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 Thursday, 14 March 2002. My recent medical info is on the previous diary page. My bad days calendar is here.
 Sunday, 17 March 2002. Trying to keep up-to-date. Thanks for the get better emails. I have tried to explain recent events, but the brain is still not under control!
Latest here. Still counting the bad days!
Thursday, 21 March 2002. This medical thing has become a diary within a diary -
latest here - and the bad days are updated. I have had two 'non-bad' days - goody!

Friday, 22 March 2002. Just a quickie to annoy Chloe - her emails are here!!! See you termorra!
Saturday, 23 March 2002. A lot to amuse you today. First have a look at my
latest medical bulletin.
I am in the process of sorting out the pages about Chloe. She seems to wish to contribute to the site so I am setting aside pages for her to tell her story. I will not edit her contributions for content, spelling or grammar. Here is her index page. She cheers me up no end - keep 'em coming ol' Clo's!
I had a problem trying to close my Anytime account with Freeserve. It is AOK now, but in case it is of use to anyone,
here is the letter I sent.
Sunday, 24 March 2002. As Chloe has now taken a keen, daily, interest in the site, I have set aside
a "Special Place" for her to put her views. I doubt if she will, as she does not have the intellectual capability. And, anyway she will be scared of showing her real self! (Thinks, "Wonder if this will goad her to reply - or - is this a double bluff to stop her annoying me? hehe! Now whatever she does, she will be doing as I want")
Tuesday, 26 March 2002.
She has sent me a letter!
There are now links to the
search facility on many pages. It helps to find references.
Wednesday, 27 March 2002

I have made a few comments on Chloe's letter!
Thursday, 28 March 2002. Oh! What a busy time. I have put some of
Chloe's letters that she sent to Carl and me on her "special place". I know that a few of the family visit the site to keep up-to-date.
Saturday, 30 March 2002.
Psychopaths become very aggressive when unmasked.
Sunday, 31 March 2002. Last night I thought that I had stumbled across how to identify users of the "anonymous email" facility - but I was wrong! ( I had had a phew drinkie poos!) Though it did make me think about the facility. If I found one on a site, I would not use it. I would prefer the ordinary email. Still, it does seem to satisfy a need. Most messages are critical and I would like to put them on here to maintain a balance. Perhaps users could say whether I can put their message on here. You may not think it, but I am sensitive to criticism.
This site is intended mainly for the family, here and now, and for the future. It is my view of my life, "warts and all".
It is rare for me to change a diary entry, other than to amend links, but I have made a change above. The animated gif was just a little tasteless here.
That's the poor ol' Queen Mum gone. Wonder how long it will be before I join her. Do you know, I often talk to QEII in my dreams!
I now have a blood glucose meter and I am monitoring my glucose levels. My average reading is about 9.0. This is a bit high. I am on Metformin. I am now also on Atorvastatin for high cholesterol. I see the dietician next Friday, go to the hospital the next Friday and have counselling on the following Wednesday. What a busy life! The good news was that the GP said that I was to have a double whisky every evening!
Tuesday, 02 April 2002. Looking at the above entries I could forgive the new visitor from assuming that I am obsessed with
'dear ol' Chloe'. In fact of the 820 files on the site only 42 are about 'dear ol' Chloe' - that's 5% (not bad for 50% of my adult life - plus harassment for a further 50%!).
I do say above that the site is intended for the family, but this is not true now. The site has grown to be of interest to a wide range of visitors.
The other family moan -
The Buckets - has 25 pages - that's just 3%. So, 92% of my site is not about me moaning.
I would like newcomers to visit -
fun & games - music - rambles - hypnosis - or, as a last resort, to read a bit about me - and have an enjoyable time! If you wander and get lost, use your browser back button to get back here. The search facility is also useful.
Not been feeling too good the last couple of days. The old brain seems to get a bit starved of oxygen. Let's hope that the specialist can come up with a few suggestions. I'm also concerned about the GP saying that I should have a double whisky each evening - the notes with the pills say, "No alcohol!"
Wednesday, 03 April 2002. Reviewing the items above I have decided, as a gesture of goodwill to Chloe, to make
some changes.
Sunday, 07 April 2002. Things been very quiet - thank goodness. Saw the dietician - my notes are
here. Seems like the medication is working. I'm feeling a lot livelier.
My twin sons, Carl and Kevin & his wife, Angie, came yesterday. Is this the turning in family relationships? Wonder if Mischa will grasp the nettle?
Monday, 08 April 2002. Had a visit today from the
visiting opticians I had a bit of a go with about a year ago. Had a nice chat with the lady of the business. Passed away an hour while I was waiting to have my sandwich - I get hungry with my meals being spread out - but feeling better for it. I'm also sleeping better and have more energy.

The lady above me, Dolly, passed away last night. She was just coming up to 90. I think that I'm third on the list in the common room! This is a
picture of her - she is the lady on the right.

