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 Exact typed copy of script statement

Received on Saturday, 20 November 1999


 Stewards Report

Wednesday 3 Nov 99

 Unfortunate incident at the bar. Mr. T Aylward was sitting with usual friends drinking with a lady.

 He approached the bar for a drink, my barmaid Cheryl Bardouille was on duty with myself (T.J) Mr. Aylward in Conversation informed Cheryl that he had a sexual problem with his lady-friend "although he didn't see her that often", he refered to his "willy" and was telling Cheryl of a "bent" problem. Ms. Bardouille was most upset by his Comments especially as we were all very vulnerable on the evening of the passing of our "Uncle Fred" Savill.

 When telling Mr. Aylward that she was shocked by his speaking this way he replied that he had had a few to drink.

 As Steward I do not see this as an excuse for his conduct, Cheryl Bardouille was disgusted that he was discussing such matters, that are of no interest to us, may I add, at the bar.

 I myself believe it to be disgraceful that the Gentleman in question was speaking in such a fashion at my bar. None of my girls should be subject to such an embarressing statement and I will accept nothing less than an apology for this Disgraceful outburst.

 We all enjoy a laugh and a joke but this really was taking it too far. Especially on such a sad day.

 T. Johnston (Signed)




 Mem. No. 1182590 Edward C Aylward


Club Committee


The procedures that have been followed are flawed. Therefore, I will not be attending the committee meeting.

As I have been placed at a disadvantage by being denied a copy of the club's registered rules, and that the hearing has not been convened correctly, I ask that the hearing be abandoned and the inferred "charge(s)" dismissed.


Nevertheless, I set out the following points of information for the committee and those members present.

The time of 21:00hrs, and the hearing being tacked onto the end of the monthly club meeting are not acceptable. On the advice of Mr. de Prochnow, Regional Organiser, in a telephone conversation of 11th. November, the disciplinary hearing must be held separate to the general monthly meeting. There must be a special disciplinary hearing. Mr. de Prochnow told me to advise the club that this would be a breach of procedure. As a special disciplinary hearing has not been called I object to this committee hearing being held.

In addition, my experience of the monthly meeting is that the end time cannot be predicted. This would leave the time of the hearing uncertain.

Mr. de Prochnow also advised me that, under the law, I am entitled to a rule book.

It is not the responsibility of the defence to advise the prosecution.

I have not been given a copy of the club's registered rules, therefore my objections must be based on commonly accepted principles.

1. The statement made by Ms. T. Johnston is hearsay and cannot form the basis of any "charge(s)". As no statement has been made by the prime complainant, no legitimate "charge(s)" can exist.

2. The "charge(s)" has/have not been drafted correctly. In my letter of 11/11/99, I asked for details of the "charge(s)" to be sent to me. This has not been done.

Therefore, I have not been able to prepare my case effectively.

3. I have not received a copy of the rule book. I requested a copy in my two letters to the secretary dated 26/9/99 and 29/9/99. Mr. de Prochnow, Regional Organiser also requested this in his letter to the secretary of 15/11/99. I also sent a copy of my letter to Mr. de Prochnow dated 17/11/99 to the secretary which highlighted the lack of action by the secretary.

Therefore, I have been unable to prepare my case effectively.

4. I have not been advised of the members comprising the disciplinary committee so that I may object to any member. As my friends and I have been subjected to widely publicised harassment by committee members, and others, this factor is important. In this type of situation, justice is seen to be done if an independent outside body conducts the hearing.

5. The letters that I have been sent have not made mention of any "charge(s)" or of a disciplinary hearing; only "asking that you attend the next committee meeting to answer a complaint against you".

If the hearing is not abandoned and the "charge(s)" dismissed I will make the above facts, and that the procedures are flawed, the substance of an appeal.

In any event, I consider the statement of Ms. T. Johnston to be vexatious and malicious. It is also an injurious falsehood. It should also be established whether any coercion or pressure was used on Ms. C. Bardouille prior, during or after the writing of the statement by Ms. T. Johnston.

I deny most of the content and all of the inferences made in the statement by Ms. Johnston.

Copy for action : Mr. N S H de Prochnow, Regional Organiser




85 Rectory Road



SS13 2NW


Telephone 01268 555 506


Dear Sir,

Due to your non-appearance at the Committee Meeting on the 30/11/99 the committee were unable to deal with the complaint being made against you.

I have been instructed to inform you that until you appear before the committee you

are still barred from using the club and its facilities. The next committee meeting is on Tuesday 25th-Jan-2000 and you are requested to attend at 8.30 PM.

Yours Faithfully,

(J.J. Hampson)


1 December, 1999


Friends have just been round and told me what happened. (2/12/99)

The hearing was held (30/11/99). My statement was ignored. The hearing was held at 2145hrs. Some of the committee members had been drinking since 1900hrs.

