Some stories & photos of Mum & Dad

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Mum's eyes were getting bad, but she was a good sport. For a giggle, we took a picture from a magazine, and put it into a 'frame'. Mum, poor girl, fell for it at first, but then realised the send up, and had a good laugh! Here I am with Mum. Can you spot the spoof?

 Mum & Dad at Southend. Have a look at what she wrote on the back! They are both about 55yo here.


 Here is a photo of Mum & Dad in the back yard with Peggy our wire-haired fox-terrier. Dad bred them. Sold one to an American, after the war, for 40 (about 1000 now?). I did the processing of the photo (as above) with ex-WD chemicals. A wonder at the quality, considering.

Mum and Aunt Emm. They were close, and I used to spend holidays with them at Waltham Cross. They both got left out of their (father's?) will. Strange!

Mum at Southend again. I did the hand colouring. She is about 55yo here.

Mum used to play the 'squeeze-box', sing, and do the 'soft shoe shuffle' in the pubs. She also played the 'Jaws Harp' and the piano. She taught me my first tune on the 'Joe Anna'. It was 'Now is the Hour'.
This must have been taken when she was about 80yo? I had not seen it before Amy gave it to me.

 When Mum was in geriatric hospital, I recorded her telling some of her tales. Some six months earlier, when she was in a normal residential home, I went to record her, and Ivor gave me a mouthful of abuse, so I did not do it. Sadly, although at that time she was 'compos mentis', after the six months had passed she had lost many of her mental faculties. This entire site is 'child friendly', but in this recording she does use a few 'flowery' words. But, she is not too bad! Click the links opposite. (Not suitable for dial ups - but you can try.)

PART ONE - 30mins

PART TWO - 25mins