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Friday, 28 December 2001. Thank goodness, that's Christmas over. It spoils my comfortable routine!
I have been browsing the Freeserve site and found their web building pages. It gives 30meg space as opposed to the 15meg I get with the normal system. It is this site put there. I expect that I will remove it later as it is not easy to use - but have a look. The designers of the web building pages need a course in simplicity!!
For my brother uterine's 70th birthday, which is today,
I have written the story of his shitty night!
I like the idea of visitors using my home page as their home page. As the site is dynamic it helps to keep up-to-date.

Monday, 24 December 2001. Freeserve have changed their contracts - no "Off Peak Only" contract. You have to have their 7/24 Anytime contract. I have signed up for their six month trial offer for 6.49/month. As I do not need BT Surftime to use it I save 5.00/month - so the extra is 1.49/month for 7/24 access - not bad. The full cost is 12.95/month. I'll see if I keep it. Competition is growing.
I have made changes to the menu items on my diary pages - should be easier to navigate.

Thursday, 20 December 2001. Famous at last! Might get as famous as Gladys Aylward!! Nik Rawlinson, of the PCW magazine, (see below), has followed up his last article with one including advice and comments from readers. He was most complimentary about this site. (I wonder if the timing is because it's it's ol' Clo's bufday - she was born on the longest night - the devil's night - tonight!) - synchronicity?
If I get a lot of emails I'll have to git me finger arht to answer them! If it's you, you now know that if there's a delay I'm doing me best - you can use the facilities on
my contact page. (Removed)

Thursday, 13 December 2001. As you may know, I live in sheltered housing. (Now live in Arran) If not, look - here - and - here for pictures. Most of us are over 65 and some over 80, and nine out of ten are widows. We men don't live long! A neighbour, mentioned that she paid income tax. To cut a long story short, I sorted it out and she now pays no tax and has a few hundred to come back. For silver surfers and/or surfers with old folk who they care for, I give this info. If a person is drawing a state pension and has other private/occupational pension(s), and the total is less that, say 6000, (6260 for over 75s), and they are having tax deducted by the pension provider, then it is highly likely that the tax is being deducted wrongly. The P60 should show tax deducted. Get the amount of state pension received for each year over the past six years from the Benefits Agency and advise this to the Inland Revenue. There are "walk in" advice centres in most towns - see the phone book. If you want further info email me. There must be many thousands who are paying tax when they should not be. The IR web site is here.

Saturday, 08 December 2001. Oh dear, Oh dear! I was bored just now and thought that I would have a wander through the site. Going through the diary pages I found a few lost links and put them right. But - horror - I had even lost a complete page. It was when I was doing the gallery for Lesley's paintings - I put the horse.htm onto the geocities site by mistake. The missing horses page is here for those who were looking. The galleries are here. I have a site checker, HotMetal, I'll have to learn how to use to avoid lost links. ( Monday, 14 January 2002 - I have now put all pictures on Freeserve)
Yesterday the dentist had to open up my gums to relieve the abscess and gave me anti-biotics to take. They are the ones where I can't have a drink - so, I'm on the wagon until Wednesday - woe is me!

Thursday, 06 December 2001. That's my apology for a Christmas done on my home page!
I have been asked to give the details of the virus attack I had - I may do later - I have some probs to clear up.

Tuesday, 04 December 2001. I was at the hospital yesterday having a dopler ultra sound scan on my carotid arteries (see eye prob below). Seems that a couple of blood vessels are not too effective. I might have to have an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. The lack of blood could have caused the left eye to go. They tell me that there is an operation to relieve the blockage - but don't think I'll bother!! The angels at the hospital put me at my ease and were very informative. Thanks ladies!

Oh! And the arsehole who has tried to give me a virus - go away and play elsewhere. I have advised my servers of the incidents. For your info, SHE (he), sends an email with an attachment that has a misleading double file extension. The file is, "", - .xyz can be any executable file extension. Watch out for this "cunning stunt"!!! It was stupid of the system designers to allow the "dot" in filenames. DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENTS THAT YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SURE OF. I now have all emails with attachments deleted at the server. I don't even see them so don't send them. If you want to send me a file, let me know first. I can write viruses, but would never use the knowledge.
To see what a virus could look like, click this - and open it - it's OK it's just a mock file.

Wednesday, 28 November 2001. Just noticed that the web site I designed for Annie J Randall King has disappeared from Freeserve so I have changed the links to point to my copy of the site. I was pleased with the site as it was technically basic but effective. I learnt a lot from doing it in relation to graphics. I expect that she now has a "proper" site - I'll have to try to find it.

And! Will you believe it?! After getting over the medic probs below, I now have an abscess on a lower tooth. Any more probs and I'll "exit quietly, stage left"!! (Only kidding)

Tuesday, 20 November 2001. The editor of PCW, Nik Rawlinson, is trying to organise an archive of web sites for posterity, (Jan.2002 issue). The idea is that web sites are abandoned or the authors die and the sites are lost for ever. He is trying to get financial help to set up a charity to preserve nominated web sites. I have wondered what will happen to this site when I die. After all, I want my successors to be able to know a bit about me. I have emailed him with a few ideas. He is at - if you have ideas contact him.

Sunday, 11 November 2001. My old mate Alf died a week or so ago. He had been in hospital for six weeks. They kept him alive when they should allowed him to "go home" when he first went in. That's why I have made my living will. On the day they took him to hospital I had the urge to do a remembrance photo of him - it is here. Strangely, their cat, Mitzie, died a few days after Alf. She had been pining for weeks - I expect she's keeping him company.