Alcohol was consumed during the committee meeting and the "disciplinary hearing". They were even kind enough to have a break at 2100hrs to let the thirsty committee get more drink!

Before the "disciplinary hearing" there was an open discussion about the case and a Dutch auction to decide what punishment I should get. The tariff was anything from one month to life!

The officers are quietly spoken and often cannot be heard. They also mutter among themselves.

Part of my statement was read at the ordinary meeting. But then abandoned! It was decided that the "disciplinary hearing" should be held in camera. This was so that my friends could not hear what was happening.

After the "disciplinary hearing" it was said that it was cut and dried earlier. They just wanted me out.

There was, "a little concern", (you are joking Ted!), about my web site. "We don't want everyone knowing about all this." There was more talk about the web site than about my "charge".

They're now trying to fake that I was given a rule book. How's that for clutching at straws. These are very desperate people. Now, I wonder why?

Cheryl refused to attend the hearing! My "mole" said that Cheryl did not want to make a complaint. Trudy overheard some of the words and forced her to go along with the complaint. What would you do if your job was on the line? What a sad lot they are!

Did you hear the story about the Premium Bonds? Oh! Yes! And about advice on how to purchase a computer?

And there's the one about the ten/twenty-five grand that went walk-about! And before that, six grand, (may get words from the horse's mouth)! And, before that seven grand! Now, that's really a good 850 worth of hard cheese! Ain't life grand!

I can hear someone screaming, "Mea culpa! Mea culpa!"

More later. My moles will keep me informed.

(What do you think of it all now, Cheryl?)

 Commandment : Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

For I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers/mothers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.


 Exodus 20:5 I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation

Putting it in everyday language; if you lie about a friend, your children, and their children, will suffer.

God will punish THEM



On that day Jackie had arrived after a twelve hour over-night coach journey from Scotland.

Normally she would have a quiet evening and an early night. We would see our friends on the Saturday evening.

I am in sheltered housing, and a fireworks and barbecue evening had been arranged for the Saturday. So, we went to see our friends at the club on Wednesday the 3rd.

Wednesday is a quiet evening at the club. My friends play cards and I join them sometimes for a chat and a social evening.

For about four months I had been worried that I had testicular cancer. Two of my symptoms were a large right testicle and a twist in my penis. My daughter died of cancer. It was after the complaint that I got the "all clear."

Although I am an extrovert and a bit of a buffoon, like all people I worry. I tend to hide my worries behind joking. So, I made a joke about Willie Wonka and my Wonky Willie. I made the joke a lot of times. To men, women and in mixed company. There was never any embarrassment.

On that evening I had made the joke to the lady reverend that had conducted the service for "the passing of our "Uncle Fred" Savill." She laughed, and we had a chat about the bible. She even said, "You seem to know more about the bible than I do."

As for Cheryl. I went to the bar with a friend, Barry. While there we had a long chat with Cheryl about the computer that she had bought for her daughter and couldn't get the printer to work. We were all very friendly.

Later Jackie bought a round for all our friends and also a drink for Cheryl.

I cannot remember speaking at the bar about my Wonky Willie. I am absolutely certain that at no time did Cheryl give any indication that I had said anything inappropriate. (Quote from Trudy's statement - " Ms. Bardouille was most upset by his Comments" - "Cheryl Bardouille was disgusted that he was discussing such matters")

It would appear that Trudy must have overheard me, at some time, making my joke and had woven it into a complaint. At no time has Cheryl supported the allegation.

We all know Cheryl, and she's a good person. She can take a joke and give as good as she gets. As a barmaid she's one of the best. If I had said anything "out of order" she would have made her feelings known in no uncertain manner!

So, you might say, why should Trudy conjure up this complaint?

1. She and others did not want me to attend the branch AGM on 16/11/99. So they wanted me barred. Mr. de Prochnow told me that I could attend. I had been proposed for treasurer, but not elected. (more later). I was elected to the committee. There was a post AGM meeting that lasted ten minutes. I was not made welcome. But, I did discover some interesting facts. (more later)

2. In my analysis of the treasurer's report I highlighted the "poor performance" of the bar. People wanted to suppress my interference.

3. Her father assaulted me.

4. The operation of the kitchen was mentioned in my analysis of the treasurer's report. Her mother works in the kitchen.

5. They do not want me to attend the club AGM.

They are all running scared.

03/12/99 14:18 (Just had a goody phone call. A willing mole to go on the committee!) We'll have some more fun next year.

A quote attributed to one of the committee; "Pall Mall has nothing to do with this club. We just use the name "Royal British Legion". This is a private club and we run it as we want to."

Well he/she has proved his/her point. The regional organisation is impotent. This is proved by being unable to get me a copy of the registered rules. The Regional Organiser and the office that he holds is held in absolute explicit contempt.