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I suppose that I had better tell you why I am sitting down at this machine 'talking' to you.

In 1974, I was a bit of an expert in computing. Mainly in getting Joe (Mary) Bloggs to use a computer.

Over the years I fell behind and was increasingly confused by all the references to computers in the media.

I am a poor man! So, in 1999, I cashed in my life policy for 2400, bought a Funeral Plan for 1200 and decided to spend the rest on a computer. But; I still hesitated. Would I regret the decision?

I have now surfed the net, bought through the net, put these pages on the net. So, what is the use of it to me?

It is quite common for people of my age to believe that they have something to tell the world and that they must write a book. I had started to write a book several years ago, but found that I did not have the talent or tenacity.

So let's start & enjoy !


God, or Mother Nature, has a
voracious  appetitite. He, she, consumes
the whole population of the world
every 100 years

Hi! I'm Ted Aylward
From the Isle of
Arran, Alba
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