PHONE CALL FROM Mr. Joe Hampson Secretary


06/10/99 13:39:21


Mr. Hampson called at about 13:15 and introduced himself.

I have never, never been subjected to such an overwhelming volume of shouted words. I believe it was a case of, "I'll get my retaliation in first!" And it almost worked! I found it difficult to think.

He shouted, "Tell me, tell me! When were you assaulted! When were you assaulted!" He repeated this theme several times. When he had calmed a little, I pointed out that the information was in the statement that I had made. This seemed to mean nothing to him and he continued his question. He tried to tell me that I had to be hit in order to be assaulted. I explained that an assault can be committed without even touching a person.

He then went into a tirade of invectives. He accused me of being a "barrack room lawyer" and trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. I just lost the direction of the call. I was absolutely shocked!


He continued by saying that this type of happening (I assume he meant Bob's alleged misdoing) was always dealt with with no trouble and that I was making things difficult. He said that he had dealt with a similar misdoing nine months ago and there had not been this trouble. He did not seem to accept that Mr.Johnston's assault on two members was serious.

It was extremely difficult to get a word in.

I asked him if he was upset that I had sent a letter to his home address by hand. He said that he was. I apologised and explained that I was trying to help get the mail to him quickly. He said that he collected his mail from the club on a weekly basis. I said that this could make the progress of the action rather lengthy. (I must mention that I have met Mr. Hampson in the club and had a thoroughly interesting chat with him. I found him to be a very gentle, reasonable man. That's why I just can't get over the shock at his aggressive manner)

"Joe! Joe!" I tried to interject. At last, I managed to speak to him and I explained that I was qualified and experienced in dealing with this type of procedure. He then belittled me and challenged me. Knowing that he has access to the Internet, I suggested that he look at my CV. Continuing his blustering, he said that he did not wish to do this.

He then related a garbled series of words that purported to explain how the disciplinary procedure would me conducted. I understood none of it.

I then said that I could not understand why he was attacking me. I asked if there was any reason to be frightened of Mr.Johnston. I reminded him of the phrase in my statement that said that a committee member said that " Bob had upset the wrong person" and that this had been echoed by another person. He then said that I should not give attention to hearsay. When I replied that the hearsay was from within the committee he told me that there were ?15? people on the committee.

He asked me if I was frightened of Mr.Johnston. I told him that I had no reason to be.

I told him that it was not my wish, from the beginning, to make this matter a full blown affair. I pointed out that in my letter I had said we should get the help of an almoner or similar kind of person.

All the time he was SHOUTING at me and being very provocative and menacing.

When I got in again I said, "Joe, Joe, we are both old fellas and we don't need this hassle." But this did not calm things down.

I told him that when I picked up the phone and heard his voice I thought that finally someone had decided to bring in some kind of reconciliation.

I pointed out that the documents that I had asked for had not been sent to me. I did not even have a rule book. He then inferred that it was my fault as, I should have got one when I joined. I then mentioned that I had also asked for copies of the Articles of Association of the company. I was flabbergasted when he said that I was not entitled to a copy. I said that as a shareholder, I was. He replied by saying I should get it from somewhere (I can't remember where).

I took an oath that it was not my intention to cause trouble, and that I wanted to get the matter settled quickly and with the least unpleasantness. He chided me that I should not take such an oath.

I gave up trying to have a conversation and let him talk himself out. Finally, when he had stopped I said that the call should not have been made. I was dumbfounded at the tenor of his conversation.

I made polite apologies for any unwitting hurt I had caused and drew the call to a conclusion.

The call had lasted about fifteen minutes.



(In script Dear Mr. Hampson)

I am sending this letter to you at your home address as it is primarily a personal letter.

You have won. I will not proceed with my complaint.

After your vitriolic and vindictive phone call to me yesterday, I had a severe angina attack. It happened while I was typing my recollection of the call immediately afterwards in order to make a complaint about your conduct.

I have now recovered and feel able to assert my self respect.

Three years ago an almost identical event happened, when my niece, Karen, did the same thing. You may have seen it on my web site.

You have done me a favour as it showed that I still cannot deal with extreme emotional stress. This has been so since my heart attack of eight years ago. If I had proceeded with the disciplinary hearing of the assault on me, then there would have been the probability of a fatal attack.

In those eight years, I have always walked away from threatening situations. (On occasions going to the toilet). On that Saturday, no MAN would ever have walked away from his friend. Sadly, I have now been found wanting.

Only you know your motives in making such a vicious call.

Why I was so vulnerable, was that I had met you and saw you as a "gentleman". On hearing you introduce yourself, I immediately though that you had called to try to resolve the complaints "out of court". When you attacked me in such a pugilistic manner, I was thrown.

This letter formally advises you that, on medical grounds, I do not wish to proceed with the complaint, and that I will not attend as a witness to any other complaint(s).

So, you have all won. For Bob's sake, (and the future of the club), I hope that it is a pyric victory.

Fraternally yours,

(In script Ted)



On Monday 11th October I had a call from Bob who said that there had been a call on his answer machine from Mr. Hampson asking him to ring Mr. Hampson. On calling him he was told that everything was OK and that the charge against him had been dropped and that he could use the club. Bob told me that he went to the club on Sunday evening the 10th.