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Tuesday 13th. April 1999 13.55: I've just finished the 'Conflict' pages. How sad. Still; unto thine own self be true and it will follow as the night the day that thou canst be false to no man. (apologies, I know it's not quoted correctly). Last night I worked until 3am doing the 'Freezer' pages. I feel as I did twenty-five years ago when I started learning on the NEL (Univac 1109?) at East Kilbride and the IBM370 Call System. I taught myself. With three months experience I had a book published on programming and time-share on computers.

I'm getting the hang of it now. The server is quite strict on file names.

I hope the images and sound don't take too long to download. I'm using CuteFTP to upload and it's quite easy to use.

You'll find plenty of spelling and grammatical erras as I'm not bothering to use a wurd prossesser or granny cheka. You wont know if the missteak is delibereret or acsitoothal!! (?get it?)

I'll upload the up-to-date version later. As I said in my intro, I've got a lot of comical stories to tell. I'll have to develop an easy to use system for surfers to get the latest info. That's assuming that anyone logs on. I'll have to find out how to count the hits.

This is like a combination of programming and CB radio! My handle was God's Son.

Oh, all my best to those who log on and know me from way back.



Thursday 15th April 1999 12.27. Had some fun yesterday sorting out how to fax a scanned image to Iceland, (no, the shop not the country!). I had to use Image and CorelDraw in combination with Phone Tools. There must be an easier way. I also made a WAV file to introduce the home page but it's too big, (0.5meg), and would take time to download.

I did think of using web templates for this project but decided not to. I don't want it to be too sophisticated. I'm just a common man.

Today I'm starting on 'About Me'. Hope you like it.


I've done the 'About Me' and 'The Goody Bag'. There are some good stories to come. I'm getting used to the typing. (two fingers - different hands!). See if you can pick me up on my mistakes.


Saturday 17th. April 1999 14.18. I've finally decided to use a spell checker as I've found I can make web pages with MSWord. But it does try to force a stifling form of presentation on one! But, I must admit there were a few mistakes I didn't pick up.

At present, I'm working on the 'hypnotism' page. That should interest many people.

I have just found out that the MSWord can link to other pages as I compose. I don't think FrontPage Express does that. So I'll stick to this.


18/04/99 16:08 Had an interesting time waddling around the web late last night. To those I visited, thank you.

Finished the hypnotism pages. I got stuck down a bit in the chronology. I'll have to do an entertaining section soon.

19/04/99 13:42 Just looked at transferring to a professional template layout. Shocking! The page "About Me" loads in 4 secs. But using a template it takes 42 secs to load and is difficult to view. The simple page construction is also the more economical in resources.

19/04/99 15:09 That's the "In Memory" page completed. I had a computer problem, The monitor wasn't correct, but phoned NEC and sorted it. Good service!

 20/04/99 15:44 I had trouble with the display on the computer again. But sorted it. Now written the page for the woman I love. If! someone somewhere is reading this I hope they're not bored. Another thought that came to mind. In addition to writing a book, I am committing my words to posterity. Perhaps the family will be able to have a better perspective of my life.

21/04/99 13:55 Well, I think that was a good session. I have organised the home page. It looks a lot better. I have thought that new visitors may be puzzled by some of the entries in the early parts of the diary.

I have uploaded these pages to a site over the pond. This made me think that my friends from the US of A may have problems with my colloquialisms. If so, email me and I'll compile a glossary. The hypnotism page has also had additions. It seems as though the computer is OK now, (cross fingers!). I think it was the Matrox driver. The people at NEC are very helpful. My system is Pentium II 350, 64meg RAM, 8.4gig. HD, 6X DVD drive, 17" monitor, 3 years next day on site warranty. All that for 1166. That's not bad for the UK. However, it will be obsolete in eighteen months time!

21/04/99 15:04 !! The computer froze again!! I'll have to get the updated Matrox driver.

 22/04/99 14:45 I have put a WAV file on the hypnotist page and updated it. Quite effective! Also put a background colour to all the pages and uploaded them. I'll do geocities later. Getting settled into the system. Also updated the about me page.

