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Sunday, 26 December 1999 That's Christmas over once more. We had a very quiet time. Just the tele and a few drinks. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. That is except the RBL Club cretins!

I have finally told them that they are not worth a cup of cold urine. I sent a personal letter to de Prochnow. It might get published later.

Jackie and I are now looking forward to the wedding on the 5th. Jan.

For God's sake never use Parcel Force. They are useless! They lost Jackie's parcels for four days. All she got was the costs. They broke several of her ornaments that although of little cash value were of sentimental value.

I have sent to ArcaMax in America for the prog I use for the animation pages and exe files. It's good fun!

Sunday, 19 December 1999 Quite a lot has been happening on both the domestic and RBL fronts. We had a problem getting the originals of our divorce papers and it looked as though we might have to postpone the wedding. All's well that ends well.

Jackie has been here for a week and has settled very well. We will have to resurrect her site.

I had another comical letter from the incompetent at the RBL. They are just children playing at being big chief committee men. See my dedication to them!

Wednesday, 08 December 1999 Oh well! I keep getting thrown plums by the RBL. I now can tell the story of the Premium Bonds.

Thursday, 02 December 1999 It has been a long time! This is a brief one.

The arseholes at the RBL are still playing at being grown ups and acting like the unschooled, simpleminded peasants that they are. They ain'nt as intelijent, edjukated and klever as wot I am! I'll update the story later.

I have had a worry of testicular cancer for the past 5 months. I have had a scan and it is OK.

Jackie and I have decided to get married. More on that later.

Sorry I closed the site for a week or so, but had to due to "political" reasons.

If I don't update before, all the best for Christmas and the millennium.

Monday, 08 November 1999 Well I have had the old cow, (no not really she's a darling!), here for a week now! She, Jackie, is going to college to study computers and has been studying while she is here.

I'm getting a good few replies on my web site now. Thanks to all who leave a message. Lots of people seem to be interested in hypnosis.

I have now written to the Secretary General of the RBL to try to get some action. I think that they are on the run. I have put my name up for treasurer.

I put an email on the RBL news site asking for help, but I had no reply.

Wednesday, 27 October 1999 I went to a meeting of the club last night. It was a jolly time. I heard the treasurer slam the committee for bad handling of the club funds. She has done what I intended to do. I can now sit back and just monitor the situation. I'll just wait for the AGM and make sure that all members are made aware of the "incompetence" of some members of the committee.

Also, the committee decided that I was right in that a miscreant should be quietly spoken to. Rather than disciplined!

Friday, 15 October 1999Well, that's another big revamp of the site completed. I'm getting quite proud of myself! It took about six hours in total. The idea of a tree that gives an over sight of the pages seems to work quite well.

My heart is OK after four weeks of no medication.

I have not yet received any communication from the club about the final decision on the fracas. It does seem that the club does not answer any letters. I made a donation of 10 but the cheque was not cashed. I sent a letter asking for a poster to be put up advertising the site and asking for donations; but no reply. And no reply to any of my letters. Oh, well cè la vie!

Monday, 11 October 1999 I have had some comments re the layout of the site in that it is difficult to navigate and I agree. I am going to rearrange it with a tree like structure. Thanks to the people I have met on chat groups and NetMeeting. The rate of hits is going up. I have had 436 hits so far.

The fracas with the British Legion went a bit pear shaped! I was given a right bullying with GBH to the lug'oles by a "gentleman" of the committee. My old ticker couldn't stand the pace so I gave in.

11/10/99 14:24 Just had a phone call re fracas, so I will not continue as I was going to. What a strange coincidence!

It will be some time, (two weeks?), before I get the site organised. See you then. DONE Wednesday, 13 October 1999

Tuesday, 05 October 1999 It has been an interesting ten days or so. I am doing very well without my medication. Just as well! As I have had to contend with a fracas at the Legion club. I think that that fella upstairs is saying, "There you are, I said nothing was wrong with you. See if you can cope with this harassment!" When it is all settled I will put all the documents on this site. You really will have a good laugh!! Any RBL member's advice will be welcomed.

I havn't done much with the web pages. But thanks for the few compliments that I have had. I have never been so underwhelmed!

Friday, 24 September 1999 I have split the ramblings page and now have two pages. It was getting a bit big. I have added to my weird ideas of man and his origins. Oh! I needed that!

Thursday, 23 September 1999 I had a good housekeep on the HD and erased all the temporary Internet files. When I accessed my site I realised that the home page took a while to load so I have changed it. It is a bit like how I started!

I have updated my ramblings page. I didn't realise it had been so long since I added to it. You can see how loopy I am!

I am still torn between having a simple presentation and a sophisticated one. I prefer the simple, but it looks amateurish compared with others.

I'm still OK after 10 days of no medication. Though after doing the ramblings I think that I may need something!!

