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Thursday, 29 March 2001. Put an acknowledgement to the host of my site, beeb, on my main index page. The beeb people are very helpful.

Wednesday, 28 March 2001. Got me .com addy today. "Next year I'll be a dot com millionaire !" It will be easier to tell people the addy - Get yours @ simpleurl

Tuesday, 27 March 2001. Something new! A guest book for you to sign.

I hope to have a personalised URL in the next few days - I'm getting posh!

A nice fella - almost my twin by a few years and a day - gave me the code to prevent right clicks on a page.

I'm having a very fulfilling series of emails with a lady who practices healing. Later I may summarise them as a "ramblings" page.

Friday, 23 March 2001. Had a bit of a storm in a teacup this week. I was visited by a door-step salesperson selling a home optician's service. I have set out a resume of what happened.

Wednesday, 14 March 2001. I had an email from an interesting fella, Stuart Ashing. He is a hypnotist entertainer.

My good friends David and Diane emailed me with an offer I can't refuse - want a good car?(Saturday, 08 December 2001. Removed)

Friday, 09 March 2001. That is the end of another chapter in my life. The marriage to Jackie was dissolved today.

Friday, 02 March 2001. I am trying to persuade Ian to do a video of his art. See if I have put him to shame with my parlour card trick! This was a first attempt with no rehearsal - straight in - I think I lost my vocation!

Saturday, 24 February 2001. Addendum! Just found out that I have not referred to my Hip-Hop composition!

Saturday, 24 February 2001. I had a bit of a "bad turn" last Sunday after my dinner of roast pork! Strange it was on a Sunday after a dinner of roast pork that I had the big attack, (coincidence?). AOK now.

An interesting site is being "pub"licised. The gimmick is putting web cams in pub bars. The quality is not very good, but it is another way of using the net for business.

I have found that since I upgraded my MSIE5 that the text is smaller when viewed in the browser. I'll leave it in case it is only my version. Let me know?

Saturday, 17 February 2001. The camcorder exercise is going well. Bought another VCR so that I can edit - but haven't tried it yet. Done one and half hours of my hypnotism experiences. I gave it to a neighbour for criticism. She said the first half hour was a bit stilted, but the rest was funny and entertaining. Well, I was drinking! I reckon I must have about a thousand hours of stories to tell. Wonder if I will ever get them onto tape?

My old friend, Ian, has started another venture as Laurel and Hardy "look-a-likes" and set up a web site for it.

I have set up another web site with btinternet, but it is only a link to this site. Their links pages to other users is useful getting info.

Saturday, 03 February 2001. Well, it's four weeks since I updated my diary. The first three were very quiet, very peaceful. This last week has been interesting.

I have bought a planetarium on CD and it looks as though it will keep me occupied for a few hours. I also bought a cable to link the web cam, via the computer, to my VCR. The quality of the picture on the tape left a bit to be desired, so I splashed out and bought a Sony CCD TR427 Video 8 camcorder from Argos. For 300, it is quite a machine.

When I was in Scotland I was going to get a couple of media studies students to do a life story of me on video, but I did not go through with it. So now, hopefully, with the help of a friendly neighbour acting as interviewer, I can achieve it. (I did an audio tape of my mum just before she died and I find it nice to play it and remember her.)

It is ten years since my heart attack, and despite being given two years to live if I did not have a double by-pass; I'm still here. Also, it is seventeen months since I gave up my heart medication and I'm feeling good.

I had an email from Lee Aylward who lives in Australia looking for members of the Aylward clan. What a coincidence! My daughter was called Lee by her friends as she did not like the name Lesley. She also signed her paintings "Lee". Any Aylwards visiting please call her.

By the way, some people visit my site and do not leave an email. Whenever I visit a personal site, I always sign the guest book or send an email. It is a courtesy and I always acknowledge the friendship!! (Sorry to be pushy!!)

I have had quite a few visitors over the past month. It is nice to know that someone is hearing the tree fall!

My ISP, beeb, have stopped allowing streaming media. So you have to d/l the diary video file before seeing it. Not a big prob is it?

Friday, 05 January 2001. That's the festering season over again. Had a quiet time. Just me, myself and I. Had to drink three lots of booze!!

It's a year since the wedding. Life is so sad.

I have put my "work of fiction" onto the ABCTales web site.

A friend, who I admire, sent me a Christmas card and wrote inside, to the effect, "He who can laugh at himself will always be happy." Now I know why my brother uterine is such a miserable sod. No way could he ever laugh at himself!

Wednesday, 20 December 2000. Had a few enquiries about hypnosis so I have added a formal description of hypnosis from an encyclopaedia.

Friday, 15 December 2000. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I have made a pathetic attempt at a Christmas message! Goes to show that my motivation is low.

Sorted out the Worlds prob - my bank refunded the money. I will stay as a non VIP. Don't lose much anyway - still chat and wander around.

Still no 3 from Freeserve tho'.

I have temporarily closed the Freeserve site and concentrating on the beeb site. It's difficult keeping two sites in tandem. Will decide in the new year what to do. The beeb ISP seems to have sorted out their probs.

