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Here is a monochrome picture I took some twenty years ago of Karen, my brother uterine's daughter. I then did my own developing, printing and enlargements. The camera was a Russian Zenit-E. The enlarger was also a Zenit. White is the nightmare for photographers! I had to "burn in" the lace on the dress. This is done by masking the light from the enlarger with a card with a hole in it or by using the hands. Quite a delicate operation. I had a caption for the photo, "Now let me see ........ the square on the hypotenuse is ...... "

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I thought that I would demonstrate the video mode on the 85 Kodak EZ 200 web cam, come digital camera, come burst camera, come video camera. Here are three ten second videos of my living room. The camera records in .avi and I used Music Match to convert to .rm files. The .avi files are 500KB the .rm files are 45KB - and not a big loss of definition. They are just for fun. Click on the links below.
For contrast I did a video while the camera was plugged into the computer - that's about 350KB.

Video 1 Video2 Video3 Video4

Another thought - what about putting pictures of my cyber friends on here?

Patti from New York

Julie from Spokane, Washington, USA


When I was starting on the slippery ladder, I worked in Leatherhead, Surrey (1966).
I had a two hour train journey each way, so my employer paid me (4/week) to lodge locally, while I was finding a house. The people I lodged with, thought that 4 was a lot, and suggested 2.50/week - I gave them the 4! Can't remember their names - sorry people! When I called to view the room they told me that they wanted a nice person to keep the husband company in the evenings. He taught me to play cribbage and I drunk quite a bit of his whisky! It helped to ease the problems of living away from home.
I travelled out on Monday, and back on Friday. This was when
Chloe found herself a "friend" to keep her company during the three long, lonely days while I was away!
I lodged in Ashtead with the family who had a 19yo daughter , Gail. She was quite an artist and did these cartoons based on the letters of the names. Very clever!

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Ted - Chloe - Ivor - Joyce - Ron - Mary


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

My friend, Margaret, was at a 'Hobbies Fair' and was interested in the genealogy exhibition. The demonstrator said how she could get details off the computer regarding Margaret's father, who died as a merchant seaman in WWII. I thought that I would 'have a go' and my efforts are here. I used the info on the commission's site in designing the plaque.

I'm getting a bit better at manipulating images. Have a gander here!

Here is the cat that has adopted me. I made it a home, feed it, and give her TLC. BUT, it does not come into the house.
Also, if it gets sick, someone else will have to get it to a vet. Shut up!! At least it is better off compared to how it was as a semi-ferrule! The home is a cardboard box surrounded by polystyrene. She is 'snug as a bug in a rug!' Its name is meow - well what else can you call a cat!?


Oh, well! let her into the living room!
Hope she's house trained!

Here I make another attempt at a photo of the Aylward coat of arms. Can't seem to get it good for my home page though. This is a medium resolution for copying. See here.

I took this picture from a box of biscuits and made a change to the business name! Select full screen (F11).
The text on the van does not show up very well - OK on the print though. Brings out the artist in me!
It was interesting using the 'clone' tool to remove the text in the picture. Nice to see a paint brush use tartan paint!


Just to show that the Aylwards are a lot of boozers! See here and See here.

It has been snowing! Wednesday, 08 January 2003. Here are some pictures of where I used to live.

Picture01 --- Picture02 --- Picture03

Still messing about with the Adobe Photo De-lux. Me at the age of 27.

A picture of me and my 1394.75 projection TV. A bit on the skew tho'!

And after I fixed up the shelf. A bit out of focus tho'!