Thursday, 08 November 2001. Just about recovering from my infection. Seems that it was a viral infection of the prostate. Took co-codamol for the pain for a few days and it made me constipated. Stopped taking it and, oh boy, did I have wind. I must have blown old Marj next door out of bed three times! If it doesn't clear completely over the w/e I'll see the doc for some anti-biotics.

Had an interesting old photo to copy. It was too large for my scanner, so I scanned half at a time and joined the two pieces together - not too bad.

Saturday, 03 November 2001. Still not feeling too good - might see the doc on Monday.
Did my stint at the
hairdresser's yesterday. Wasn't really up to it, but things did not turn out too bad. Not enough light for some shots - got some interesting ones though.

Tuesday, 30 October 2001. Well - if it doesn't rain it just has to pour! After the bother with my left eye last week, I went down with an infection on Sunday. It lasted for 48 hours and knocked me out. It seemed to be a urinary tract infection as I had trouble having a pee. I'll have a drink tonight and give the system a good flushing out! They say bad things come in threes - I wonder if I'm going to get pregnant!!

Friday, 26 October 2001. Last Tuesday I was thinking that I would have to write that nothing has happened for over a week. Then, on Wednesday I lost the sight of my left eye for five minutes!

It was while I was writing a little 'two finger' typing prog for Flo. I have put it on here - see if it is of any use. It is an .exe file - download it and use it later. (Don't worry - no virus!)

Monday, 15 October 2001. I am getting irritated by advertisers trying to get exposure by using private web sites. The latest is using guest books. The advertiser puts a seemingly personal message on the guest book with a reference to "an interesting" site. This is a business site or a site full of adverts. I have looked at a good few guest books and seen the same "personal messages". This is a real liberty. I immediately delete them - though I notice that other sites don't.

While I'm having a moan, I am also getting sick of receiving emails promoting porno sites. This used to be only on the hotmail addys, but now has spread to all of them. It's easy for me to delete them but what about the youngsters who see them?

Any ideas? I have thought of putting messages on guest books asking them to delete all offending entries - but should I worry?

Tuesday, 09 October 2001. What a quiet time! I have been teaching a neighbour, Flo, to use the computer - passes the time. We "Silver Surfers" can be quite clever! I may be getting to design another web site - also have two interesting photo shoots in the offing.

Saturday, 29 September 2001. Just a thought. Over the past six months or so, I have done favours for four people, (all women!), and had poor responses. One, I sent a relaxation CD to. One, I sent a wasp phobia CD to. One, I designed her web site. One, I wrote a hypnotherapy article for her professional web site. For all, I either got no response or "something" went wrong. Oh, dear, I expect I have to blame myself again! I can't be the only person in step! Still, I did enjoy doing it all, so that is my reward.

Last night, for the first time in 15 months I went to licensed premises. I have been a bit of a hermit over this period, (and saved a few bob into the bargain!). I went, with a lady neighbour, to a pub. We sat outside for four hours and had a pleasant night. Not bad for a late September night. Perhaps I'm getting back to my ol' drunken self? GOODEEEE!!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2001. Not a lot been happening lately. The photo exercise is going OK.
I had a surprise visit from my sons
Carl, Kevin and his wife Angey. I had not seen them for about eight and ten years. I took the photos of Kevin & Carl - Carl & Angey - the three of them . (Click back arrow to return)

Wednesday, 19 September 2001. The "It's me" gallery has been completed.

Saturday, 15 September 2001. Continued the extension of the galleries by starting a personal gallery. Bloody hard work, and a lot of pics, but enjoying it.

Tuesday, 11 September 2001. The presentation of three of my galleries has been improved - The Park, Portraits and Where I Used to Live.

Saturday, 08 September 2001. I have put up another restoration photo and another photo shoot.

Friday, 07 September 2001. The problem of the colours when I do photos in my living room seems to be due to my wallpaper! It's dark and has a deep blue-black background. Problem is that I do not want to decorate. I like it as it is now. I'll see how it goes when I get the reflectors sorted for my daylight lamps.

Thursday, 06 September 2001. My site with Freeserve is getting a bit full, so I have put my galleries onto my Geocities site. It should all be seamless to visitors. (Monday, 14 January 2002 - now all changed)

Wednesday, 05 September 2001. Have I found one of the answers to my life?

Thursday, 30 August 2001. My first attempt at photo restoration.

Wednesday, 29 August 2001. Have a look at my first "commission"!

Monday, 27 August 2001. As I have been given my first "commission", I thought I had better get things in order. I have started formal accounts and at as now I am losing 240! The name I have thought of is "Camera Images Astounding!", that's to have the initials CIA as I did with "Cottage Industry Accounts".

Friday, 24 August 2001. Getting on with the photography. I have done two more galleries. One on a visit of my sister-in-law and another on flash photos at a boozy night with the neighbours. I'm getting used to using the camera and photo printer.

Friday, 17 August 2001. I looked to find the page where Rosemary Martin said that she deliberately "goaded" me - surprise, surprise - it is unavailable. Still, I have d/l the page as set out below. I even had an "anonymous email". I am very certain that there must be SOMEONE out there, who may not even be 50, (yet!), but, who I know, is well able to "sort out" the "bully girls" on :-

It would really be fun to watch several of my friends give the "bully girls" Rosemary and Lorelie as much as they give out!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2001. Seniority have booted me off the system for trying to get a bit of justice about Rosemary Martin slagging me off - more about her and her life later. See how it started before it is deleted - click here!

To lighten things up ................ see me in a dress ............!!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2001. Here is my first effort at a "photo shoot". I thought is was OK - but the skin tones were wrong. I think that it was using halogen lights. I am now trying with "daylight bulbs".