Still having intermittent problems with the m/c. Updated the scanner driver. Can't find how to update the Matrox driver; though I downloaded the EXE file. May get the engineer in next week. Intermittent problems are a bummer. I know that from my tele repair days. Just bung a blanket over it and let it soak test!!

Feeling that I must COMPLETE the conflict exercise and exorcise it for good.

Sunday 25/04/99 11:07 I did the page on the ramblings of my mind on Friday but forgot this diary. Jackie has had problems with her modem so is not on the web yet. I inserted different lines in the pages but, it seems that the server cannot handle them. There must be a way. I have installed the updated version of IE4 to IE5. I'll see how the differences work.

16.23 Jackie's modem was no good. She had an expert have a look but it's caput. That's me been told to put a photo of Audrey & Lesley-Ann on the web. They're all getting in on the act!(taken off now)

 26/04/99 13:35 Well, that's the ghost laid to rest. I finally had the courage to do the act and write about Ivor. I now have a rich source of stories to tell.

I found out how to have different lines on a page. I have to have the GIF files there. I have been looking at some of the other facilities. They seem complicated to use; I'll have to get a book.


28/04/99 13:42 I had a good drink last night and sorted out the scroll and the heading of the index page. This was at 3am. in the morning!. And no hangover today!

It's OK using some of the "arty farty" facilities but when I see some of the web sites I'm often so confused I don't know were to look for the info. It's a matter of striking a balance. What do you think?

Just now I have done the midi files for the memorial page and conflict page. ("From the sublime to the ridiculous")

The people in Edinburgh who sold Jackie the modem conned her. How can people con a disabled person? She has found a local man to sort things out. She should be on the web tonight.

29/04/99 11:27 Another bad day for Jackie. She got the modem operating but couldn't get into Freeserve. Oh, well, all sent to try us! I did not intend to do anything on the site today. But, had to sit down and write about Carl, the angel.

Bank Holiday Monday

03/05/99 13:06 I've had a bit of a rest from the m/c.

We found out why Jackie has had problems joining the web. The CD-Rom drive is kaput. But, she should be OK today. (fingers crossed!).

I'm going to have a go at the hardest part of my proposed book. The story of Chloe.

A couple of thoughts came to me as the flywheel was slowing last night. Ivor may try to invoke the UK legislation on harassment to stop his story being told. The pundits have said that the legislation will be used by bullies to hide their activities. He may be sweating a bit about what will come out. Remember the story of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch?

I'm planning a novel based on a half-brother and half-sister marrying and having a child. Recent statistics indicate that one in ten children are not fathered by their mother's husband, (or partner).

I dreamt that I saw a king, using a stone, crossing the river Thames to Walton to see a young woman in a street. I wonder what it meant! I also dreamt of a holiday in Ireland.

3:45 PM I have had a good go at the Chloe page. There is so much more to tell. The computer froze again. I'll upload this lot and settle down.

04/05/99 13:59 Phew! That was a marathon session. But, I feel better for it. I have done the pages on Lesley's horses and her will. I was surprised that I did not shed a tear. It brought back happy pictures to my mind. "Grave, where is thy victory. Death, where is thy sting?"

Jackie had her CD-Rom fitted last night. But it seems that the modem is not recognised by Freeserve. They have given her a web and email name but I can't find it Maybe tomorrow!

 06/05/99 11:23 With a bit of luck I have at last found the problem of the m/c freezing. NEC gave me updated mouse drivers. Jackie has given up with Freeserve and installed Virgin Net. I'll have to have it as well. I may be using my knowledge to help others get on the net. I downloaded BT ClickFree. I don't think that they give you any web space

I have just installed a Zip 100meg. Drive.

 07/05/99 13:49 I know that I can be accused of being bitter and twisted in writing about all the bad parts of my life as I see them. The ONLY part of my life experience that I feel bitter about is the way Chloe has abused members of the family. I often wish that I had completed the murder! But, life has to progress as planned.

I only feel a great sadness for Ivor and his family.

I have just finished the car story.

None of these stories cause me pain. I just wonder why life is as it is.

