Wednesday, 01 January 2003. Thought I would find something to occupy my mind, and have had a go at my friend, Ian's site. He is a magician and Laurel and Hardy impersonator. (he just does Oliver Hardy!). I think that I improved the presentation. Simple, but professional. It raised an important point though. The trend is to people using higher resolutions than the, at the moment, standard of 800 X 600. If a page is written in 800 X 600, higher resolutions will see the text smaller. Conversely, if it is written with higher resolution, people viewing in lower resolution will see the text much larger. I'm not sure if there is some code to avoid this, I'll have to find out

I'll post any further developments here.

Thursday, 23 October 2003. Poor old Ian. His web host did the dirty on him and left him with no site.

I had a look, and his name as a .com URL was available, so I snatched it - via! I'll hand it over to him as we get the new site organised.

He has asked me to help him out, and I have done a complete re-write of his two sites, and combined them. I have hosted it on my this
site. When he gets his host sorted he can transfer it and maintain it himself.

The latest prob, is that I use Word97 (it is so simple), but Ian has been using FrontPage (I don't have the full FP prog). He has just sent me a page written with Word2000, but I cannot get it to load into Word97! Never mind, we will sort it out.

Friday, 14 November 2003. Ian has now taken command of his site, and is making an excellent job of it. I will keep my version of his site here (Use your back button to return).