We have a neighbourly evening at the old folks home!

I live in sheltered housing. Marj is my next door neighbour. Joan lives across the way. Alf has had several strokes. He had the first a few months after retiring. Life can be hard for some people. His wife Brenda is a brick. The carers come in the morning and evening to help Brenda look after Alf.

We got together outside Brenda and Alf's place and had a good drink. It did Alf the world of good, (and me)!!

Alf died at the end of October 2001. I saw him six weeks earlier and felt compelled to do the memorial picture at the bottom of the page. I have given it to Brenda. God bless the poor old sod!

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Is Marj drunk again?

Alf with his carers and wife.

The girls have the hots for Alf! What about the red light then??!!

Alf and Brenda

Joan enjoys a drink!

The hostess with the mostest, Brenda.

What's Joan doing with her right hand??!!

You can see that Alf is having a good time of it!

In Memory of Alf