Born on the 2nd. October 1958 Carl was a twin. He is the only one now to talk to me. His twin, Kevin, and his elder brother, Mischa, say that I am a "con man". Again, "cÚ la vie." Some years ago, after staying with Mischa, he turned against me. It took Jackie eighteen months to put the true picture to him. He now sees, only too well, how he was manipulated.

When Carl and Kevin were born, all seemed well. They were normal twins, a handful, but even with two other children aged four and three, we did OK.

Even at a young age, children do exhibit their own personalities and theirs were quite distinct. Then, at the age of nine months, their characters swapped! My words were, "They have become changelings." It was noticed by others.

When I describe Carl, I say that he is an angel. Well, he must be, he's so much like me! He is an extreme version of me. I have learnt to live in this world with its varied people. Carl finds it difficult to adapt to dealing with people whom he thinks are less than (perfect?).

He talks as much as I do, but five times faster. He sees the world as I do, but to a greater extreme. He demands a high standard of morals as I do, but he expects everyone to be perfect. His worst characteristic is that he will not lie, or be diplomatic. Recently I have taught him to lie! At least as much as normal people do.

Carl had a breakdown when he was sixteen and diagnosed as schizophrenic, as was his mother when she was twenty-nine. Her mother was also schizophrenic.

As I say, Carl is an angel. His mother is (sorry, what's the opposite of "angel"?). Her mother was just batty and would not harm a fly.

There have been several incidents of schizophrenics being involved in attacks on strangers. This causes people to group all schizophrenics as dangerous. Schizophrenia is an illness and schizophrenics have varied personalities, as we all do. There are schizophrenics with evil personalities and those who are angels. Clinically, a schizophrenic with an "evil" character is termed a psychopathic schizophrenic, a schizophrenic with an untreatable personality disorder. There are many thousands of schizophrenics leading normal and useful lives. Carl is one of them.

I had my psychotic breakdown when I suddenly realised that Chloe's evil behaviour was not due to an illness, schizophrenia, but due to her personality. She has wreaked havoc within the family.

Both Kevin and Carl are musicians. Kevin plays the guitar and Carl the keyboard. They both compose music. When Carl was fifteen I sent some of his pipe organ compositions to a professor of music. Carl had composed three manual plus pedal board music on a single manual Thomas organ. The professor was amazed.

Carl always had a good touch, but after his illness, he seemed to lose it. I thought that he played as a "toy soldier".

I play very badly, (listen to me with Spanish Eyes, Morning has Broken and Colonel Bogie), yet Carl said he likes the way I play! I slur and roll the keys.

Now have a good laugh! Jackie's stepsister, Nanette, married Jackie's stepson, (who is Carl!). Nanette had a son, Carl Jnr. That makes me grandfather and uncle to Carl Jnr. Have fun and work out other relationships within the family. Let me know of any hilarious ones.

A tragedy occurred when Carl's marriage failed. Chloe, ever aware of the fast buck, and not declaring her psychiatric history, gained custody of Carl Jnr. She has destroyed the boy. Belatedly, he has been taken out of her control and placed with foster parents. He is settling; but Chloe has some access, under strict control, to see him. Whenever this happens the poor lad has adverse reactions. Several of us warned the child welfare department of the problems years ago, but they did nothing. That was not until some neighbours notified them of some disquieting observations that they had made. I will deal with this in detail later.

Today, Thursday, 01 June 2000, Chloe sent me copies of some certificates that Carl Jnr. won at his school. He has done so well since he was taken away from Chloe. She sent them in order to "puff out her chest" little realising that once again she has "shot herself in the foot". He has been a great success since she has been prevented from poisoning his mind. Her neighbours complained to the police that they were of the opinion that she was abusing Carl Jnr. The accusations were very disturbing to all. The police had to take him by force. She is now only allowed to see him while under strict supervision. She has tried about 16 times to get better access and each time has failed. I REST MY CASE!

I sent her a mock certificate for a giggle!

While checking this page, I glanced at the photograph of Carl. He is so much like my brother, Bert, who died at forty-seven.


That is Bert, on the left, at a party. He's wearing a wig.

Do you see a likeness.