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Statement of complaint by Mr Edward C Aylward against Mrs Eileen Holland.

Being a summary of interviews with, and documents & other media supplied to, Mrs Copplestone & Mrs Gladwin

My complaints are :-

That on the morning of Tuesday15th June 2004, Mrs Holland conducted herself in a manner contrary to that required of her by her position as co-ordinator of an Aged Person Scheme. Her actions were contrary to the conditions contained in her job description, and her statutory duty of care to her tenants, in that :-

1. She humiliated, intimidated and subjected me to verbal abuse, and placed me in a condition of fear, and alarm.

In my written statement I said :-

Eileen and Joan were sitting at the garden table. As I passed, I said, "Morning, ladies!" As there was no reply, I said it again. Eileen turned round, and said, "I am not talking to you." This was obviously no joke. I was shocked, and felt threatened. I stumbled to find a face saving comment. I said something inane referring to Margaret's, of number 29, close association with Joan. I waved and moved on. Joan shouted, as I walked away, "He's gone mad." And, Eileen replied, "Yes!"

2. Mrs Holland abandoned me by not visiting me after the incident. She did not visit me on that day. The next day she was on a course but could have spoken to me in the evening. She did not speak to me on the Thursday. She did not speak to me about the incident, until ten days later when she told me that she knew that I had been upset on that Tuesday. She continued by saying that she did not visit me because I was "too upset". She also said that she would not visit me in my home, but that I had to attend her office. Also, she said that she would not discuss the Tuesday morning incident with me. (This conversation was recorded)

Knowing that I was very upset (in her words "too upset") she neither acted, nor sought advice.

Her unreasonable decisions placed me in stress, and emotionally traumatised.

My Support Plan, signed by Mrs Holland, highlights that I have,

"Type II diabetes. Heart problem. Blocked blood vessels in the neck."

I suffered mentally & physically from her abuse & abandonment, and saw my GP a week later due to throbbing in my neck due to the trauma and stress. The GP referred me to the specialist in cardio-vascular surgery at Southend Hospital. I needed to take heart and sleeping medication after the incident.

I also had to have psychotherapeutic counselling.

 Supporting written logs, audio recordings (copy with Mrs Gladwin), & a fifty-minute video recording (covering five days observations), are available which show that Mrs Eileen Holland has an inappropriate and close relationship with Mrs Joan Higgins.

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2. Mrs Holland has an inappropriate relationship with Mrs Joan Higgins.

Mrs Holland discussed me with Mrs Higgins as a 'problem'. That discussion was not conducted in a professional, unbiased and non-partisan manner. She solidly, and solely, identified with Mrs Higgins, and had no concern for me, and indeed 'bawled me out' in front of her. She did not remonstrate with her regarding her comment that I was mad. That was inappropriate behaviour. She should have listened to Mrs Higgin's complaint, and then sought out my story. She said that she heard Mrs Higgins say that I was mad, but she denied agreeing with her. However, she did nothing for me to ameliorate the insult. Her relationship with Mrs Higgins on that Tuesday morning was inappropriate, and prejudicial to my interests.

She said that I was the 'problem' why she was speaking to Mrs Higgins. She did not advise me what that 'problem' was.

(Conversation recorded)

My further complaints are :-

3. Mrs Holland obeyed an instruction from her manager that was in contravention of the terms of her job description, and her statutory duty of care to the tenants of ******** Court.

Mrs Joyce Copplestone instructed Mrs Holland not to attend to me in my home, but in her office, and she obeyed that instruction. That was in breach of Basildon District Council's duty of care to me. She should have refused to obey that order and sought advice from a senior manager.

4. On various occasions, Mrs Holland has breached her duty of confidentiality. In that, she disclosed tenants' personal details to other tenants. My statement said: -

"About three weeks previously, I had confided in her mother, Lillian Ford at number 15, that I had been present when Eileen had disclosed personal information about a neighbour I know as Barney Issacs, who lives at number 23, and is a reclusive man. This was in the presence of Joan of number 22. This indiscretion was a few minutes after I had asked her about Barney, and she had replied, "Oh, no. I can't do that, it's confidential." Another tenant was there, but I can't recall who. I will not record the details of her indiscretion here, as this will just compound the indiscretion.

About a week later, I was again, being taken aback a bit. I told Lil that a similar incident had occurred concerning Barbara at number 36. My main concern was that Eileen was placing herself in a compromising position with a noted 'bully', Joan of number 22, who runs the social club, and could pose a threat to Eileen. Joan had many times expressed her negative opinions of Eileen to me."

I have provided written details of these two indiscretions.

5. Mrs Holland allowed unauthorised people to occupy the guestroom, and co-ordinator's office. In one case tenants were put at risk of theft and in another of fire. The occupation of the office, by two adults & two teenagers, (her relations) for a lengthy period, caused concern to the tenants.

I confirm that the above summary is an accurate statement of the written and verbal information that I have given in the course of investigations carried out by Mrs Joyce Copplestone and Mrs Sylvia Gladwin.