Yet again Chloe asserts that all the officials are conspiring against her.

Sequence of Events From 28th August 1993 to 1997.

1. Carl Paul was placed in ****** school.

2. Problems began he was eventualy excluded June 1994.

3. Home Tutor who was often sick, refusals of help from
Social Services.

4. Letter from ****** refusing help or restbite because
he said that Carl would soon be starting Boarding School.

5. Councilor ******* consulted in October 1994 who said
they had found a school.

6. ****** College was offered no other after such
long wait I excepted. Carl started 8th November 1994.

7. Assault by a Teacher the first week, by the end of the
Christmas term Carl was in such a state that I felt he
could not return allthough we did try in front of Carl
The Head said that he would be put back into the same
class as the Teacher that had hit him it was decided that
we kept him of untill his own teacher was back she was on
Maternity leave.

8. Duing the three months that Carl was off I sort the
advice of a solicitor to try to change the school.

9. Duering this time Carls name got put onto the Child
Protection Register for Emotional Abuse.

lO.Carl went back to school and the assaults continued.

ll.Social Services put on pressures for contact with Carls
mummy but no help was offered.

12.September 1995 I was arested and grilled for two hours
regarding acusations that I had given Carl unperscibed
medications, I had NOT, and about playing a kissing game
making it sound not nice. Nothing was done I was told it
was wrong to kiss and hug a child and to stop so I did.

13.Carl was kept at the school for five weekends, and
returned the weekend I moved to ****** at half term.
October 1995.

14.December 1995 I took Carl up to Scotland to see both
parents. He spent a day with his mummy.

l5.Jan 1996 the school wanted Carl to see the ***** Centre
They requested a refural from our own doctor, which I
got. I complained to the school that Carl had and the

house parents said that he had had a PE lesson in
******* very Severe weather contitions.
I have been told since it was an outing? Jan 30th1996 ?.

16.March April 1996. I sort the help of the Indepentant
Panel IPSEA? in my effotts to try to change the school
again, I also took Carl up to Scotland again at my own
expence and let him stay with his mummy origionaly to
be for four days but after two days she had had enough.
I did this and promisted that I would bring him up again
in the Summer Holidays.which I had carfully planned so
that Carl could go away by himself Camping we would go
to Scotland and that I would also be able to spend some
time with my grandson myself.

17.June 1996 the school reveiw meeting was brought foward to
20th June so I could try to get Carl into a nearer school

18.This meeting was cancelled suddenly and ******* took
action to try to take Carl into Care, Dispite the fact
that there were great improvements and that I was doing
Everything they wanted, they wanted more control. and to
keep him at this school.

19 Mr. ***** made a Statement to the ****** of great
Improvements and NO wet beds and NO pooded pants.

20.This was proved not to be true by the Camping Holiday

21.A Supervisory Order was imposed and reqests for Carl to
be seen by the ****** Clinic London was made by the

22.Orders were also Imposed for contact with his mummy and
she was given help to come down with all the family for
a holiday, and that Carl should go up for staying contact
which he did not want to go on. also that he should have
to go to the Resorse Centre after he came back from his
visit. his mummy was brought down again which Carl told
me was a shock he did not much like.

23 October1996 Visits to the ******* Clinic were made
which were a great trial to Carl.The Professionals went
first. Carl went a total of four times. I only whent

24 December 1996 Carl was made to go up for once again
staying contact with his mummy, he was so aposed to this
contact that he locked himself into my tollett and had to
perswaded to come out by me and my two sons who were
down for Christmas. Carlsr, did not come.

25 On Carls return it took a long while for him to settle,
but he did and I had no trouble with him he was a very
happy and contented child all over the Christmas Holidays
with his little freind.

26 I decided to keep him home untill I heard from the police
who were suposed to be Investigating the assault on Carl
just befor the Christmas Holidays, I was also considering
taking him back up to Scotland to see his daddy who he
had not seen for very long when he was up and also to try
to revert back to the Scotish Courts and let them know
what had gone on here. Regarding the Overriding of there
Supervised Order and forcing staying contacts.

27 January 10th ******** called to see why Carl was
not at school I told her my proposed plans she went
away and later at teatime Three policemen came and took
my grandson into Care in a most horific way screaming
backwards down the stairs he was fine and in No danger
at home.

28 Since then he has been flown up and down to Scotland like
a Yo! Yo!. and I have been denied all access this is pure
Mental cruelty.

29.I have also been in contact with Scotland and a Scotish
Solicitor to try to get the case returned to Scotland.
and been in touch with an Organisation Called Child
Rescue who have had delings with this kind of thing
before and they have writen to the Director of S/Serv.
The order given by Judge ***** on 12th sept'97 took no
consideration to the stress I had been under for the past
four years by Social Services Paid no heed to my
references at all or my photo proof of the assaults which
have again been covered before.The lies told by
All the Social Workers and the way in which the Guardian
ad litem presented the evidence was unreal.Clearly shows
a biased opinion by the way he remarked why? did I choose
to move to an area dominated by WHITE people?and the way
all the solicitors pushed for me to get out and go back
to Scotland I am English and I was born here and I cantt
live in Scotland because of the cold and damp.
The Judgement was very unfair because they had no first
hand proof of anything I had done and no one could say
or realy define what my inapropiate handling was?
The past was past and Carl was Improving in my care they
were suposed to prernote family contacts but all they are
doing is trying to sever our very close bond.This is
Mental Cruelty and that is a CRIME.
This continues as they try to find falt at every contact I
have and the way they threaten to stop it ailtogether.
There was no mention of phone contact at all but they even
deny this.