Monday, 20 September 1999 Just a quicky! I have re-vamped a few pages to include animations and to tidy up a few things. The changes are in :- ) About me Decision Early days Hypnotism Links My Ramblings

Sunday, 19 September 1999 Well, that has been seven days without the medication that I have been on for 8 1/2 years. I'm still here alive and kicking! My BP & pulse have been normal - going up and down as they should be - with an average of 120/80 BP and a pulse of 75. Pulse a little higher than it used to be. I had 14 units of alcohol last night and I felt great this morning. With the pills I felt low on 8 units.

I have put the lead to my CV on the Index page as it may be one of the first things visitors may wish to see. Though "about me" is more informative.

I have also made minor changes to the hypnosis index to guide people to read the notes before using the download track. On a chat line, interest was expressed about other tapes. I have some, but they take time to up/down load, plus web space is limited. So I'll see how things go.

There was some angst in one of the news letters that I get. Compassion seems in short supply these days. My advice - loosen up and enjoy life!

Let me know what you think of the voice diary. I use MusicMatch to record it.

Wednesday, 15 September 1999 It has been an interesting few days. I have found out how an animation works. The file looks like a .gif file but when loaded into a browser the image animates. When loaded into MS Word or Front Page Express it dose not appear as an animation. I have used an animated poppy on my British Legion pages. It is quite effective.

In browsing to find material, I came across I downloaded a couple of images. They ask that visitors place a link to their site..

Many thanks to the people I find on NetMeeting and other services. I enjoy swapping yarns.

There is now a new chat line for us grey haired old fogies it is a mouthful It is operated by Age Concern and is linked to helpful information.

To keep you up to date on my personals; I have now been three days without nifedipine and atenolol. It seems that my body is getting back to normal. My pulse increases with work and my BP goes up and down, as it should. Let's hope it all stays OK!!

Friday, 10 September 1999 I have tried to reduce the size of the photo files. I have lost a little definition but gained a lot of space. I have used 100dpi but I may have to raise it to 150dpi. The old ones were 300dpi.

I have also added a bit of prose, that was my father's, to the page about me.

Had some interesting replies to two emails that I sent to people I found in a search. One is a head of department of languages the other led me to a site in Australia, .They have some beautiful pictures there. It is a holiday resort.

Because I have been unhappy with the medication that I am taking, I have bought a blood pressure gadget. It is proving what I thought; in that I have a low blood pressure and slow pulse. Both the pills that I take lower the pressure. I have reduced the dose to see how I go. Hope it goes OK!!

Do you like the voice diary? See my home page.

Thursday, 02 September 1999 I have added a little ditty to Chloe's page. I'm amazed at the facilities on the free download software. I recorded the ditty at 28Kb/sec using MusicMatch in RealPlayer streaming video/audio format. You get quite a lot of sound compressed into a small space.

16:13 I have just discovered that MS Media Player WILL play the RealPlayer files. So it is not necessary to download specific players. I had RealPlayer set as my default player. I have now changed it.

Tuesday, 31 August 1999 After much consideration I have written an open letter to my niece, Karen. She has a master's degree in chemical engineering, but fails to apply her intelligence to personal matters. JUST THOUGHT!! (HONEST!) Was Ivor morally correct to use a subterfuge to protect her from her innate stupidity? This is demonstrated by the way she dealt with the letter problem. Was she so wrong to go out with the labourer, Paul, (the no hoper)? Any comments?

On the open letter page I have used an mp3 track that I recorded from the tele via the headphone outlet. Not bad quality.

Friday, 27 August 1999 I have had another re-vamp of the index page! I'm getting quite pleased with myself. I have used Paint to edit some button files. I find it a bit clumsy, but I'm still learning.

I had a terrible time last night trying to upload the pictures to geocities. The line seemed to do a "time out". I want to put the pictures on geocities to give me more space on Freeserve. (Monday, 14 January 2002 all changed - main site beeb "overflo" on Freeserve)

Wednesday, 25 August 1999 I have been messing about with MusicMatch and recording mp3 aux/mic tracks. My first attempt is me singing?? A Little Bit More. (Saturday, 08 December 2001. this is now a video clip). It really needs a mixer and echo/reverb effects (and a decent voice!). Still! It works. MusicMatch was a freebee on a mag CD. It puts CDs to HD in mp3 format and does a lot of things I have to find out. I havn't got instructions for the sound card, so it's all a matter of trial & error. I have been getting to used to the sound controls of the Sound Blaster card.

The three minute track of my singing just fits on a 1.4meg floppy & plays back straight from it! That gives about 0.5meg/minute = 21.6hrs on a 650meg CD. The quality of mp3 @ 64Kb/sec gives acceptable listening in my opinion. Not bad!

Have a look at the fiction page; and even another novelty!

MusicMatch is at where you can download the prog for free.

Monday, 23 August 1999 I am increasing my use of arty-farty presentation. It may improve the "interestability" of the home and index page.

I have been on some Chat sites and NetMeeting ,and am saddened at the level of conversation . There must be a demand for a monitored Chat Site. I know that I would pay; say 10 set up fee and 10/year for a decent way to meet people.

Tuesday, 24 August 1999 12.05AM. I think that I am doing quite well! I've put a 25 minute hypnosis file on, AND a hymn. God Bless you All!! What do you think of the presentation?