At 88 yo (January 2022) & having been a recluse for seven years I have been asked, “Why are you a recluse, Ted ? “

My answer is :-

As a child, within the family, I was looked upon as a little turd; big headed with no brains. I was put into the dunces' class at school. ( Turns out I had an IQ of 154 !)

Worked on the buses as conductor – then driver -  for nine years. Until aged 29 I was in unskilled work.

Got myself an education, and went from the buses up to 29 yo -  Until - at 36 yo -  being a senior manager with a staff of 48 professional people, 7 departments - covering 5 sites !

I finished up as a self-employed accountant for my last 11 years; having written all the computer programs necessary to run the business.

In 40 years, I had 19 addresses & 16 jobs. Married three times, four children plus one step-child. And got a conviction for - “Assault with a knife & threatening behaviour” First wife was a ?schizophrenic? & for over 20 years, I was a “battered husband”.

I am a published author on computing, and have been a college & staff lecturer on the same subject. Also been a stage hypnotist & full-time hypnotherapist for two years.

Having a heart attack & retiring at 60 yo, I have been in three lots of sheltered housing for 28 years.

Compare the above with my “posh” brother (died in April 2021 @ 89 yo ) ….............. One wife, one job, one child & two addresses …...... How bloody boring …... !! But …. he's now gone….. !

So - I have driven a London bus - driven a crack steam engine, Britania - been an atomic fire-fighter - piloted a jet fighter plane - performed on the stage as a hypnotist  & been a hypnotherapist -  an author - lecturer - senior manager - self employed accountant - had all those marriages/divorces - and kids - moved around a bit -

Close the doors, light the lights.
I'm stayin' home tonight,
Far away from the bustle and the bright city lights.
Let them all fade away.
Just leave me alone.
And I'll live in a world of my own.
I'll build a world of my own
That no one else can share.
All my sorrows I'll leave far behind me there.
And I know I will find
There'll be peace of mind
When I live in a world of my own.

So -  can you guess why I have been a recluse for seven years ?