I did send for info on Java programming but have been ignored - business must be good.

I have been thinking about placing the site on hold for a few months. I am so happy I can't really be bothered!! As it is, people find it a big site to take in. So, if the site is not updated, don't worry - I am still alive - or at least I hope to be!

 Friday, 24 November 2000. I have had probs with (the 3D Avitar chat system). They have taken three subs from my card account and not re-instated me as a VIP, (extra facilities)! Having a go with them.

On the same theme I am having trouble getting my 3 rebate from Freeserve. All sent to try us I suppose.

The Beeb site is still u/s - I asked for the name and location of their CEO and got Postmaster reply, "Can't deliver"!!

Going to have a try at Java programming. I have done a bit on the home page - look at the message bar. It should keep be amused for a while. Don't worry I won't peek into your system!

 Friday, 10 November 2000. Still having probs with beeb. I hope it will be sorted soon. Nothing else much to report! Life is very slow and relaxing - thank goodness!

Monday, 30 October 2000. Because of the trouble with the beeb ISP I have loaded my pages to Freeserve again!!

I have put my version of Eliza - your personal psychiatrist - on here. Let me have your views and advice.

Saturday, 28 October 2000. At last I have taken the plunge and moved my site from Freeserve to the Beeb ISP. Freeserve has been getting slower and slower. There may be some probs - sometimes the graphics do not load and sometimes you get a "page not available". Ignore these errors. For the graphics, right click and select "show picture". For the page, back arrow and re-select the link. I will contact Beeb when it has settles down. The old pages on freeserve, geocities and ukonline have a link to here. Let me know of any probs.

I am still using freeserve for email and will let all know if I change.

For myself things are very quiet and I am at peace! But, how long for?

Sunday, 08 October 2000. I have transferred the pages about my brother uterine's family to my geocities site. In doing it, I found several outdated links on the diary and ramble pages. As I say above - if you find a "Page not Found" message - just back arrow and see if you can find it elsewhere. Keeping the site up-to-date can cause links to become redundant. (Above link now here!)(Monday, 14 January 2002 - now all changed)

Saturday, 07 October 2000. Can God change His/Her/It's mind? See my Ramblings page.


Friday, 06 October 2000. Now included the documents relating to the divorce statement (as below).

Thursday, 05 October 2000. I have now got the full version of eJay. I am trying to use it to re-make my hypnotism tapes. May be OK.

While trying to find the tape masters for the hypno tapes, I came across some documents I thought that I had lost. They proved very interesting. Have a look at the statement that I made for the divorce to Chloe!


Saturday, 30 September 2000. Had some fun with a freebee prog "eJay". It lets you take .wav samples and compose a song. The disc came with PCW magazine. I "composed" this in 5/10 minutes. The site for info is - or for fun hear it

Thursday, 28 September 2000. Not much happening. I have made changes to the hypnosis page and offering CDs for 10. Might get some of my money back! I found that the relaxation d/l link was wrong! Sorry! Using the d/l file thro' RealJukeBox is amazing. I used the "Nebula" graphic and listened - I almost dropped off - I certainly do a good demo!

Friday, 15 September 2000. Had an interesting time with a prog that came with the freebee HotMetal. The prog is GIF Optimiser. It looks at the .gif files and takes out redundant info. It is very effective. It reduced the total size of my .gifs on this site by 1.26meg! So, they should load quicker.

15/09/00 22:43. Just d/l the final version of IE5.5 and Outlook Express from MS. The beta version I had must have had a bug. I have just used the Freeserve help page and signed up for Iceland. Also no "errors on page" for my pages. All's well that ends well!

I have also been experimenting with using my CD RW as a HD substitute. I am putting some progs on them. I am using a re-writable disc and it all works OK. I will transfer them to a read only CD later. Could save buying an extra HD.

Elsewhere I have talked about the probs I had with Freeserve in signing up for their surf-time. I am having a similar prob with Iceland. I use about eight vendors and all seems OK with them. Iceland are going to contact me to see if we can work it out. I have a feeling that it is the beta version MSIE5.5 I'm using.


As the video diary is so small and streams, I am going to make it about four minutes and include more chat. Four minutes is about 1meg.

Thursday, 14 September 2000. How about making money without really trying!

Saturday, 09 September 2000. I remembered when I was doing the video diary that it is a year since I stopped taking my heart medication.

I have put the poems I wrote when Lesley died onto the poems page and put a photo of my manager, (when I did stage work), on my dirty tricks page.

I have started to get an error message, "done, but with errors", on some of my pages. I have put them through HotMetal which checks the syntax and format but get the OK. They all seem to load. Any ideas?

Friday, 08 September 2000. Uploaded the new video diary. A bit longer, see how it goes.

Thursday 07 September 2000. Some changes to Home page and another addition to FUN 'N' GAMES!

Met some nice people. and . Added sound to my photo and the fire eating.

Tuesday 05 September 2000. More exciting things - an IQ test and a game for the kiddies on FUN 'N' GAMES.

Monday, 04 September 2000. I have added a birthday party guessing game on the FUN 'N' GAMES page - see if you are logical.

