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Complaint One.
The story told about the rent office (see the item above on the
menu page) started with a problem involving an error of 7.28 that I had with the BDC Housing Benefits Department, which I tried to get resolved via the local rent office. The local office was useless, but when I contacted the main office, it was resolved straight away.

Complaint Two.
Less than a year later, July 2003, the Benefits Office had excelled itself, and instead of a mistake of 7.28, had got even more efficient at making mistakes, and upped the ante to 65. After giving a lot of advice to the staff, I was (once again!) proved to be right
. (See my email here) This email had a reply from the manager (See here) You will see that the letter is very detailed. It is an excellent letter, and the lady had the grace to confirm what I had suggested, that the computer program had a glitch. After getting this letter, a warm glow came over me, and I KNEW THAT I would be OK in the future.

Complaint Three.
How wrong I was! In February 2004, I had a set of documents from the Benefits department that said that I had had an increase of income, and that my benefits had been reduced. Thinking of the service that I had had, as above, I phoned and explained that I had not had any increase in income. Also, I said that it appeared that my income for 2004/5 had been applied to 2003/4. Nothing happened for three weeks, so I sent
this email. You will see that it is very clear as to what I think had happened.

One week later, I received this letter (Word format) from an apparently sadistic, frustrated old frump. I'll just put here a copy of the email I shot off to the Benefits Department manager - copies to the department, and to the Director of Housing, who was impressed with last year. Should be self -explanatory. I was fuming!

I had a prompt reply to my email from the manager I respect. True to form, it is comforting! I have to trust her re the comment about my council tax! (See here)

Wednesday, 10 March 2004. Once again!!!! I have been proved correct! Had a letter today. It is a very long one, very detailed, with an apology. I have put a couple of paragraphs here. I replied with this email.
I know that all the above will be confusing to most people, so I have put here a copy of the notes I made for the Ombudsman.