I thought that the peace and quiet was too good to be true. She's at it again. Her email is here. Above I say that psychopaths get very aggressive when unmasked - so true!
Tuesday, 09 April 2002. I record my mark of respect for the
Queen Mum here. (Acknowledgement to 'What's on TV')
Wednesday, 10 April 2002. Happy birthday to my site!
It is three years old today.
Thursday, 11 April 2002. I have had some re-thinks about the contact facilities on my site and have decided to remove the anonymous contact, guest book and messenger facilities. These are not used too much. The guest book is plagued with adverts and the anonymous facility has proved annoying. The messenger service was also only used for adverts!
You can always email me.
Saturday, 13 April 2002, Saw the consultant yesterday,
details here.
Wednesday, 17 April 2002. Feeling great! It looks like I have had high glucose levels for a long time. That is why I have been so lethargic. They are now down to an average of 6.8 (normal).
Saw the counsellor this morning and was very impressed with her. She seems to have a similar approach as I had when I was counselling. I am looking forward to see how 'techniques' can help me to see life 'better'. Will be seeing her every two weeks. (Still think that hell is caring for some-one, and heaven is having no-one to care for .)
I have now loaded my site to an ISP outside the UK. This will serve as a back-up facility.
Thursday, 25 April 2002. I hope you got here!! As I have finally 'bit the bullet' and re-located my site to Interworks. It gives me 100 meg of web space (at present I am using 27 meg). It also has other facilities that I will have to learn! The items I removed two weeks ago are now back, and I hope to get a private chat room up and running soon.
My health is still quite good - let's hope it continues to be!
Saturday, 27 April 2002. My site is now located with Interworks and is OK. Though, in the process of transferring it, I found a LOT of lost links! Hope it did nor spoil anything - no-one told me - so I suppose it was not noticed. The problem I am having is in using Interworks' in house web stats and facilities. In the meantime I am using my old system facilities.
I have purchased Clinnix, (30), a prog that saves your medical data and produces advice and reports. Not too impressed with the 'ease of use'. I will keep you up-to-date on progress.
When I started the site, I said that I did not want it to be an 'arty farty' site. I have used a few extensions and I am now trying to learn MacroMedia Flash. With not a great success! I think that my primary senile dementia is kicking in!
Sunday, 28 April 2002.
The Basildon Careline story is here.
Monday, 29 April 2002. As I now have 100 gig of web space, I am replacing the items I removed as the site grew and I needed the space.
The items are :-
Full relaxation CD - and - the tape I did of the Buckets upset.
Wednesday, 01 May 2002. Had a refreshing time with my counsellor, Laura, today. It's hard to separate the therapy from the social chat - but, it helps to talk over the various ideas that I have. The main point of our talks is to discuss my feelings and beliefs about suicide. I have been there several times and know the feelings. In the news, there have been the stories of Diane Pretty and Ms. B. Diane has muscular dystrophy and wishes her husband to help her die, when the time comes. The courts have ruled that he cannot. Ms. B was paralysed from the neck down and wished her ventilator to be switched off. The court ruled that it could, and she could be allowed to die, and she did, a few days ago. Is hanging on to life than important? I believe that when the time comes I will know 'the time to go'.

I'm feeling great, except that I have too much energy and have to get up early - I'm not used to it! My glucose levels seem well under control.
Had a surprise from the hospital. Got a letter saying for me to go in and have an MRI scan. I phoned them about my dental alumina bridge as it said that they should be advised if I had any metal medical bits. They said it was all OK. I wonder if I'll go shooting out of the machine as a linear accelerator does.

Still not settled with Interworks. I've got their counter working - big deal! And, I have found their error log very useful. I have tried to set up a guest book and email, but as they have the system set up to see me as '' not their '/~tedaylwa' there are probs. Also the help pages have disappeared into the Scotch Mist! They have told me that unless I transfer my domain name to their system, I will not be able to use all of their facilities. I like to keep my domain name so that I can switch from ISP to ISP with very little trouble, and that has been very useful lately. I'll see how it works out.
Thursday, 02 May 2002. On the previous diary page I talk about the problems I had in getting a bread maker from Argos. When I ordered it, I also got the flour and yeast. So, when the bread maker did not arrive I had the ingredients but no machine! While I was in the low state as described above, I decided to give the ingredients to the neighbour who started me off on the home bread making idea. But, that I did not do, and so, when I recovered my 'compos mentis' I made the bread by hand. Over fifty years ago, I worked in a bake-house, and made bread. But, since then had never made any. It all came back to me and I have made two batches. The bread is beautiful. It is all so easy! Total time to make two two pound loaves ---- 30 minutes, and well worth the effort. (Problem is I can't stop eating it and it's defeating my diet!!)
I have ordered a digi-box for the digital TV channels, on the net, from Currys. 104 including delivery - subject to availability. At least I will now have the privilege to receive the 'free to air' channels as previously only available from subscription channels - as it was, "What free channels?" I'll let you know how I get on when it comes.

References may become redundant. If you get a "Page not found" message just back arrow to return here.
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