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Tuesday, 01 January 20002. Happy New Year to all. The statistics of the number of people visiting the site in 2001 are here. Where they called from is here.
I did not have a very good year on the medic side, so I am going to keep a record of my bad days in 2002. If I have more bad days than good I'll have to consider "exiting quietly, stage left"!
My record will be kept here.
Having tried the new Freeserve web system, I will not use it. Although it gives 30meg web space it restricts the number of files. I have just put a link to this site on it. Snag is it carries a banner advert and places it on the next site - crafty!
Saturday, 05 January 2002. That's the site Christmas decorations taken down - "Big deal!" - I hear you say!
I have noticed that I am getting junk emails that are HTML and when opened go to the sender's site. This gives them a hit, and sometimes they earn a credit. I now d/l my emails and go off line to view them. The email then cannot log on to the sender.
I'm still getting adverts put on my guest book - and some are for porno sites - bloody cheek - I'll have to find a way to stop it!  How do those nanny site protectors cope with this? The senders use the serial number of the guest book system to do it.
Monday, 07 January 2002. My great-nephew, Mark, has been setting up a web site. He is about 15yo. The ISP he is using puts lots of adverts up. I have had a go at doing a simple replica site. His site is here , my replica site is here (Thursday, 05 December 2002 deleted) Both sites are under construction.
I have had a root out of my site. I realised that I had some filenames with upper case. This can cause problems with some browsers. I didn't realise the complications - had to change all the links on the web pages - I hope all is OK!
Wednesday, 09 January 2002. Just had some fun - try this
little amusing parlour game.
Thursday, 17 January 2002. I have recorded in my diary pages how pleased I have been at the delivery of goods ordered on the net. NOW I am upset I have been waiting for goods ordered from Maplin, Argos and B&Q!!
I have found another Eliza site - I have put a link on my
Eliza page.
Getting bolder on the family front by putting my "family thoughts" into writing.
Saturday, 19 January 2002. Famous again - a kind person emailed me using my
anonymous contact facility to tell me than I have been picked up for inclusion in
"The Portal of Evil" - see the comments.
Continuing the story of Ivor, my brother uterine, I have done another page
- here -.
Also done
another page on my photography of many a year ago.
Re the pensioners'
overpayment of tax, I have got the two lovely lady neighbours 2,000 between them! Not bad for an old yin, eh!
Good Lord!! Checked my stats at 6pm last night and have had
776 visitors on two days! Either the counter has gone barmy or the PCW publicity has kicked in. Sadly, no entries on the guest book or emails - wierd.

How's this for up-to-date info - just gone midnight - certain that has gone mad! Can't access it at the moment. Seems to be down - never mind it was a tonic to see the numbers! Yup! 12:35am I have now set the counters to zero
Sunday, 20 January 2002. Taking the advice of my 14yo grand-nephew, Mark, and tidied up my <
Links page> and put [BACK] animates on the menu pages. He suggests that I should change the Lucinda Handwriting font to a more easily read font. I find it OK - any comments? He has a site for his band
The number of "branches" leading from the
<My Family> page has been reduced. No content has been removed. Just easier to navigate. I try to keep the depth of "branches" to four.
I have added another way to contact me on my
<"Contact Me" page> (now removed). If I am on-line you can now contact me with voice and video via Yahoo Messenger - ID=kivinca. I will also contact you with MSN messenger and NetMeeting by arrangement.

The <Welcome> page has been updated to include an explanation of how the site is constructed. Previous visitors may also find it helpful.

I have just put dividing lines between each day's entry - hope it makes things clearer.
Sunday, 27 January 2002. Been a quiet week and a good one - very relaxing.
Bought a decent pair of headphones from Maplins, 35 (half price?). I was so surprised to hear the quality of CDs and the radio. Made me realise what we lose listening through cheap music centres. And, when those idiots boost the bass and treble and produce "music with a hole in it"!
I bought 3 items from 3 retailers who used 3 different carriers, and EVERYONE delivered a week late! How's that for inducing paranoia? Usually delivery is excellent.
Just noticed that you can buy mp3 standard CD players- 12 hours music on a CD. Tried to find music centres - no joy.
Also tried to find a way to get the "free" TV channels without subscribing to a service - again no joy. Wonder when some bright person will market a STB? Must be a big demand. BBC web site says no-one is selling them.
Tuesday, 29 January 2002. Put the facility to bookmark my site on the home page.
Must be mad! I have put back on my computer. Very big files to download - but the 3D effects are good. Had it on before but got fed up with it. I'll let you know how it goes.
Friday, 01 February 2002. That's eleven years since
my heart attack. They gave me two years to live and I'm still here!
Had a not too good day yesterday. The arthritis in my neck was playing up. I have marked up the day on my
"bad days calendar"
On a good note, my return to
Worlds was pleasant, as I met an interesting lady from New York. Let's hope that I get more pleasant hours from it.
Monday, 04 February 2002. I am in the process of putting a search engine for this site on the
main contents page. Should be active within 24 hours.
Tuesday, 05 February 2002. The postie bought a letter from
Photo Plus advertising a web/digi/video camera for 40. It made me think of my Kodak EZ200 camera that I use mainly as a web cam and for my video diaries. Here are some examples - just for fun!
Wednesday, 06 February 2002. Carl rang and told me that Mischa had bought a Jaguar. I have
updated his page.
Thursday, 07 February 2002. The search engine on the main contents page is now active. It is very effective. I searched for 'sex' - OOHH! OOHH!

