On the statement page I talk about the foul letters Chloe sent to me after I left her and subsequently divorced her. What I didn't remember was that I gave all the worst ones to the solicitor and didn't get them back. He used them to make a case to the Royal Mail about her harassing me. The Royal Mail sent her a letter forbidding her to "send obscene missives though the post". Therefore the ones I put here are "lesser letters" but, they do indicate the mind of Chloe. At the time of these letters, Lesley was living in the student nurses' home. I left home in June 1974 and Chloe wrote and phoned me almost every day for about four years after.


Sympathy Card :- Chloe sent this to me on my engagement to June in 1977 Lesley had moved to Inverness.

No date :- This shows that Lesley did not want to see Chloe and Chloe accuses us of plotting against her.

23/6/75 :- Lesley is supposed to have "stolen" a lot of food! Again Lesley has avoided her.
When Lesley visited, Chloe charged her to have a bowl of soup or an egg ..... etc.
When Lesley had a friend visit Chloe charged her for the coffee etc. ........
Chloe had a row with me because I would not charge Lesley for a bath ...........

Lesley would not have stolen food.

25/10/75 :- If I was such a bad person, why does she want to socialize with me? And, again objecting to Lesley and I socializing (it was the once!)

24/9/76 :- "your darling little girl" "you turned her against me" How can you be friends with a woman like Chloe?

27/10/76 :- No Comment!

16/5/77 :- Just to show again that Lesley did not want contact with her mother.

26/1/76 :- Lesley did not visit Chloe over Christmas -otherwise - no comment.

27/4/76 :- Some more.

28/10/77 :- And finally a letter from Chloe to Lesley. Nice to see that Chloe has no hard feelings! Just see how the writing slopes of to the left. This is due to her having to suppress her anger and wishes for retribution, while trying to give the impression that she all sweetness and lightness!

If you have any sympathy for Chloe, save it for the inmates of Battersea Dogs' Home. They are far more human! With many thanks to Rosemary.