I have decided it is time to put a stop to your malicious lies and vindictiveness,but first I will make a statement and put my side.I know this will be challenged by snide remarks and a continuance of stupid remarks and replies to cover up what YOU HAVE DONE TO ME AND YOUR OWN FAMILY, (Who you are so proud of by doing a family tree,which no one is interested in anyway and no living member of your family look at or talk to you.)Only Mark your 'Great Nephew' who knows nothing about you or the rotten things you did to your own children and me.

I have tried to put behind me all the nasty horid things in my old life because Jesus tought forgiveness and love and this is in my life now.People who know me love and respect me.Yes I have some problems with Carljr.He is going through a tipical teenage faze which is worse than most because of his time in care but we will overcome these problems as we have overcome so many others.I am getting the help I need now which I lacked in his early years.

Your lies told to doctors all those years ago and which you repeated to the Social Workers was what caused Carljr to be taken from me.That Tavistock Report was written from information which you provided she didn't see my medical records and it was that and that alone that caused him to be put into care. It took a long time to get this true information into the Scottish Courts

You even tried to turn my children and my friends against me but all have seen through you and YOUR.WICKEDNESS.I am not lonely and did not have a lonely Christmas,sorry.It was unfortunate that Angie and Kevin did not come this year because of ill health but that did not spoil my enjoyment of the day I am sorry that Carlsr.feels he has to keep phoning you to tell you what is going on.He phones me all the time telling me what you are doing.As you know he is sick like you and gets his amusment from carrying tales.He like you have nothing better to do.Well you will not be getting anymore information from him as I will not be phoning him about any problems which may or may not occur.

You say your life with me was hell,well my life with you was hell also,and why I stuck it for so long I don't know? You kept me short of money even when the children needed things your needs always came first,like the time when you used my dad's Death Grant cheque to buy a tape recorder before we even had any furniture,when Kevin needed shoes you LENT me 5 and then deducted it from my housekeeping the following week.Yes you took me out when it suited you to pub crawls with the boys as an accessory never to anywhere I might have wanted to go like the theatre or a concert or a show,things I am enjoying doing now with my friends.

Where did you take me before we got married? Spiritualist meetings,which are to blame for my illness together with your illtreatment and lack of care or consern about anyone but yourself. It is all down in my medical records."The husband is a odd cold,rigid and dogmatic man, he is anxious to put the twins into care.He is then likely to leave home."The husband is a cold unemotional man who dislikes the fact that his children all resemble the patient and have the apperience of being mixed race He sends his wife to coventry and passes messages through the children or with notes.His motives are highly suspicious"

These are some of the things doctors have said about you and are on my medical records.Is that a nice record of your charactor? I have kept in touch with all our friends over the years and have made many more and continue to do so all the time.The old friends remember how you treated me and what you did.(Is that why you say nasty things and slander them as well now?)They remember how you tormented me and goaded me, pretending you were having afairs,YES YOU DID GOAD AND PREVOAK ME.Then the silences which drove me out of my mind and caused that first breakdown.It was a Depresive Mental Breakdown and the first origional suposed diagnosis of me having Schizophrinia was disolved by a doctor who stated that he believed that my delema was brought about because of to much involvment with spiritualism(WHO GOT ME INVOLVED IN THIS YOU DID)

I was a silly weak young girl,who you suduced and got pregnant and then didn't know how to get rid of.I wish I had never met you.

Why you hate me so I really dont know, take a look at yourself again and what you are doing.It is not the truth and you know it everyone is bad and wicked but you, you are living under a delusion Ted.Who has no friends? Who is sad and lonely and has nothing better to do with his life but to dwell in the past?

I have a good life(a few frustrations)but on the whole good busy and worthwhile.I am a Youth leader at the local Methodist Church My house is always full of happy laughing children.I work voluntry in a little Arts and Crafts shop in the Village one or two days a week.I visit and help local people with decorating ect;I make things which sell in the shop for charity,I write poems and stories and some have been published and are on sale in the shop.

I help at coffee mornings at the church. In the summer I take local children to the beach and to the local Theme Park with Carljr.I go to visit Carlsr. when I can and help cook and clean for him.My life is full.

What have you ever done for any of your children? Dont lie when you say you gave Carlsr.5/lO pr wk.I suplied everything he needed when I lived in Scotland and Kevin when he first got his flat and even Lesley when she moved back down from Invernes.YOU SOLD HER CARPETS AND CURTAINS, from your failled hypnotic practice she told me and was quite upset at the time.YOU GAVE AWAY A HOUSE FULL OF FURNITURE TO STRANGERS WHEN KEVIN GOT HIS FIRST FLAT.Ted you are no Angel even though you would like people all over the world to think that you are.You are a NASTY!NASTY!MAN.

I am not doing the harrassing I am not putting things onto the internet about you.I have only replied to your remarks when I have felt the need to do so.Its you who put everything on your website not me.I dont look at your website every day niether does Carljr.He is just not interested.I only look now and again just to see what other stupid things you are saying when I am at my computer class.Oh yes thats something else I am doing if your interested.

As I have said there were so many horid and bad things you did and I want to forget them and the past and I dont have the time anyway to waist on some one as unimportant and as nasty and wicked as you.So I wont be making any other contact in anyway with you unless it is through the courts.

One other thing that I feel should be mentioned is what you used to do to Mischa when I went out(which I sometimes did,go to Bingo with Pat)he has recently told me about and which I didn't know was that you used to hold him in a vice like grip between your legs and twist your nuckles into either side of his head hurting him.You would be in jail if you did that now.

Carljr was not taken away because of my bad parenting because there was nothing proven and no witnesss to say precisely what I was suposed to have done wrong.I am a good parent and that is why I have Carljr back and why he wants to stay with me.

This is the last day of the year.I will be free of your goading and harrassment next year because I resolvq to bury the past for ever.