84. Why do men die earlier than women? To get away from them!
neighbour, Lil, bought a digi-box for her TV. There was a prob, in that she only had one scart socket on her VCR. Got it all going with it connected via the scart leads, but not with it connected to the TV with the coax lead. Spent four hours on it - I don't like to be beaten! She is sending it back and getting one with two scart sockets.
Monday, 29 July 2002. Success! Got Lil's digi-box working! Bit concerned about my hydrocele - bit of an ache there. Waiting for the letter for me to have an ultra sound scan. If I don't get one this week, I'll see the GP. And ................. despite the anti-biotic course, my tooth abscess is still there.
Friday, 02 August 2002. Tooth seems OK - using salt washes to see if it helps.
Saw my counsellor, Laura, on Wednesday and made it the last. She has been a great help in settling my thoughts. One bonus is that in talking to her I have brought together the 'strings' of my philosophical thoughts. I will try to get them down in writing. Should be interesting.
Had an ultra sound scan on my scrotum - see here.

I have an 'SOS Talisman' pendant round my neck with my medical details. Giving it some thought - I am going to test putting them on a 'Health & Medication' page accessible only to authorised people. The activating of a password system to the page will be interesting. Though I am not bothered at people seeing my details - most of them are on this site!

Saturday, 03 August 2002. Decisions ....... decisions ......... decisions..........! The decision is that I have put my medical details for all to see. I don't know if there is a fool proof method of locking pages on a web site - don't think that there can be - just 'Save As ... ' - then look at the source code. As I say above, most of it is on here any way. They are here. I have put my web addy in my SOS Talisman medical pendant. So, medics can access my medical details. Never know - might save my life!
I had an email from an Aylward in southern
Ireland today. It's nice to hear from the far flung members of the clan - welcome Justin!
Sunday, 04 August 2002. As promised to Laura, my counsellor, I have cobbled together some of my 'Tedism' thoughts. They are a bit disjointed and sometimes contradictory. But then, the writings of all religious works are! Read it here.
I have had another go at doing the Aylward coat of arms for my home page. I used the new scanner and it scans it in OK and I get a good high and medium resolution picture, but the low resolution is not too good. Must try better!
Here is the medium resolution pic - you can copy it if you wish.
And what about
this pretty picture I did for Olive of her great-grand-daughter. I took it from a small 'give away' photo.
Saturday, 10 August 2002. I have remade my welcome video.
Wednesday, 14 August 2002. Last night, the flat above me was set on fire. My thoughts are here.
Friday, 16 August 2002. This morning I picked up a copy of the local freebie paper. For some time I have wanted to get more publicity for my site in the local areas as there are a lot of Aylwards around here. Looking at the small ads, I saw a category 'Family Announcements'. It seemed a friendly type of section and suited to the advert that I envisaged. So, I phoned, and met Tara, a very pleasant and efficient girl. I gave her "GBH to the lug'oles" and within a few minutes she had got me to part with 70.31! It was a pleasure! The group of papers can be found at

I get about 10-20 hits/day from all over the world. Here are the locations of hits I had in 2001.
By the way, why do my visitors not leave me a message? There are three ways to contact me including an anonymous facility. Come on, visitors, cheer me up!

(Much later - same day!) Just thought - perhaps my site would be an interesting newspaper magazine article. I have had such articles done of me before. "69 year old pensioner, in sheltered housing ,is the magnum silver web site author!"
Saturday, 17 August 2002. We have a problem! Another fire was started, this time in our entrance hall early this morning. (See Wednesday above) No accelerant was used. I still think that it is boys who have a grudge against one, or some, of the residents. If they are not caught, someone will die - if not in a fire, then with a heart attack.

Thought that I would put the latest stats of where visitors come from. They are not exact, as I had to zero the setting about March and I had a couple of other probs. (Still being probed by the US Security!!) See here.
Stats for 2001 are here.

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