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Tuesday, 08 June 1999 I have not been in the mood to work on the site, but I have done a bit of tidying up and added the gallery page. (27/08/99 had some problems - see page 3) This will show some of Lesley's paintings. When she died, I let her friends have most of the paintings. I regret it now, as I did not photograph them all. If any of her friends who have paintings see this, please email me so that I can photograph them.

While Lesley was alive, I did photograph some of them and will put them in the gallery as I find them. (Monday, 24 December 2001.They are here.)

I have put a new photo of me on the home page. The last one showed me with some hair! I've also put a new photo of Jackie on her page. It is one I took while she was here. Lovely girl, isn't she!!

Jackie went back to Scotland last Thursday. She had a shock when she got her phone bill! She now only takes incoming calls. I may try to keep her web site going for her. So have a look now and then. (Now not there Sunday, 08 October 2000)

I'll have to get organised again and keep this site interesting.

Friday, 18 June 1999 Not done much, (or anything!), for 10 days. Changed the music in Jackie from mp2 to mp3.

Corrected a few typos. I've not been sleeping too well. Been thinking of the stories to put up, and have a good few, but not in the mood to type them in. Oh! Well. See you soon.

 Wednesday, 23 June 1999 Well I finally got the urge! I have written the page of my early years. I think I am going to write chronologically. I have been surprised at what I am remembering. Could it be the beginning of senile dementia!?

Thursday, 24 June 1999 I am in the mood for fun. So I had a mess about with pictures and music. I reckon this mp3 is going to catch on. You can get ten hours of recording on a standard CD. That should give up to a hundred hours on a DVD.

I'm enjoying recalling some of my happier moments.

I sent some pages to Carl for him to comment on. He has access to a computer but doesn't like using it.

Tuesday, 29 June 1999 Carl sent a copy of the page about Chloe to her.

Tuesday, 06 July 1999 This is getting good - my computer psychiatrist is doing well in winkling out the truth from Chloe. There are more additions.(updated - not there)

I have been thinking of putting adverts in the local rags, my old house & professional magazines and the Ford Bulletin for people to contact me with old memories to include in my autobiography. They will be able to contact me through my web site.

Thursday, 08 July 1999 Carl has just sent me his letter from Chloe. So I'll answer it! (updated - not there)

Saturday, 10 July 1999 I have made some additions and a change to the format of the gallery page. Snag is that I'm running out of space. I may delete the mp3 files. An alternative is to use the geocities site or Jackie's.

Wednesday, 14 July 1999 I am using my geocities site. The second index page is there, so that gives me another 15meg of space. It should be all OK. The only minor problem maybe time to transfer. It will be interesting to see how it works. Any problems let me know. (Monday, 14 January 2002 - now using Freeserve)

Tuesday, 20 July 1999 This is getting amusing! Another exchange of letters with Chloe. (updated - not there) I have also put a better photograph of Chloe on her page.

 Wednesday, 21 July 1999 I have found another simple way to make pages look attractive with a patterned background using Quick Time Picture JPG files. This parchment effect is one of them. It may be that some browsers will not be able to see the effect.

I have also put some simple background music in to spice up the intro.

A member of the family has told me that the names in my fictional story have an apparent resemblance to actual names! I have changed them. It is hard to think of random names. I got these from the TV Times. I hope they are not recognised and I get sued!!. Worse still, I hope that no one in the family can identify with any of the incidents in the story line!

Monday, 26 July 1999 I have cleaned up the diary pages and removed redundant references. I also had a browse through all the pages. "It aint arf big, aint it?" My birthday on the 28th. I hope I don't get given anything cheap. That always upsets me! Had some good ideas at developing a "cat & mouse game" More later!

 Wednesday, 11 August 1999 Curiouser and curiouser; not just the eclipse but Carl's twin brother Kevin has found my site and sent me an email. I haven't had contact with him for about 10+ years. Let's see what happens. He has a site selling his Windows based current flow simulation through a circuit . Plus a link to a porno site! (I have removed my link to his site. I'm not keen on porno Tuesday, 17 August 1999)

I have realised that as I change the site some references will become redundant so I have put a note to that effect at the head of the diary pages.

We have had a heat wave for about 3 weeks so I haven't done anything. I hope to get onto my life story from 15yo to 18yo soon.

Friday, 13 August 1999 I have made changes to the home page. I think it looks more attractive now. I have changed the lottery program so that it works with any number of options and selections. It's all OK and safe. If you use it please make a donation to the Royal British Legion Benevolent Fund.

To those I have met on NetMeeting et al, many thanks for the conversations.

Saturday, 14 August 1999 At last I have found a way to count the hits on the site. Freeserve do not have the facility for this. I found the clue in a News Group letter, but it is not obvious. OK when you puzzle it out! If you wish to add a counter to your site just click on the counter logo on the home page and it will take you to the supplier. I may try to set up a guest book next.

Monday, 16 August 1999 I have improved the lucky dip numbers presentation to see if I can support The Royal British Legion. They do good work and I use the local club.

I have thought back to when I started the site and I said that I did not want to use an "arty farty" presentation. Have I now gone too far? Any feedback is welcome. What do you think of the Welcome page?

Tuesday, 17 August 1999 I have decided to put the lucky numbers item on a page of it's own. It stops the index page from looking too cluttered. I am advertising in the Legion magazine to increase the number of people aware of the site.

The counter gives some comfort that I am not shouting to a deaf world!

I have removed the link to my son's site that has a link to a porno site. What a sad world we live in?

Wednesday, 18 August 1999 10.45pm Just tidied up the index page. I think it's looking quite attractive. I've come a long way since April.

As I was compiling the British Legion page, I signed up for their news group. Tonight I had the first emails. There are a lot of aggressive and unhappy people out there.

I was watching tele a little while ago. The prog was about retired people and how they had organised their last few years on this earth (or on this plane!). To me they were all so sad. One couple retired to a posh apartment in Harrowgate; another bought a boat to sail around the world; a man bought a Farrari etc. etc. They all wanted possessions, or they were chasing happiness. I am here in my little council flat getting rent rebate, income of 129/week ($89) and I have everything that I want. The most treasured item that I have is friends.

I have accommodation, heating, food, drink, entertainment, (& me computer!!), security and most of all I am at peace. What more does a body want?

Oh! By the way I've had a good drink!! Night, night!