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 Tuesday, 06 June 2000. I'm leaving the diary as it is and just adding this bit. Had some fun doing a singing video. Focus is difficult to sort out when you are on your own! But, it was fun doing it! I'll try and get it better next time.

Saturday, 03 June 2000. Still experimenting with the RealProducer. The files seem small and I am trying the diary as a video. Hope you have a grin at the impromptu ending!

Friday, 02 June 2000. Just changed my welcome video from .exe to streaming RealPlayer. I think it's better. I hope it is OK for most servers. Let me know if there are any problems.

Thursday, 01 June 2000. I have spent many hours on and had some pleasant chats. One night I was talking to two youngsters, Binks and Teenlass and trying to help them "see the light"! Having had a bit of a traumatic life myself I try to pass on my experiences. But, we all have to go through the baptism of fire. At 66yo I think I have finally got it right.

I have been learning how to use my CD Writer. It is quite a good set-up and easy to use. I fitted it myself. It only cost 127.00.

Chloe sent me copies of certificates that Carl Jnr won. She did it to any me so I have returned the compliment!

I'm getting on very well and have settled down after the recent upset.

Sunday, 21 May 2000. At last I have got round to doing my life story of between 15 and 18yo. Don't half seem a bit sad! It's not complete so I'll fill it in later.

Also I have been spending time on the music keyboard and having a go at singing. I am not very good but I am hoping that the FX gadget makes me sound better. Stand by for more GBH to the lug-holes. Sorry to my USA friends - that's grievous bodily harm to your ears!

I have spent many happy hours talking to people via . All the best to you all and thanks for your messages

Wednesday, 24 May 2000. I have added a page for those interested in management. It is part of the lecture notes that I used.

Tuesday, 09 May 2000. Good lord that's a month since I have done anything on here!

I have almost finished converting the site to a folder type of set-up.

I have been messing about with my music keyboard again. Haven't touch it hardly for about nine months.

Just bought a "Zoom 509 Modulator" for 65 from M.J's Music in Basildon - great service. It adds effects to voice etc..

Tuesday, 16 May 2000. Put a message to Jimmy Young on his show. They were saying that "old" people did not want to know about computers!

Sunday, 09 April 2000. I have put some thoughts on my ramblings page.

I have been more at peace over the past two weeks than for many years. Is it just old age or am I finally getting some sense in my life?

My attempt at folders has been successful. I hope to do the same for this site. If you come here and find that the links are not there just back arrow. I'll get it sorted!

  Friday, 07 April 2000. I have had a go at using folders to make the updating easier. Seems OK. Would you believe it! I buggered up the geocities site! but it's OK now.

 Wednesday, 05 April 2000. I have put my slimming and smoking therapy tapes on the site. (Saturday, 08 December 2001. Now just excerpt from relax track)

Monday, 03 April 2000. I have updated my heart story.

Saturday, 01 April 2000. I have been messing about with MusicMatch to try to get my relaxation tape to a manageable size. I was very surprised to be able to fiddle it down to fit onto a 1.4meg floppy. I recorded at 160kbs and then converted it to 8kbs. It took up 1.49meg too big for a floppy. I then zipped it and it squeezed into 1.39meg. Not bad for 25 minutes of audio. I will do the same with my slimming and smoking tapes.

As I now have time on my hands I should get round to doing the next part of my autobiography.

Spring seems to be round the corner. I now have my bus pass so I will get out and about.

Friday, 24 March 2000. That is now two weeks since Jackie left and I have returned to my old routines. I still feel very sad about what happened. It appears that, once again, she was "sweet-talked" into going "walk-about". Regrets will follow, as always. But this time I have to look to my own health and happiness, and just turn away. My health is good, except that my back is playing up. My BP is excellent. I am coping well!

I don't think that I am an idiot. I just have a different way of dealing with people.

I have made some minor changes to the site to free up some space. I have changed the welcome video.