I have wondered that if Chloe sees this site that she will take her revenge on me. She would plead insanity, even though she consistently claims that she is sane. I believe that she is not clinically insane. I agree with the recent diagnosis that she has an untreatable personality disorder. That would mean prison not hospital. At least she would be removed from society. THIS MAY BE MY "SWAN SONG!"

Sunday, 09 May 1999 Jackie has finally got on the web by using Virgin & Netscape.

I've tried Netscape but it seems slow and doesn't handle background sound or horizontal scrolling. So if you are using same some of my pages will lack a little. Made my first contact on a chat line; but it's all a bit lovey-dovey.

Jackie just phoned to say that she has IE5 to install. I'll get her on Freeserve if it kills me!

 Wednesday, 12 May 1999 Had a try at putting an mp2 file on the site. I've used the hypnotist page. If it downloads don't be frightened!

I've also added some background info about my dad.

I had a good night at the British Legion Club on Saturday. Ivor & Joyce were there; why I don't know. They seem such a miserable pair. They talk to no-one. Not even to each other. I think that they just go so that it doesn't seem as though I'm chasing them away from the club. They're objects of ridicule!!

Thursday, 13 May 1999 I saw the nurse at the medical centre this morning. My cholesterol and sugar are on the high side. I'm to see the doctor tomorrow. I've been living on borrowed time for six years; so I'm not too bothered!

I had some more ideas about my work of fiction.

As I came from the medical centre I met a neighbour who is going on holiday to Ireland. Joyce and Karen went to Ireland for a holiday when Karen was about fifteen. They couldn't have enjoyed it much because they didn't talk about it. I hope my neighbour enjoys hers

The wedding story comes next.

 Sunday, 16 May 1999 I'm just recovering from another (good?) Saturday night at the club. The two misery guts were there.

I visited a chat group last night (in my cups) and wasn't very impressed. Though it was a love chat group!

All the best to the Wallace family of Kirkconnel. OK Tom? Work hard and you won't turn out like me!

I have had another thought to add to my rambles.

Monday, 17 May 1999 To let you know a bit more about me I have put my curriculum vitae on the "about me" page.

I have been using Text Bridge to copy documents into MS Word. Saves a lot of time.

Tuesday, 18 May 1999 I thought that I would bring you some good luck so I've included my Lottery program .

It gives six random numbers based on an optimisation formula.

I know that the advice is not to run an .exe file. This is OK - no viruses. It is a DOS prog wot I writ meself. Though! I do not do the Lottery (it's a bad gamble). The prog improves your chances from 14M:1 to 7.5M:1. You will be given the option of downloading the program so that you can virus check it. Also, you will be able to run it at any time.

After running the program type in the zero as requested; then click on the close window and all will be OK. Good luck!

I have put a page up for new visitors. The site is getting a bit of a hotchpotch. I'll have to organise it soon. Any ideas?

 Have a look at my latest ramblings.

Thursday, 20 May 1999 I had a good night last night looking at some webcam sites. I have made initial enquiries about setting up one.

Sorry that I have not put any new stories up. I got some magazines and had to read them in case there was anything pertaining to what I am doing. I may have a go next at some religious provocation. I have no religion or politics. I'm not old enough or wise enough. Also, I'll have to finish the wedding page.

Thanks to those who emailed me.

Saturday, 22 May 1999 Well I think that I have something to talk about. I've been slowing down a bit lately and getting a bit lethargic. Strange, just above I've mentioned that I'll talk about religion! And, what happened today? I had an interesting hand on my entrance, (the entrance bell to the flats!). It was Andy from the Jehovah Witnesses.

I enjoy a good chat and rarely turn away any member of the evangelical groups. We, (I!!), had a good blather for about three hours. Have a wander to my ramblings.

Tuesday, 25 May 1999 I'm feeling a bit pressurised with the site in that I believe that I have a duty to keep it dynamic. But, I'm going to leave it for a couple of weeks. I have been told that it takes about two hours to go through the site. So it should keep newcomers amused.

Jackie is coming down from Scotland on Friday. We are going to have a teach in and set up her site.

I suppose that I can call this, "end of phase one". When I get back to working on the site I may do a re-vamp. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the emails.