Saturday, 09 February 2002. Using the search engine I found that I had made a "boo boob". When I wrote the pages about Chloe, ("the evil one"), I spelt her name "Cloe", knowing that it would annoy her, and it did. I got the message back that she had said, "There he is, married to me for 23 years and he can't remember how to spell my name. He's gone senile!" I love pressing her buttons, horrible man that I am! Snag is that I want people to find what I write about her. The search engine doesn't find her. So, I have changed all "Cloe" to "Chloe"! Ain't half a lot of them!! (Put 'Chloe' into the search window and see what I mean.

The cheques are cleared, and the dust has now settled on the work I did to get my neighbours their tax back from the Inland Revenue. One lady got 1400 and is now 10/month better off. The other lady got 700 and is now 8/month better off. Despite my protestations, they both insisted on giving me 10 to show their appreciation. It is gratifying to know that your efforts are appreciated.

I set up the TV for another lady and she gave me a loaf of home-made bread. It was good. So, I am going to buy a bread-maker and do my own. Let you know how I get on.
Thursday, 14 February 2002. Had a pleasant trip into the eye hospital yesterday with a lady driver, Kerry. I wasn't in the mood for chatting but she put me at my ease. My mind had been on what I was going to be told at the hospital. My opinion was that it would be bad news - and it was. The info is on
my heart page. I came back with a fella taxi driver and again he was friendly and I relaxed as I spoke to him. It goes to show how meeting nice people can help to overcome stress. (I didn't begrudge the 42 fares even!!)
I drunk a phew too many last night (12.7 units), but, I was up at 8:30 and that's a miracle at any time!
I now have to get my head around what the doc told me. They were wrong
eleven years ago. The way I look at it, is that I am 68yo. For a man to go to 80yo is good going, so that doesn't leave much time anyway. I expect that I will develop that theme for my "ramble" pages. (miserable ol' git ain't I!?)
Friday, 15 February 2002.Well my mind has settled now after the bad news of Wednesday. I had a good sleep, but was woken at 8:30 am by the men cutting the grass!! (at this time of year??).
Somewhere below I mention the nice girl I met on from New York, Patti.
Here is a picture of her. Another pic of Patti.
I have started a page for
cyber friends - wonder how many I'll get. Not got many real ones - (all together now, "Ah! Poor Ted............!")
When I did the bit
about my health, yesterday, I left a few things out. At my age, I expect bits to drop off now and again!

Below I tell of bad deliveries. It's happened again! I have been waiting for the bread maker - promised yesterday by Argos. Emailed them for info and they just ignore me. Sod 'em!! I'll try someone else!
It's 7:00pm and I've just
sent this to them - gets the anger out of my system!
Saturday, 16 February 2002. Updated the
"bad days" calendar. I added abit to yesterday's diary last night, so check that you saw the additions! This pic cheered me up - a lovely lady likes to talk to me, Patti, again!
Sunday, 17 February 2002. I am getting famous, found this at :-

"A very ordinary person has decided to put his life history on the internet (like many others). At times this site can become very compulsive."
"Good one, Stuart, I had a read of Ted's diary and can understand how one could get hooked on it. He writes very well and quite movingly about seemingly mundane things I shall return!"

AND - look at this - he died 1933 - I was born 1933 - and he was an organist - Theodore=Ted and he is Edward Aylward (reincarnation?) :-

I have put my abridged version of the pages here

Monday, 18 February 2002. This is a big one - as the actress said to the bishop!

Self pity is a terrible burden for the soul to carry! It took me seven months to get over the shock of the heart attack eleven years ago. So, I expect I will have to wait for my brain to sort out the problems of the latest bad health news below. Listening to a music prog on Radio2 today, they were giving out the details of the singers, composers and lyricists. This one and that one died at 68 - 70- 74. Makes me realise that not many men get to their eighties! Where I am, here, there are ten women to each man. Even then, only one man is over eighty. At least Theodore, (me before?), lived to 89. The women? Most are over 70 and 80 and even 90! Why? Answers on the back of a 10 note please!

Also on the TV there was a prog about flying. It said how in high G turns the pilot can lose colour vision. That is what happened to me.
I lost the blood supply to the eye.

It is a bugger - would you Adam 'n' Eve it - now my knee is playing up - sod it!
(History of it here)

I can't be depressed, as if I were, I would not enjoy a drink. Saturday night I was up till 2:30 am and had 12.7 units AGAIN! I was up at 9:00 am Sunday fit and without any hangover.