I have worked out how best to do the voice diary. I record in .mp3 at 160kbs and then convert to .wma at 5kbs. That takes a file for 1min.27sec. from 1,708kb to 349kb. Quite a saving. All done with the freebee MusicMatch.

Sunday, 19 March 2000. I have been asked why I put my "private life" on the web. The answer is very simple. I am writing my autobiography and that entails opening up ones life to the public. But, I do not put up every personal item for public display. I do try to give a flavour of what is happening in my life.

I keep promising to write the next part of my story. The part between the ages of 15 and 18. I expect this will be soon. Though I do sometimes think of giving up the computer completely.

I am increasingly coming to believe within my heart that my philosophy is the most appropriate for me. "I am not responsible for anyone's happiness".

I am coming to terms with recent events. My brain has the talent for forgetting painful events.

Am I just a stupid idiot or a saint?!!

 Saturday, 11 March 2000. What a sad tale I have to tell. Our marriage failed. Jackie got homesick and went back to Scotland.

I am still in a bit of a shock, but I know that I will cope. Give it a few weeks, (months?), and I'll feel OK.

At least my heart seems to be OK. And that is without the medication.

 Monday, 07 February 2000 We now have a web cam up and running and will welcome using it. Email us and we can arrange a hookup. NetMeeting, that we use, can be downloaded for free from the MS site.

I did try a zip file of 25secs of video on the web page, but it takes too long to download - 9mins. I'll see if I can do it better!

We were at our club last Saturday and had a good time. That is, until, as we were coming out, Jackie had a bad fall and hurt here arm and side. No! She was not drunk!

I have now drawn a veil over the British Legion debacle.

We have done some more shopping on the web. It looks like a good system.


Friday, 28 January 2000 The cretins heard my case on Tuesday but I have not heard what happened. I still did not get a rule book, De Prochnow is useless! None of my "legionnaire friends" have been in touch to see how we are.

We are seeing about joining a local private club. I like pubs, but we both like a dance as well. We both now have CIU cards, so can visit a lot of clubs.

I had a web cam, via the web, from Novatech but it was DOA. I also had trouble with the drivers and had to go to the MS site to get them. I'm looking forward to using the computer as a video-phone. If you have a web cam, let me know.

I have down loaded the latest version of NetMeeting. I'll let you know how I get on.

We have now settled down after the wedding and the seasonal celebrations.

Jackie is making gallant efforts to set up her web site. And even more effort to do the garden!

For some time, I have been shopping with Iceland via fax. We have now started shopping with Tesco on line. It's the way things are going. The savings are good and more than cover the delivery charges.


Friday, 07 January 2000

The wedding went off OK. I have done a temporary page. The reception was poorly attended. Jackie said, "The millennium bug did not hit the computers, it hit the people!" A lot of people were hit by the flu bug. Those that were not hit, stayed indoors for safety. Those who came enjoyed themselves and stayed surprisingly late. I kept sober but had a good drink indoors after and then had a bit of a hangover.

I'm certain that if I had still been on my medication that I would not have coped as well. I'm feeling brilliant! That's nearly four months that I have been off all medication. Fingers still crossed!

Everyone was good to us. Amy and Chas, my in-laws were our witnesses. Chas stepped in at the last moment as our good friend, Margaret, was down with the flue. Eileen and the ladies laid on the reception. Sue, made the cake and Dave provided the car and did a good impression of Lord Lichfield! (many thanks, Dave) The disco man kept our toes tapping all night. Eric did a video. I'll have to find out how to get some of it on the site.

The registrars were excellent and put us both at our ease. I nearly shed a tear when I made my vows! Our last wedding was more formal but the intimacy of this ceremony and reception gave us more personal feelings.

I had some info on the RBL. The barsteward is a right old cow. She's been taking out her anger on my friends. But she's bit off more that she can chew. Her days are numbered! As far as I'm concerned they are a complete write off. I'll put up the "confidential" letter to de Prochnow later.