Sunday, 03 September 2000. Sent a goody from a friend. You MUST try it! I like to think that it is ol' Chloe!!

 Friday, 01 September 2000. I'm getting clever! Put a window in window on the welcome page.

Saturday, 26 August 2000. So, not much has happened! I have done a makeover with my home page.

Wednesday, 23 August 2000. I've got another abscess on a tooth and put the earliest photo of me on here! A bit more about how I think.

Tuesday, 22 August 2000. The index page has been re-vamped with the inclusion of the Aylward escutcheon and motto. And I have put magic numbers and magic weights here for you! I have put them under the menu FUN 'N' GAMES.

Tuesday, 22 August 2000. Have a go at my card trick. I can really read your mind!!

Saturday, 19 August 2000. I am still taking the easy way out to tell my stories. There is an article from a paper that tells how I tried to pay my Poll Tax. I have also included one of my experiences of moving into the country.

Wednesday, 16 August 2000. Put a photo of me aged 9 months on the early days page. I have also made a new welcome video. The old one was the first attempt and was not too good.

Monday, 14 August 2000. Still reviewing some old files to jog my memory of the past. I came across some papers of fifteen years ago. They set out what happened when I volunteered to advise on the accounts of a residents' association. I have always been a mug!

Saturday, 12 August 2000. I have put my version of the game of consequences on the site - the clean version!

Monday, 07 August 2000. Well that's me back on the video. Novatech has sorted it all out.

I have put some audio files on some of the pages - just for fun. It adds to the d/l time but I think it's worth it.

Saturday, 05 August 2000. As an interest I have put up the intro to my hypnotism act. I have also sorted out the Marion Ryan page - the track is smaller.

Friday, 04 August 2000. I have put another old potential business idea on the site - SySloTec.

I should have my web cam back on Monday 7/8/00. NovaTech have been an excellent firm to deal with. But, it sometimes pays to shop around.

I have upgraded my ram to 128meg. Also upgraded my graphics card - it lets me play DVD films on the tele, and can use the tele as an extra display. It cost 84 from Good - but came with no instructions on how to install it - the instructions are on the CD!

I am very surprised at the difference that the upgrades have made.

Tuesday, 01 August 2000. I have put the details of my ill-fated business plan on the site. 

Friday, 28 July 2000. So it's my birthday again - 67yo. I always said that my happiest day would be when I did not get any birthday cards. It's happened - not a single card, not even one from Dolly! I was right; it is a relief. I'm free! Even the fact that I had to see the dentist today because of toothache has not spoiled the joy. At least the dentist gave me an anti-biotic that I can have a drink with!

I have been going through my old files to find info to build up the site. The folders on my personal life brought back many sad thoughts. I am amazed that I have got through it all. At least I can look back and honestly feel that I have done my best. Why is it that the bastards in life all seem to get the best, and are surrounded by "friends"?

Still I, yes I, KNOW that I have the best!


Still waiting for my web cam to come back. I have also ordered 64meg of ram which will bring me up to 128meg. Should make run better.

Thursday, 27 July 2000.

My friend has been trying to sell two 1973 XJ6 Jags they both need renovating, He doesn't want a lot for them. In fact the right person can name their own price if it's sensible. May be some of my buddies on the Internet would be interested. He has already advertised on the Internet without much success. He needs to have an ad on a busy site. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2000. I have put an article about me and hypnosis on the site together with the booklet that I gave to patients - they should interest you. I still do not have my web cam back yet.

There is also an article that appeared in the Sunday People doing a "dirt job" on me and one where I hypnotise a reporter and she hypnotises one of my patients. 

Saturday, 15 July 2000. It will be about a month before I get my web cam back so I am doing the diary in audio.

I have been wandering the web as it now costs me nothing.

I have been having a boring but satisfying time. It's nice not too worry about anyone.

Carl is trying to get down south, (from Scotland), to be near me and meet music people.

I have taken action to have the marriage dissolved. It should all be done by 8/8/00. How sad it has all been.

Saturday, 08 July 2000. At last! I have managed to get onto Freeserve, free-time. They are making it difficult to sign up. I managed to get in by looking at the source code and going in "over the back fence". If you need help, email me.

My web cam has gone bust so I have returned it to Novatech. I have bought a lot of things from them and found them very good. I'll get up-to-date with the video diary ASAP.

I'm also going to have a go at doing a long video on CD Rom of my life story.

I have done a little bit more with the CD writer and put my brother-in-law's old holiday camp 45 disc onto CD. He is singing "She'll be comin' round the mountain". The track cleaned up reasonably well but the surface noise is still there.

The "tree" page has been updated to make it look better and provide links to progs I use.

Sunday, 18 June 2000. I have been trying to sign up for Freeserve's "off-peak free-time" with no success. The problem seems to be that they try to force you to use their premium rate phone line. The same applies to their help pages, you can't access them! I am walking away from them and setting up my site on UK-online. I will also change my email address. You will always be able to find me. I have converted the site to a folder presentation for UK-online. There will be a link page on Freeserve.

I have had a water meter fitted. That should save me 150/year. I can do with the extra.

Not much else happened so that's it for now.