Nemesis: Karen Aylward (Chairman)

(With acknowledgements to Chronicle '94 : Dept. of Chem. Eng. Imperial College London)

[Greek, = righteous indignation, personified as goddess of retribution, from nemo 'give what is due']

The Aylward family motto is "Verus et Fidelis Semper" - "Always Honest & Faithful"


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Well, we have came a long way since I started the conflict page. It has served it's purpose in exorcising the stress of that Sunday that you phoned me. Did you realise that you caused me to have a heart attack?

Yes! I understand the emotions you must have felt when you were told, by people that you trusted; what you believed to be the truth.

My emotion, over the years, has been one of absolute frustration; not anger.

How the bloody hell could I get you to listen!? The way that you dealt with the situation was inexplicable; even bizarre.

Firstly, why did you not listen to me? Secondly, why did you not read my letter, but just obeyed the instruction to return it? Thirdly, how could a person of your intelligence, education, professional qualifications and experience not ask the question, "May I see the letters that Uncle Ted sent you?"

I, of all people, know that few of us apply our professional skills to our private lives; and perhaps that is to the good. But, if you had asked that simple logical question, you would have been led to the truth. Are you not concerned if someone is trying to manipulate your life?

Last night, when I was mulling over how to present my feelings, I thought that I should be cynical, hostile and provocative. But, what's the point?

These pages may be read, audio tapes may be listened to and a book may be read; but soon, most of the players in this comic farce will have quietly exited stage left; and all will be forgotten.

Maybe, somehow you will be made aware of the truth.

Maybe, you already have the truth, but it is of little importance to you.

Maybe, you have the truth but your loyalty counselled you to silence.

Maybe, it has to be that my nemesis is truly "In the Gift of the Goddess".