I have submitted my site to PC Home to be the topic of a general interest article - may get even more famous.

Freeserve seem to have improved their service - hope it stays that way.
Tuesday, 19 February 2002. Mark, my grand-nephew is making a good job of putting
our family tree on his site. I have also 'nicked' his code for the smooth dissolves you will have seen on my pages.
I'm trying to beat him! I am experimenting with Serif Page Plus in making a novel way of presenting a family tree
. Obviously, I have placed myself at the centre! Bear with me while it's in the experimental stage.
Freeserve had a bad night last night. It gets exasperating when you are trying to work on your site.
Wednesday, 20 February 2002. I have given up the experiment with Serif and have used bog basic Word97 and Front Page Express. It is a
"Relationship Diagram". You can use the search facility on the page to find other info. The thought of designing a full family tree, was too daunting. Mark, my grand-nephew, and I, have developed a symbiotic relationship. I feed on him for ideas, and he, in turn, feeds on me! Also I am linking to his site through the search engine, but this will be transparent to visitors. (May take a day or two to integrate)

Thursday, 21 February 2002. Still settling after the bad news of a week ago. Enjoying my drink, so I can't be too bad! Had a good night on
Family Tree diagram has been improved a bit by adding direct links from the names. And, it certainly shows how powerful the Pico search for the site is. Even I have to use it to find some things! It is also showing how little I have written about some family members.
Last night I signed up with and paid 5 for full membership. Great site. I found a fella who I was very good friends with at school. Snag is that there were two with the same name! I sent an email to him via the site. Let you know how I get on.
Mark, sent me the shareware prog Ad-watch. I then purchased the full version, 13. It found 96 entries in the registry file giving advertisers access to my information and several suspicious cookies. I have Win Optimiser that finds redundant files etc. and Complete Cleanup that cleans all temp files and cookies etc. It also overwrites web pages visited with garbage so that a trace can't be made. Those progs, together with manual cleaning keeps my system as efficient as I can make it. Overall my system is lean.
The Pico search link to Mark's site has probs - doesn't see all his pages - maybe the depth of links.
Just remembered - wedding anniversary - married
ol' Chloe 48 years ago - she is always in my thoughts!
Friday, 22 February 2002. Thought I would give you a laugh. There is a
jokes page here.
Also while rummaging
I found these .
Saturday, 23 February 2002. Again, I have nicked some of Mark's, (my grand-nephew), code. It took me two hours to find out how to modify the code in order to use it for my purpose - but it was fun! Some of the pages automatically scroll now. The longest text page I have is of poor ol'
Chloe so see it as a demo. It does not seem to be a problem for the eye to follow. The arrow buttons still work.
You will also see that you now go to the bottom of the diary page from my home page. I gave it a lot of consideration. Ergonomics (designing the environment for the human) seem to dictate that it is easier to follow the days by reading down. I'll see how it goes and change it back if necessary.
Elsewhere, I warn you of apparently innocent files being destructive (use my
search facility to find it!).
Monday, 25 February 2002. For the records I have put up the
decree (right click and zoom if reqd) of my divorce to Chloe. There also some of the hundreds of letters she sent me.
Tuesday, 26 February 2002. Updated
Mischa's page. And a bit to my RAF days (see the photo of me with a beard. I also add a bit to my RAF page about my Discharge Certificate.
On my CV page I have put the advert for
my job with BSC and document showing me as a champion pie seller!

Saturday, 02 March 2002. Spring is here and I am very busy transferring my site to another URL. Please use to enter this site as all other links will be removed. Look here for updated info.

Sunday, 03 March 2002. Please use the to access my site. That way you will not get lost. There are forwarding pages on my old sites, but in time these will be removed. It seems to be OK. I'm paying 15/month for 50meg of web space.
Tuesday, 05 March 2002. Oh, what a day it was yesterday! I had a
"funny turn" and was taken into Basildon Hospital in an ambulance. Also, I have marked up my bad days calendar - not too many there yet!
Monday, 11 March 2002. I am just recovering from a very serious bout of what seemed to be flue - though it may have been the urinary infection they found in the hospital. I had a flue jab this year. I was in bed for four days, and on Thursday I was unconscious for most of the time. The other days I slept for 20 hours/day and existed on Wheetabix. It's the worst time I have had for about thirty years. I'm finding this difficult to do - can't concentrate. I will write it all up later.

Here's Chloe making out that she is A. N. Other. I received this through my anonymous mail facility. It requires no comment from me other than I have always offered to put any replies on here uncensored. Also, she has two computer expert sons who, if minded, could build a site for her to tell her story.

hi whats up all this Crap what are you think you should tell people the truth, and the Letters you sent to her should also be seen to get a clearer picture of the real truth about what really happened and the LIFE you led her.I know Chloe and lots of people love and respect her. Grow up and stop living in the past and start thinking about the future lots of PEOPLE MAKE mistakes and do silly things Chloe has changed why dont you, she is a christian lady and lives a good christian live now SO LEAVE HER ALONE

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