Oh, dear! Will she never learn? She is writing as her alta ego - yet again! Her spelling is her signature!

I got this 'anonymous' email today, Thursday, 11 July 2002 via her laptop and Planet OnLine.

What can I really say that is not obvious?

I have given proof, by putting original documents or excerpts from them to support my side of the story.

All Chloe has to do is give me documentary evidence of what she claims below and I will apologise and publish her proofs here. The letter from social services for instance?

If the Scottish people were wrong, then why did they not allow Chloe to have any unsupervised access right up to when he was three months from being independent. Bloody hell, she appealed their decision every three months for ten years! And, now they are saying that they were wrong? Pull the other bloody leg! Come on Chloe, have the guts to come out from behind the wood pile!!

I will have to put up some more original documents to belie her claims - I have no alternative!


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Wed Jul 10 19:39:50 GB 2002


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The reason that I wish to remain anonymous is because I have seen what you do to suporters of Chloe.I think it is disgusting what you are doing and feel that it doesn't say much for your own charactor.

I have read all reports and the accuracy and validity of those reports that caused the child to be taken from his grandmother Chloe were questioned by the Sheriff in the Scottish courts who could find no foundation or actual evidence

proven.It was however decided that the child remain at the residentual school as that was the best place for his special needs.Having sat his exzams and finished his education there it was decided that he should be returned to the care of his grandmother and other members of his family in England because he has no contact with anyone in Scotland now.The order was dischared on 28/7/02.The child is aged 15yrs. He will continue his education in England.

The Social Work Dept in Scotland feel that Chloe has disproved a lot of what was said in those early reports and was very unfairly treated in Suffolk.All the new reports commend her for her commitment and dedication in trying to help her grandson to give him security and a chance to obtain a better education and place in society.

This lady has fought strong predudices and does not deserve to have these things spead all over the internet for the whole world to see.

She has had a letter of opology from Social Services in Suffolk for their failier's in not helping her when she needed it,and has been paid some compensation.

You should be proud to have known her and not try to belittle her the way you do.My sentiments are shared with others.

She is well rid of you.


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